Pregnancy and baby

The early days

Whether or not you've done a pregnancy test, you should see a GP or midwife as soon as you think you're pregnant. If you're not yet registered with a GP, use the service search to find GP services near you. You can also find out about local maternity services.

Your pregnancy will be treated confidentially, even if you are under 16. Your GP or midwife will tell you about your choices for antenatal (pregnancy) care in your local area. Being pregnant may affect the treatment of any current illness or condition you may have or go on to develop.

Read about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and taking a pregnancy test.

Knowing that you're pregnant

When you find out you're pregnant, you may feel happy and excited, or shocked, confused and upset. Everybody is different, and don't worry if you're not feeling as happy as you expected. Even if you've been trying to get pregnant, your feelings may take you by surprise. 

Some of this may be caused by changes in your hormone levels, which can make you feel more emotional. Even if you feel anxious and uncertain now, your feelings may change. Talk to your midwife or GP – they will help you to adjust, or give you advice if you don't want to continue with your pregnancy.  

Men may also have mixed feelings when they find out their partner is pregnant. They may find it hard to talk about these feelings because they don't want to upset her. Both partners should encourage each other to talk about their feelings and any worries or concerns they may have.  

However you're feeling, contact an NHS professional (such as a midwife, GP or practice nurse) so that you can start getting antenatal (pregnancy) care. This is the care that you'll receive leading up to the birth of your baby.

Find out about your schedule of antenatal appointments.

Telling people that you're pregnant

You may want to tell your family and friends immediately, or wait a while until you have sorted out how you feel. Many women wait until they have had their first ultrasound scan, when they're around 12 weeks pregnant, before they tell people.

Members of your family or extended family may have mixed feelings or react in unexpected ways to your news. You may wish to discuss this with your midwife. 

Read about dealing with feelings and relationships in pregnancy.

Flu and pregnancy

The seasonal flu vaccine is offered to all pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. Pregnant women who catch the flu virus are at an increased risk of complications and flu-related hospital admissions. 

Find out about the flu jab and pregnancy.

Talk to your GP or midwife if you're unsure about which vaccinations you should have.

There's more information about:

If you're pregnant and not sure you want to be, the FPA leaflet Pregnant and don't know what to do? A guide to your options explains the choices you have. You can also talk to a GP.

Sex during pregnancy

An expert discusses the myths surrounding sex during pregnancy and reveals what's true and what's not.

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The 46 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

Beth92 said on 16 May 2015

I came off the pill in March, since then my periods went back to normal and I had a normal period in March and a normal period in April. I am now a week late on my period I have taken a test on day 5 of being late and got a negative, me and my partner are trying for a baby could I be pregnant? I've been feeling really tired and if I'm not pregnant what is wrong with my body? I appreciate any answers as Its the only thing on my mind right now thank you

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Courtwoods883 said on 07 March 2015

I've had the impact for a couple month now and all sudden I've got a period and I feel sick in morning and get pains in my stomach,head issues and etc could I be pregnaunt???

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hobit1 said on 16 September 2014

hi wondering if any1 can relate I am 10 weeks pregnant and have a disc bulge at s1 l5 has any1 ever had a slipped disc and then got pregnant did it make it worse or not? thanks

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ginevra1811 said on 28 August 2014

Hi, my period is due in roughly 2 weeks and I have started to feel sore breasts and lower back pain. As my period is still due in 2 weeks I was wondering if I could be pregnant and going through early pregnancy symptoms. Is that even possible so early? Would like any advice or stories if it has happened to anyone else. Thanks.

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Stacey007 said on 07 April 2014


I have been on the pill (noriday) for aprox 6/7 years and I came off the pill nov 2013 I had my first period dec 25th 2013 (5days -all normal) then I again on the 20th jan 2014 (1day..) now it's the 7-4-2014 and I've had nothing, Iv taken some HPT and negative, due a blood test soon but I personally don't think I'm pregnant, does anyone else no of this?

Thanks in advance

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Winterbaby1998 said on 23 March 2014

Hi I'm 15 years old and I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. I haven't had sex. My period was just over a week late and has finally come but it's taken a whole day to completely start. Could I be pregnant or is this just hormones trying to trick me?? Please help I'm really worried because my mum and dad probably won't be happy at me for being pregnant :/ and every now and then I keep feeling something wriggling and kicking in my stomach

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alice_1996 said on 30 October 2013

i have had pains in my abdomen (that feel like period pains)and have been feeling sick on and off for the past two weeks, i have done two pregnancy tests and both have come up negative and so my GP has made me do a blood test.
I bleed for about 30 minutes one night last week and has pink discharge, then two nights ago I had brown discharge.
My GP thinks I'm pregnant, since me and my partner have been having unprotected sex, Hope this has helped as the doctor has diagnosed this as implantation bleeding as I am in fact 5 weeks pregnant!!!
Good luck to those trying!

