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Up to the age of five, bedwetting is considered normal and does not usually need any treatment. However, you may find the following suggestions useful if your four- or five-year-old is wetting the bed.

  • Bedwetting can be messy and frustrating for both you and yor child. Try to deal with bedwetting in a positive and calm way as you would with other problems you face during the daytime. Read more on teaching your child everyday essentials.
  • Protect the mattress with a good waterproof protective cover.
  • Some children are afraid to get up at night. A night-light or potty in their room can help. Read more on potty training.
  • Cutting back on fluids won’t help as your child’s bladder will simply adjust to hold less. It's better for your child to drink around six or seven cups of fluid during the day so that their bladder learns to cope with a healthy amount of fluid. Don't give your child drinks with caffeine, such as tea, cola and chocolate, before they go to bed. These can stimulate the kidneys to produce more urine.
  • Constipation can irritate the bladder at night and cause bedwetting. If your child drinks enough fluid and eats enough fibre, that will help to stop them getting constipated.  

Further information on bedwetting related problems

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