When will my needs for NHS continuing healthcare be reviewed?

If you receive NHS continuing healthcare or any other long-term care funded by the NHS, your needs will be reviewed no later than three months after the initial decision was made about your care. After that, your care needs should be reviewed at least once a year. Some people will need reviews more often than this.

The review of your care needs is to see whether your needs have changed, to check whether you are still entitled to receive NHS continuing healthcare and to decide whether your care plan needs revising. 

Outcome of your care needs review

If your care needs have changed, your package of care may need to be altered. This may mean that responsibility for the funding of your care may change.

Neither the NHS nor your local authority should withdraw from an existing care or funding arrangement without a joint review and reassessment of your needs, and without first consulting with one another and with you about any proposed changes and ensuring that alternative funding or services are in place.

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