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peach84 said on 27 June 2013

Hi all,
MY husband and I have been tryin to get pregnant. MY period is now 5 days late and normally I can time it to the hour. I've had sore breasts, pre-menstrual cramps,nausea, headaches the lot. YEsterday I had pink/milky discharge (sorry if too much information) but, today I have started cramping again and look like I might be starting my period. I haven't done a test as I really want to be pregnant. DOes anyone think I could be pregnant.
JUst wanting advice or assurance really x

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Sneta said on 04 June 2013

I was on pill and come out of it almost 3 years ago. trying for baby since then. My last period was on 28.03.13 and no periods after that. It means, if I'm pregnant I am in week 9 as my cycle is from 30 - 33 days. Done almost 3 different brand HPT and all negative. Went to GP and she advise me to wait until 6 months before come to her. I'm worried I'm pregnant but somehow my HCG is low. Symptoms: Tired, put up weight, increased in discharge, spotting 2 weeks ago. What I supposed to do to know whether I'm pregnant or no.

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kezza28 said on 29 January 2013

I'm 28 and all four of my pregnancies have ended in still birth and m/c. My last two periods have been black in colour and very thick. This month my period is 3 days late. Don't want to take a test as i'm worried i'm gonna miscarry again and i always seem to m/c once its confirmed. Any advice please

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yummymummy26 said on 29 December 2012

hi im 26 years old with a 15 month old child. me and my partner have been trying for another child and a cpl of weeks ago i had a very light period which is not like me and have had constant back pain and abdominal pressure which is very uncomfortable. i have sensitive nipples now and i get a funny taste in my mouth but no morning sickness

can u plz help

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tashaR said on 29 October 2012

hiya just wanting to know if any one can help me...
well i came off the pill 3 years ago and my periods got back in a routine about 1 1/2 years ago now me and my bf or 5 years have been trien for a baby for a year and no luck yet

my period is normal between the 14th and 16th of every month but this time it was 9 days late and when i came on it was very light and only lasted 3 days when it normally lasts 5

iv had some pregnancy symptoms and still have (sickness, tiredness, bloating and frequent urination) i did a test the day be four the period and it was negative.

both family and my boyfriend still think that i may be pregnant but im not sure hope that someone can help

thanks :D

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leigh1986 said on 04 October 2012

Hi I was wondering if you could help me, I have had a miscarriage earlier this year and once i stopped bleeding i had a period 28 days after. I am now on the next cycle and am on day 36! I did a pregnancy test yesterday that showed negative but i have all the symptoms as last time i was pregnant (including thrush which i had never had before last time).
Please help! =S

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bibi1212 said on 27 September 2012

i think i maybe pregnant but im not sure, the past couples of weeks ive felt sick off and on, felt flutters, my breasts feel larger n fuller my tummy seems bigger, ive been urinating alot even getting up through the night, ive been emotional feeling great/moody/tearful, been very tired the past 3/4 days, it also feels wrong and uncomfortable to sleep on my front, i also was sick about 3weeks ago randomly when id waited for my favorite meal had 2 mouthfuls and rushed to be sick (im very rarely sick) i did not particually feel ill tho, im not sure ive missed a period or not, please can u help asap its driving me mad

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_1234 said on 06 September 2012

I stopped taking my pill last month and am about a week late on my period. I've done a little research and some websites say that i might be pregnant, but others say it is due to me stopping taking the pill. I done a pregnancy test about 4 days ago and it came back negative but i am feeling really tired lately and have tummy cramps on and off. Im so confused and don't want to go to my GP as i feel embarressed because i dont have alot of symptoms.. Help or advice anyone please?

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fadette said on 06 June 2012

im 28 years old new to this site...ive had unprotected sex thursday and was ovulating took removal72 on sunday morning not sure if it worked im feeling tired backache and tender swolen breast...can i be pregnant period due since yesterday....please help thanxxx..

