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Your choices in the NHS

Your choice of community services

Community services play an important role in healthcare provision. They allow patients to be treated outside hospital, either in their homes or in the community; this includes GP practices, health centres, schools and community buildings.

The choice of community services offered in local areas can differ. In the future, the number of services where choice is available is expected to increase.

Your choice of services will depend on what your local clinical commissioning group (CCG), GP practice and patient representatives think are priorities for your community.

These can include:

  • physical therapy – such as physiotherapy
  • adult hearing assessment services
  • psychological therapies – such as counselling
  • podiatry services
  • district nursing
  • health visiting and home-based rehabilitation programmes
  • specialist diabetes services
  • educational nutrition and dietetics sessions

A wide range of children’s services are also offered as part of the community service provision. These can include:

When you are being referred to a community service, ask the healthcare professional to explain all the choices available to you.

Alternatively, contact your local CCG to find out what choices are available in your local area and how to access them.  


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TC3 said on 07 March 2015

My wife has been receiving podiatry services at Southampton RSH and has now been advised that she is out of area and must change to RHCH Winchester which is 1-5 miles further from our home address..
Not due to lack of availability of staff at Southampton, purely due to a funding issue.
Not really living up to 'It's Your Choice'
Anyone else with a similar issue?

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