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Your rights in the NHS

Knowing your rights will help you get the best from the NHS. Find out what you can and should expect from the health service

NHS Constitution

The Constitution sets out your rights as a patient and what is expected from you in retun. Find out about these rights and how to exercise them.

Right to complain

You have a right to complain if you're not satisfied with any aspect of your health or social care. Find out the best way to do this.

NHS waiting times

For non-urgent conditions, patients can expect to start their treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral. Learn more about waiting times in the NHS.

Same-sex accommodation

The NHS is working to ensure that all hospitals provide same-sex accommodation for all patients. Read about how this is being done.

Carers' rights

If you are looking after someone who is ill or disabled you have certain rights to safeguard your wellbeing. Find out more about how these can help you.

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About Healthwatch

Find out about this statutory watchdog, whose role is to ensure health and social care services put people at the heart of their care