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ODAnu said on 29 April 2012

hi! we are planning for 2nd one for couple of mth. well i’m 34 yrs. i have regular periods just. max delay has been for 2-3 days. my last periods started on 19 mar 2012. we had unprotected sex throught this time. i felt period like pain during every 5-6 day intervel. i did pregnency test digital on 19 apr 2012 and came out neg. my periods came on 27 apr 2012 morning but dosent have any period pains. the period started black red with some thick thin muddy texture. it started slow and went bit heavy till 28th afternoon. didnt need to change the 1st pad wasnt fully covered. from 28th afternoon changed 2nd pad and had little spotting and the blood is still bit dark red and some time bright red orange, and today is 29th eve and still spotting. btw feeling nausea, bloating and tired . I havent tested for the second time. do you think i could be pregnent???? please help coz very very confused

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roseypink said on 19 April 2012

did a test today came back negative. i am 3 days late which alerted me as iam never late. have funny taste in mouth, swollen sore belly, needing toilet more often, eating all the time and very tired. i was disapointed when test came back negative but if i dont get my peirod by monday will do another one. i thought tests where suppost to be very realible or could i just have done it too early? want a baby so badly i will be devasted if period comes

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emz_14 said on 12 April 2012

Im not sure if im pregnant or not. Im on the merclion pill i take it for 21 days and have a 7 day break, Im not that great at taking it and sometimes forget so i take 2 the next day. This pill packet I started then forgot to take it on the 6th day I then had unprotected sex on the 7th day( the day i ovulated) I didnt realise this i took 2 pills on the 7th day and thought nothing of it. 9 days after this I had 2 days of mild- bad tummy cramps on my lower left side i felt really bloated and my stomach just felt really weird. Since then i have just had a strange feeling that i could be but im not sure that i could be. I have taken 3 tests 1-3 days after having the cramps and all tests are negitive. Also my 'normal' pains come a day before or the day i start my period and are normally light pains that cause no trouble. Please can someone let me know what they think as im really not sure but i cant budge this strange feeling im having. since my cramps i have had dirrhea on and off and feeling bloated. I feel hungary but just dont feel like eating or when i do eat i cant seem to eat much before feeling sick or really full. im also really really tired but i cant seem to sleep so now feeling exhausted. any feed back would be great. thanks

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staceycatterall said on 06 March 2012

hi i am due for my period in 8 days for past couple days on and of i am geting flutters in my belly just on my left side they last a couple a mins i have already got a healthy 3 yr old daughter my breasts r tender and i knw that not just a sign on pregnancy any advice would be good thank you

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lilbudds said on 28 February 2012

Hi, i recently had a cycle of ivf. done a pregnancy test (hospital one) on the 2nd of feb like i was instructed to came up with v.v.very faint possative. had a light-medium bleed & was instructed by hospital to do another test. which i done & was negative! however! i am feeling very tired all the time, have been getting headaches, nauseas feelings & they are always the sae time of day!
could this be because i crave to be pregnant so much or could it be that im actually pregnant? as i havent had a period yet & would have had one by now.....
would be greatfull of any input from you guys :) thanks. lil x

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YummyMummaa said on 27 February 2012

Can anybody help me?
I think i am pregnant, but keep getting 'negative' pregnancy tests. And i dont know what to do. During my last pregancy in 2010, i constantly got negative pregnancy test and till i was 4 and a half months gone. I didnt have any symptoms of pregnancy last time, and have only had the metalic/sicky taste. i also look like im getting a baby bump! Really need some advice please!xxxx

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theirmummy said on 19 February 2012

Hi, can anybody help me please. I am 19 years old and already have two healthy little boys, I should have started my period on 5/2/12, however it was only a day of light spotting, and I am usual on for 8 days, 6 of which are heavy flow.

Ive spoke to my doctor and they have said they will not do a blood test until the 10/03/12. I have taken home pregnancy tests and all come back negative (Same happened with my eldest son until i was 11 weeks).

Having symptoms such as bloatinhg, peeing frequently,enlarged breasts, feeling sick but not being sick, being tired all the time stomach cramps, increased libido, also quite emotional. I have never had any symptoms at all with my other pregnancies, and me and my partner are confused.

Please help :( xx

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mclaren149 said on 06 February 2012

I was having mild stomach cramps, didn't know you experienced these in early pregnancy I thought I was getting my period but 3 days late and I've just done a test.....Im pregnant!!!!! :-)

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lovelovelovex said on 29 January 2012

I need people's reassurance and opinions on this, the thing is I had unprotected sex on several occasions about 2 months ago. At first we tried using protection but it never worked so we stopped using it and began us the pull out method. But I've heard pre-*** still contains sperm and can still get a girl pregnant so that worried me.

This was my first time! And a month ago, i'd decided to go on the Contraceptive Pill- Yasmin however before i went on the Pill,i never took a pregnancy test to be sure whether i was pregnant or not, and to this day I've had slight pains, and i suffered from constipation at times not a while ago and the odd time Diarrhea. I've had the odd headaches lately which have lasted several days, i sometimes have morning sickness which goes after I've eaten but i sometimes feel it throughout the day too...i've not vomited or anything as of yet, although sometimes i feel that i need to but i don't.

