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GP complaints

If you disagree with the way your GP wants to treat you, or you're unhappy about the service provided by your GP surgery, tell them openly.

However, if you feel unable to do so or you're unhappy with the response you receive, you may wish to make a complaint.

All GP surgeries should have a written complaints procedure, and you will find this at reception or on the practice website.

As a first step, speak to the practice manager. You can also complain to the practice in writing, or by email.

However, if you feel too uncomfortable to complain to the practice manager  directly then you can make a complaint to the commissioner of the services instead. 

NHS England is responsible for purchasing primary care services such as GPs, dentists, pharmacists, optical services and some specialised services, and you should contact them if you wish to complain about any of these services.

Note: if you have already complained to your service provider then the commissioner will not be able to reinvestigate the same concerns. In this case you should proceed to stage two of the complaints process

Find out more about the NHS complaints procedure


The 64 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

myhealthsworthnothing said on 06 July 2015

In 2012 i was diagnosed with Raynauds. It came on out of nowhere very sudden. Since then I have been getting more symptoms. Constant blocked sinuses Bad shoulder & neck pain Extreme tiredness no appetite, severe lower back pain which has just gotten worse with time. Night sweats, slight blurred vision recently, headaches. I'm itching and keep getting hives. Around 5 moths ago my gum began hurting, there was a tiny lump on it. The pain spread to cover the whole right side of my face neck and shoulder. After a course of antibiotics which didnt work i went to see an ENt Dr, they did a scan of my sinus .then two weeks after that I had a lump come up under my right ear which wasnt painful at first but it is now. My GP first said they would do my bloods, they came back with raised lymphocytes. They were then going to make an urgent referal to haemotology for further tests as 3 people in my family have had lymphoma with one turning into leukemia. When i went back to ENT at Good hope they asked about the lump on my neck. They said they want me to have another scan. Which i am still waiting for. My point is the timescale is beyond acceptable. I have been suffering now for 3 years and still with no answers. I am so disgusted in the time i am haing to wait for something that could turn out to be life threatening and also has a chance of becmoing worse due to lack of intervention early on. I am not only a single parent but I have no support at home. I actually feel like taking my own life because I cannot take this anymore being treated like my health isnt important. This should not have been allowed to get this far. My G.P has no duty of care for their patients. I have had 4 scans at good hope hospital since 2008, and I do not even know the results of them, when i asked for a copy i was told they weren't allowed to give them to me. If I dont get somewhere soon I am going to give up on life because i really have had enough!!!

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Hume99 said on 17 June 2015

I have had much the same treatment as the previous comments here. I.E. being treated like dirt, ignored, shouted down, hurried out - anything to avoid spending money on my medical treatment. The GP surgery that I belong to are all about saving money. They advertise for more and more patients but they do not want to spend any money on their patients. They treat the patients like cattle. They talk about having to save money. Why do they get paid so much then? Each GP is paid vast sums of money per year. And for what? To treat people like non-human objects. I knew it was time to leave my GP when she completely ignored what I was saying about a pain in my breast. She hurried me out, shouting me down and telling me that she did not have time to discuss anything with me. When going to the GP means being abused and dehumanized - it is time to leave. This is how they treat people in the UK in 2015.

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matt101 said on 13 March 2015

I am a 22 year old male and have been trying to get a gp appointment about my depression for 3+ months and had no luck. They hold an open clinic in the morning, but depression is not on their approved list. I found KCA and am now waiting my 1st session of phycotherepy. KCA sent a letter to my doctor but everytime I call their "fully booked" They refuse you to book in advance! You have to call from 8am, and you can never get through once i tried 120 times, then no appointments left. Any advice anyone can give me about how to get an appointment???

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PENGFENG CHEN said on 05 February 2015

i have suffering from a sore throat for two monthes . I had made four appointments,and the doctors and nurse told me nothing happened in my throat!!but my throat is burning actually,and become severe.The doctor just said normally"u look good".OMG,i am sick already!!!Then i went to town to see a individual doctor,and then she told me that my throat is very badly severe. Why the GP is useless?always just have a normal check and then give u a common medicine and make me feel worse and worse. I am very very disappointed.
I also made an appointment for a dentist,and the staff told me she already made an qppointment for me.however, i did not reveive any message afterwards. I think Nhs need a big revolution.Before i went to england,i fully expected that england have an excellent medical i just feel upset and helpless.

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stabber said on 02 February 2015

I am a patient patient that is registred with the Whiteley Surgery. Why do I have to wait a month for an appointment,longer if I want to see my regular GP. Also if they are this busy why are they advertising for new patients. It is quite simply not good enough

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kaizad said on 18 November 2014

I had painful swollen tongue and throat on asking the question why was this I got no response from the doctor even after telling her that I am severely anemic and insulin dependent and was feeling really faint but she didn't look at me was only looking at the computer screen and finally when I said look at my tongue she saw it was quite a severe case of thrush and I had to insist on my BP to be checked it was very high 180 .so if I had not insisted I was just was going to get no treatment. I felt like I was A thing not a human being. Doctor should have been more attentive and pleasant

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DaveRog said on 17 November 2014

I am new to Manchester, after recently moving here. I have not had the time to register at my local surgery but I have over the last few days developed an excruciating pain. I phoned this surgery to see the doctor as an urgent case and they were offering a phone consultation only until I said I wasn’t registered with them. They then told me they could not offer me any service and said I should go to A&E.
This is outrageous and I am very disappointed with this representative of the NHS. I have never been treated this badly by local doctors.
I genuinely thought that Doctors had some code of practise which prohibited them from turning away patients and especially people who are in extreme pain.

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Elainedavidson said on 03 October 2014

Hi have diabetes mellitus.
I was diagnosed at in 1973 aged 18 months old.
My parents and I have over the last 40 years dealt with the good bad and downright ludicrous relating to diabetes care and the NHS.
I received a letter from my GP a few weeks ago relating to enforced changes to my prescription blood glucose monitoring strips. The letter noted it was based on clinical evidence. The clinical evidence relates to type 2 diabetics in New Zealand. I am a type 1 diabetic !!!?
I am lucky enough to use an insulin pump. The pump requires regimented and accurate blood glucose testing. The amended prescription is incompatible with the insulin pump. I have asked my GP to confirm the clinical basis for the change and they have declined. However they have issued a repeat prescription for the 'new' test strips.
I contacted the blood monitor manufacturers who have echoed my concerns and are offering to contact my GP to validate the inappropriate prescription change. I have also had to involve my Diabetes Specialist Team at Burnley General Hospital and my local MP.
I've been through some fairly insane medical decisions in the last 40 years but quite frankly this summarises for me that GP's are unable and unwilling to differentiate between type 1 and type 2 diabetics and the care required therein. Funny ... 60 years ago people died of diabetes..... Shame the NHS hasn't moved on and recognised type 1 is no less tricky or expensive long term to manage than a simple open and supportive functionality between primary and secondary functions. First line care and understanding reduces longer term secondary costs. Simple fact.

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JaneSmith205 said on 27 September 2014

My son has Had Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 4 . He is 26 now and always attended Colchester General Hospital for his reviews. Recently and probably due to the changes within the local CCG he has had to attend an appointment at NEEDS for his annual review . This took place on the 26th of September. On the 24th of September he submitted a request from the Ambrose Avenue Surgery for his normal insulin and test strips . When he went to collect his Insulin from the pharmacy the prescription had only been fulfilled for one of his Insulins and not the other which he is due to run out of in 2 days. When he got home he found a letter waiting from him from his GP telling him that before the rest of the prescription could be filled he had to make an appointment for another review with the Diabetic Nurse at the GP surgery.

How can A GP not issue a prescription to a Diabetic ?
Would it not have been wise to issue the prescription asking my son to make an appointment at his earliest convenience?
Why issue 1 type of insulin and not the other?
Why not issue test strips so that he can monitor his blood glucose ?
Why has he been asked to have another review when he had a review on Friday 26th.

Serious issues here which could seriously impact on this life threatening condition.

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Gailb65 said on 22 September 2014

My daughter took my 9 weeks old grandson to see the GP at the beginning of last week as he had been off colour all week He said he had a virus but because he was 7 weeks premature he didn't want to give him anything on the Friday evening my grandson was admitted to hospital with a blood infection and is still in waiting for results the docs there said he has a chest infection and water infection my daughter is very upset who do I complain to regarding this plz thanks

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NelliO said on 08 September 2014

My Local GP Practice is ridiculous. Few months ago I called them for an appointment(it was Wednesday) the receptionist told me they don't have any appointment on that day. So I asked her if I can book it for the next day. She told me no because appointments are available on the day. I asked her back " So I have to call tomorrow morning?" She said " Oh sorry we dont have anything till Friday. " How? If appointments are on the day?! Never mind! I called them back on Friday....Sorry No appointments are available for today, call me back on Monday....grrrrr!
Today I called them for appointment for my 8 months old baby who has high temperature, runny/ blocked nose....No appoitnment! Call tomorrow! Really? However the doctor called me back and told me to give some paracetamol for my baby (like I am so stupid that i didn't know) and if I have any other problem call him back.... Pfffff!

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franko30 said on 18 July 2014

For those people that think they have a hard time waiting for an appointment at the surgery they are in for 12 days try having to wait 6weeks! My GP practice is terrible. I booked the original appointment for myself and my older daughter beginning of May to be told end of July was the next appointment, when my second daughter fell ill I asked for her to be seen in my place and I would arrange another which would be another week later,(7 weeks) to then get a letter telling me they have cancelled and I need to rearrange. When I got in touch Monday morning and asked what alternative arrangements had been put in place they said to book another appointment which would be another 3weeks later! (10 weeks) I will be writing a letter of complaint as this is disgusting when a person is in pain. I visit my practice 1-2 times every few years and don't use it willy nilly!

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MrSalisbury said on 07 July 2014

The standard of care at my registered GP is very poor even complaining to the Practice Manager, the GP is likely to gag the investigating team since the GP is a partner to the surgery.

He frequently say do not come to the surgery even if you have concern about the medication. He has the failure to recognise the symptoms and misreading or ignoring the cause.

However I plan to follow the complaint procedure – but for the record I will also submit my concern to the NHS England as the standard of care provided by this Dr is below that expected of a trained profession.

I would encourage anyone who have being mistreated by their surgery regardless of their location also submit a complaint to the NHS Trust so that the complaint information remain live until the Dr does something of medical negligence with one of their other patient that cause investigation by the higher authority (Solicitor or NHS Trust).

Submitting your complaint to the Practice Manager where there may be a conflict of interest as a high probability to be deleted by the Dr.

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Ben Valence said on 20 June 2014

Seems like the NHS is broken.

Hospitals seem to be doing well but the GPs seem to be useless.

After calling 111 I was asked to see my gp wthin 3 days. My GP doesnt have any appointments till late next week.
I was advised by the GP to to go to a walk in clinic. Waited 2 hrs for Ibuprofen and a handshake as they cant do anything else and would have to see the GP for anything else.

I am going to A&E to have my problem addressed and possibly waste some crucial resources.

PS all the Doctors at my GP service except 1 are incompetent, one likes to read his sms whilst im in his room.

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patmarchand said on 15 June 2014

I think the word 'care' should be redefined.
I can only raise the problems with medical centres (gp).

One of my dearest friends passed away because of the lack of care. I alerted his GP because he was not answering his phone nor front door, 3 days later nothing had been done so I had to call 999 who entered his property and found him dead..

Lack of care and emotion!

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Hertsteve said on 12 June 2014

I can't find anything good to say about my local surgery. I've just had to wait 12 days for an appointment, and when I finally saw a GP about the growth on my hand, the doctor didn't give any indication what the growth was - even though I'd successfully googled it and discovered that it is benign. I still have to wait to have it removed by the only doctor at the surgery that performs minor surgery - just once a week - and there's no sign of an appointment being offered even though it is doubling in size every week and restricts what I can do.
When I had gallstones I was left in pain for months by GPs at the same practice. They seemed confused by my symptoms offering different diagnosis. Yet a friend who performs blood tests recognised my symptoms immediately when I discussed them with him, and as soon as I googled gallstones it was obvious that this was the cause of the pain. Hey presto - after finally being sent for a scan by one of the GPs after three months of pain, the gallstones were discovered and my gall bladder removed. I find it aggravating that the level of service offered by GPs is so poor and there is no obvious complaint system or performance monitoring.

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Bellatrix28 said on 11 June 2014

My experience with my GPs Practice has been awful.
Ill start with the lesser evils and work my way up I guess, they all seem to have the attitude that you are wasting their time, quite often rude and patronisingor my favourite using google to check your symptoms, Ive had one who wouldn't even look at me. This is all presuming you even get an appointment in the first place as you have to battle with receptionists,you have to explain in full personal detail why you deserve an appointment, which on the phones not too bad but having to explain your private health issues in a crowded waiting room,not so much.
I have also been denied treatment as ive finally been referred to a consultant( my dentist referred me after a year of trying to get the doctors to do something,i have a blockage in my saliva gland and a lump it didn't hurt a year ago when I first went in but now im in constant pain).The consultant did a siliogram(which failed due to swelling),and told me if I had any signs of infection, which I did to go to my GP, only to be told my gp wasn't going to do anything. GPs are our first defence against illnesses like cancer etc.

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sadgirl76 said on 21 May 2014

Love the NHS, but sadly not GPs at my surgery. Never get the same one twice (they seem to rotate between surgeries and get freelance doctors in a lot) so a lot of basic information has to be repeated.

I have also been patronised, been told my problems aren't really problems, had them roll their eyes at me, been told I am wasting time, had GPs google my symptoms in front of me, sexist comments, even for simple things like getting the pill I've had comments thrown at me, I don't even ask to see a GP every time, all I need is a repeat prescription, yet sometimes I am given one and they act like I am wasting their time. Makes me feel completely worthless.

I wouldn't normally let it get to me but today I saw a visiting doctor who told me that I would have to live with my illness, after a long and patronising speech I left and went on the NHS website. After looking up my symptoms they said I needed to contact my GP immediately!

I very rarely visit my surgery but when I do I always try and keep it short so as not to overrun. I know this won't change anything but I need somewhere to vent. I appreciate how hard GPs work and I am not asking for the world, just a bit more understanding and kindness... Won't cost them any extra will it?!

On the plus side, every nurse practitioner I have seen has been kind, understanding, honest, and to the point, being honest about medication I need or don't need without making me feel like a time waster. I just hope times will change in the future and people can just try a little tenderness.

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working person said on 28 April 2014

I find that GPs in general operate in a way that suits them, not the patient, and certainly not a working patient, and in an incredibly inefficient manner. To try and get a referral for a knee injury I have so far:
Rung in several times over two days, to try and get an appointment
Been into the surgery twice, but no one can see me or tell me anything, except that it will be three weeks before a doctor is free
Had a GP call me back simply to say they have called and then hung up immediately and not left any message or given me time to pick up
As I tap this out, I am off work and no further forward.
When I do get to speak to someone I will not be able to express my frustration because there is too much risk it will go against me. Instead, I expect I will have to tolerate the usual lofty behaviour.
Not all GPs are like this but this is today's experience, how does this help the economy?

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Wight Islander said on 17 April 2014

Last year I established that my GP's surgery do not operate a diary system for correspondence they send to hospital consultants . In my case they sent a copy of my worrying ECG to a Cardiac Consultant asking him to examine it and arrange to see me as soon as possible. I was told that I should hear from the hospital in 2 or so weeks.
I heard nothing for over 4 weeks. I then asked the surgery if they had heard anything. 'No' they said. They told me to phone the consultant's secretary. She said that no letter had been received. I arranged for the surgery to fax a copy of its original letter an ECG to the consultant. I got a phone call 30 minutes later from the hospital and an urgent appointment 2 days later.

I went to see my a Cardiac Consultant last November. Unbeknown to me, he wrote to my surgery in December asking them to put me on a new drug in January 2014. I only discovered this fact in early April when a nurse in another department in the hospital asked me how I was getting on with the new drug I had been taking for 4 months. I told her that this was the first I had heard about this!
I then established that when my surgery get letters from consultants these letters are scanned onto the patients' computerised records by admin. assistants but are not read by a medic unless and until the patient attends the surgery! I had not been to the surgery for over 5 months.

I realise now that the level of care one gets is as variable as winning the lottery. God help those with numerous complaints and/or dementia.

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sowhat said on 02 April 2014

If the GP is salaried or a locum then you can bring a complaint up in the practice but make sure you have some evidence of the complaint or do it in such a way it's clear the doctor is incompetent. (This is why some doctors don't like you having chaperones.) Then you aren't likely to see the doctor again.

However if your complaint is against a GP Partner you are screwed.

Firstly to ensure you have a GP - apply to join a new surgery 5 days after putting your complaint in to an outside body. It will first be rejected and then accepted once your old practice says they don't want you.

Secondly anybody you complain to whether it's NHS England or the GMC will ask the employer - the GP themselves - if there are any problems. Of course they wll say "No" as the GP is answering about themselves so they will close the case unless you can dig out further evidence to show they are incompetent and were in fact answering themselves.

If you have the money save time complaining, go and talk to a medical negligence lawyer.

In my case I can't trust male GPs. They refuse to listen when you give them symptoms, they mis-lead you about blood test results, then refuse to investigage once it's clear they are wrong, then try and cover up their mistake by making untrue racial assertions.

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report said on 20 March 2014

I hate when the staffs in GP (especially at the John Scott Health Centre: 220 Green Lanes, London N4 2NU) are giving busy out the phone calling so the phone is always busy and I cannot speak with them when I have an emergency. It takes long time to reach with them. They are wasting the patients' time while patients are calling them to make an appointment or other things.

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1rubbish said on 17 March 2014

My parents are elderly and like most elderly people have worked all their lives contributed towards th NHS system and never really used the system much when they were younger.

Now they need the system, and I am absolutely disgusted that by giving the budgets to the Dr the government have given them a business to run and actually the care industry should not be treated like a business but a care service.

My mother is extremely weak she fell own the stairs and fractured a vertebrae in her neck. She came home and was wetting the bed. My father was told by other healthcare professionals that she should be assessed for nappies and also should get some Ensure plus as she was extremely weak and not eating much. My father approached his Dr in the Heart of Hounslow clinic and was told be his GP that they do not give a prescription for Ensure Plus. I visite the local pharmacy and was told that many patients are given this by theirGP. So I asked a friend whose father just came out of hospital and is weak and not eating and his GP gives him a prescription for this product.
What I want o know is why is it that some Dr are not cutting back on everything - is this really fair? Would a normal person want t drink this stuff - I think not? So why is it that Drs are allowed to decide against things that are necessary - surely this is not right? They will make profits an cut back at the expense of the patient who has contributed al their lives! If an old person does not have someone to speak up for them they are just left an don't know where to complain.

Old people should know what they can get from their GP and what they can't.

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jill0710 said on 28 February 2014

Not very impressed. I have had mild knee pain for a few months, GP sent me for an xray which showed slight degeneraive arhritis. I'm 47, and asked if that was normal for my age. I was told the GP has seen people as young as 10 with arthritis, so a non-answer; however knee pain last week was excrutiatng, to the point I couldn't bend my leg and I was limping significantly. I had taken an exercise classand assumed that I had sprained, twisted or torn something. After a weekend of rest it felt much better, but there is still ome pain, so I went back to the GPm, to be told, it's artghritis, take 8 painkillers a day and if that doesn't work, take stronger ones. All the time looking at the screen and not once looking at me or touching the affected joint. Thanks NHS.

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petunia7 said on 23 February 2014

Plese someone gve me some advice, My husband collapsed twice and had to be taken to hospial as an emergency, with severe Diahoea containing blood a vomiting, while in the a&e the doctor advised he needed to see as an urgent to a Gastroenterologist, when he was discharged, I telephoned our gp, for him to refer him, he refused until he heard from the hospital When he did hear from them there was no commenton the bleeding. So the gp said they would have to start again and refer him so promised he will get an appoinment wihin 10 14 days, My husband has lost weight cannot eat because he feels sick all the time, I have tried chasing up the referral at the hospital and the have said they have not rec' it. I have chased the gp surgey, they ha said they sent it!!! I am beside myself with worry,his Gp is not at all sympthetic, How can I get hm seen, I dont want to jeopodise any furthur treatment he needs by complainig, but just want him seen, its now been 3 weeks since the episodes. But No appointment yet!!!!!! Please please give me some advice.........

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AlreadyPatientEnough said on 10 February 2014

I came onto this page to find out how to complain about my GP's surgery. I have a few issues (built up over two years) which I'd like to raise but now I'm nervous about doing so as I don't want to be struck off my GP's list of patients like other commenters have been.

I'm not a hypochondriac or a time-waster. I'm tired of soldiering on, "hating to be a nuisance". When I make an appointment it's with jolly good reason and because I've tried to alleviate any symptoms myself, with no success.

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Giancarlo said on 10 February 2014

Good morning,
I find extremely difficult to get in touch with the GP Clinic Highbury Grange in N5. Absolutely a nightmare. I have been trying to call for a week to know about some test results. Last friday finally they picked up the phone.. and told me to call AGAIN on monday. Regardless that is very unprofessional putting of a patience, I called today again and they don't answer that phone!

Giancarlo Amati

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User842804 said on 07 February 2014

I am finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment with my GP. They insist that you call at 8.30 am when most people are travelling to or in work. When you do manage to call at that time it is near on impossible to get through. I have just called now 10.15am for a non urgent appointment only to be told the next free pre bookable available is 4 weeks time.

Time to change surgeries I think. This is the same GP who told my Father in Law to go away because he had nothing more than the flu. Less than 12 hours later he was admitted to hospital with Legionella and spent 6 months in ITU.

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User799353 said on 09 January 2014

I have complained several times to doctors practices, and heve been struck off for getting upset with the lack of relevant treatment, denial of multiple anomalies/low borderline blood results such as red blood count, high tsh, low libido, severe dizziness,chronic fatigue, unable to function normally such as housework without big exertion repercussions, part time working only etc etc. In the end after contacting pals (don't bother), I had to get in touch with local mp as at end of my tether. I agree with one other comment here, that you should demand better treatment and refuse to leave a surgery, then wait for the police to come. Them you can sue the practice for this as you only wanted your rights to treastment and they refused!!!!

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rb25 said on 10 December 2013

I was recently refused ESA as i was told my doctors were not supporting my claim after appealing I received a copy of all my notes they held and realised that my doctors practice had sent another person of the same name medical notes to the DWP. Where do I stand with this situation

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abandoned said on 10 December 2013

Is it medical negligence for a GP to remove a patient from their list for no reason?

I received a letter out of the blue telling me I had been struck off from my GP's list. No reason was given. This was around 9 years ago. I was given a name of someone to contact to arrange another doctor but I felt very upset and ashamed. I hadn't visited the doctor in around 2 years or made any contact with the surgery so I don't understand the reason for taking me off the list. I've had no doctor for a long time and I feel unable to respond to letters I get about health checks for breast-screening because I assume there'll be assumptions made about having done something to gt struck off the GP's list.

Recently I rang the surgery and asked to know why I'd been removed. The receptionist just told me it was the practice manager's decision and they had no record of any reason. I wrote to the practice manager via the surgery's contact procedure and received a letter confirming that 'd been removed from the list but with no reason given. The response outlined the acceptable reasons for removing a patient but said they had no record of what the reason was in my case.

I think this is completely unacceptable. I feel there was no reason to remove me but it will be assumed that one of the justifiable reasons will apply. I think the practice has been negligent in removing me from the list without giving me any reason and leaving me feeling too ashamed to try to find another doctor.

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AsifAbbasi said on 27 November 2013

My daughter has a button phobia. Called the GP who said he has never heard of it, but asked me to come in so that they could refer her.

When i went in to see him, they said they cannot refer her to a Psychologist, and asked me to wait a few years at least for this. I asked if I could have his recommendation in writing, which he obviously refused.

I asked if their is somebody I can talk to, but I was told that "we are our own bosses".

And then Government wonders how NHS is failing its patients? This is exactly how it is doing that!!

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CatastropheWaitress said on 21 November 2013

I rang my GP this morning, after 2 days of not being able to get through to them, the receptionist demanded to know what was wrong with me, which I believe is none of her business. After telling her my problem, she booked my appointment, and the phone went silent, I was still on the line when I heard her telling her colleagues that I sounded stupid, and they asked why I had rang up, I heard her doing a terrible impersonation of me, and then the phone line cut off. Needless to say, I am changing my surgery.

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concerned_mum9 said on 13 November 2013

I've just come back from an appointment with doctor for my young son. The minute I walked into her room, she was condescending and the entire time as I explained why I was there she passed comments which made me feel like a horrible mother. I wonder if there is a way I can request a change to my son's doctor as my doctor is attentive and compassionate. Or maybe I can book a different doctor next time? