How can I find a registered dietitian or nutritionist?

Whether you consult a registered dietitian or a registered nutritionist will depend on the kind of advice you want.

You can find a registered dietitian:


Registered dietitians are experts in diet and nutrition. They give advice on all aspects of eating and diet. This includes special diets for medical conditions, such as a diet for someone who has coeliac disease.

The title "dietitian" is protected by law. This means you are not allowed to call yourself a dietitian unless you are properly qualified and registered with the HCPC.

Registered dietitians are regulated by statute. The professional association for dietitians is the British Dietetic Association.


Registered nutritionists are qualified to provide information about food and healthy eating, but not about special diets for medical conditions.

The Association for Nutrition website is the professional body for nutritionists and has the list of nutritionists who have received an approved level of training. This includes:

  • Registered Nutritionists (RNutr)
  • Associate Nutritionists (ANutr)
  • Fellows of the Association of Nutrition (FAfN)

If you decide to get advice from a nutritionist, make sure you consult one who is appropriately qualified and registered. They should have the letters shown above after their name.

Further reading

The BDA has a guide with more information on dietitians and nutritionists called Dietitian? Nutritionist? Nutritional Therapist? Diet Expert? – A comprehensive guide from the British Dietetic Association (PDF, 659kb).

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