I've been feeling very bloated after meals, i think due to a lot of gas. I've had lower back ache a lot and slight dizziness at times when I've stood up quickly (not all the time).
I feel as though i could eat more than i usually do lately, but i do not crave any foods whatsoever. My breasts are tender and hurt to touch,also.

The thing is I have had my periods regularly, which is after 21 pills as i should which have been normal so far..but they have been more of a brownish colour recently. I'm doing a pregnancy test to put my mind at rest because i believe it could be my paranoia thinking i have these symptoms. Could i be pregnant or is my mind creating these symptoms??

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bexb said on 27 January 2012

Hey im new to this so here goes :) Im only 21 and have a 20 month old little boy. Im currently a week late and feel different, if that makes sense. i took two home pregnancy tests and they seem a faint positive, but i went to my local walk in centre and the urine test came back negative :/ Does this mean im not pregnant? I also have tender breasts and abit of discharge from the nipple, looks like milk actually :S I also seem to have mastitis again, well i have the same symptoms in my left breast like when i had it with my first child. and lower back pains. if some one could help me as soon as possible would be a great help. im so confused :( Thanks x

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terrisykes said on 16 January 2012

Hi there i have pcos and tryingfor a baby and my boobs started to hurt so i took a pregnancy test and put it in my bag... and i went through my bag last night and it said positive. but i took another this morning and it said negative am i pregnant? or am i just dreaming?


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chelle2684 said on 09 January 2012

5 positive a 3 negative test now ive missed a period but would like to add girls 1 of the test was a doctors 1 dont know what to think feel so sick but havent been had kids before and this has never happend been told u cant get a false positive but im so unsure dont want to get my hopes up please help

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BabyWish said on 05 January 2012

Hi-User629883 , Yes you could be pregnent as your body is saying that . I am also trying for pregnency and my period is due to next 10 days and i having cold , temp and dizziness /tirdness/sleepy but not sore breast /back pain but had headach few days back .. I am not sure if i am pregnent !!!! wish me luck and every one :)

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User629883 said on 03 January 2012

i think i could be pregnant. my period is not due for another week however i have some brown/ pink discharge. I'm having all the symptoms of pregnancy such as tingling nipples, bloated feeling, nausea and tired all the time and i just feel different, would it be too early to do a pregnancy test as i havent yet missed my period?

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alchr said on 09 December 2011


i recently had CIN treatment last month then found out i was pregnant last week. Im now five weeks gone and im heavy bleeding which has me very upset, seen the doctor today and said i could be miscarrying or it could just be that my cervix are still sore from my treatment and not to worry until i see clots was just wondering if there is any way of knowing for sure?

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Fingers crossed said on 02 November 2011

I did a pregnancy test (Clearblue digital) on Monday (my period was 2 days late, first time ever) and it said I was pregnant 3-4weeks. I did another test (just to make sure) on Tuesday at roughly the same time as Monday's which was negative, have since done 3 more all negative. I have tiny spots of brown stuff and light period pain. Am I having a Chemical Pregnancy? Could it be a false negative due to a dip in the pregnancy hormone? Have been trying for ages and running out of hope. Any advice greatly received

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sammie87 said on 13 September 2011

hi everyone its my first night on here. ive stopped taking my pill and am trying t oget pregnant i am four days late for my first period i have done a test when i was one day late it was negative it was a cheap one would this matter ?? i am now getting a small amount of light brown discharge ?? any ideas ?? just after some advise/help thanks xx

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ajc1985 said on 17 June 2011

Hi I was just looking for some advice and to see if this was true. Last week we found out that my wife was pregnant via a pregnancy test. She then phoned our local doctors and then told her to wait about 8 more weeks before she could make an appointment to see the mid wife. Can someone just tell me if this is right as it seems a long time to wait before we can see a medical expert. Thanks

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island1 said on 06 June 2011

Hi, I have just found out I am pregnant (think about 4 weeks) I am going through a divorce and have 2 boys who are a handful, the eldest was born 11 weeks early and has cerebral palsy (can't sit, crawl, walk etc) I suffered severe morning sickness with both to the point where i couldn't do anything and was hospitalised. Am now waiting for the morning sickness to get bad and not sure how I will cope. Any ideas?

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Sia said on 03 May 2011

Hi I am new to the site...I did a test yesterday which came back positive. Went to the GP and wanted to know for sure..however for some strange reason the test at the GP's showed a very faint line in the pregnancy window. I am 3 days late for my periods. On the first day had an extremely less and lightist brown discharge, after that no sign of periods or periods pain. Although feel very tired, sleepy n hungry too...

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lizbiz said on 13 January 2011

ive been wanting a baby for the last year now, but havent been pro actively trying. i am now eight days late on my period, but on the 5th day i took a clear blue prenancy test and it said negative, but i have all the symptoms of pregnancy and many more...needing the loo, tingling nipples, loss of appitite, tiredness,dreams of being pregnant. are you supposed to take the pregnancy tests in morn, i took mine at night could this make a difference? i will take another one when i am over two weeks late.

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User210608 said on 30 December 2010

When I got pregnant a few years ago I bought pregnancy tests form the chemist but they came back negative everytime. I knew I was pregnant form day one- sore breasts, nausea and dreams (I get vivid dreams that come true- I have had this for quite a while). The doctor took a test in his office which came back negative so he sent a sample for a high sensitivity test ot the hospital. By this time I was 3 months pregnant!! I spent a fortune of home kits but they didn't work. I also had my period for the first month. If you are unsure and the tests don't work your doctor should be supporting you more. Is there another doctor in the surgery you can speak to?
Sometimes hormones can make you feel the symptoms of pregnancy- I have had this after coming off the pill and after having the coil removed.
There are clinics available for scans. If you are very worried speak to your doctor again. Using home kits that keep coming back negative are not the answer.
My husband & I are trying again for a baby and I won't be buying home kits anymore.
Good luck! xx

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smellen said on 13 December 2010

i think i might be pregnant, i have missed my period and i am a day late.
And have never had unprotected sex.
And i don't understand how you know your experiencing the other 'symptoms'
Can someone help me?

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superwoman88 said on 27 September 2010

I think I might be pregnant, most of the symptoms on here i have, which is weird because I am on the contraceptive pill, the day i missed my pill, me and my boyfriend had sex but we used a condom...So I don't no if I am pregnant or not. I'm really worried.

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JenTel said on 10 September 2010

It's interesting how many off you have said your period is late but tests still come back negative. My advice would be to try another test. I am 5+2 weeks pregnant. I did tests (cheap ones) just before I was due on and on that day and they came back with a really faint line. I then brought another test (more money) and it came back with a very obvious line. Sometimes stress can mess up your cycle and you could just be late.
A lot of people seem confused about how your cycle works. Chelby you say you think you are 5-6 weeks pregnant but only 4 days late. That would make you 4+4 weeks.
weird_uk, my morning sickness is just like that, a burning feeling in my throat and feeling sick at the same time everyday (11am, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm onwards!) Do a better test!

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weird_uk said on 14 August 2010

I've missed my period and am having terrible heartburn where I taste acid in the back of my mouth. I'm also having bouts of nausea at the same time everyday where I think I'm going to have to make a run for the loo ... but I've done ANOTHER stick test this morning (I would be 6 weeks if I was pregnant) and it's still negative ... did it take anyone else longer than 6 weeks to get a positive test?

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maddy10 said on 04 August 2010

Hi Everybody,

I'm Eleny and I'm new to this website, but I would very much appreciate your advise. I've been trying to get pregnant in the last two months, after CIN2 treatment in April and I imagine it could take a while, only that my last period it was abnormal. I normally have regular periods every 28 days - for 5 to 7 days (medium - heavy in quantity). This month though, it stared with a ver light brown/ pink discharge ~ 15/16 days after previous period; it stop for 2-3 days and then started again 3 days before my period was due. So I thought this is it - my period came earlier, only that the period was very light - again brown/pink/redish and intermitent (very little in quantity). In this time I had headeaches, nauseea, been very tired and had cramps period like. It felt like implantation bleeding, and so much hoping for it...but today I made a pregnancy test and it was negative. :( So disapointed...and so worried now...if I'm not pregnant, could this be a sign that my CIN tratment wasn't that efffective and the cells are coming back? Could my menstrual cycle change like that out of the blue, without a reason? Should I talk to my doctor about it or is it normal? Thank you do much for your comments. Eleny

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Chelby said on 14 July 2010

I think I'm approx 5-6 weeks pregnant, but both over the counter tests have come back negative!! Am 4 days late, breasts are about twice the normal size, going to the toilet all the time, stomach is swollen, and have gone completely off chocolate! Husband says he won't believe I'm pregnant until i have a positive pregnancy test, so have had to tell my mum so I can get support from her!

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abisilman said on 11 July 2010

I think im pregnant, im 5 weeks late and i feel it , tests are coming back negative the docs wont do anything they just say keep testing, i dont no what to do.

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tj 69 said on 05 July 2010

i think i might be pregnant but i have not missed a period yet so how can i find out if i am or not

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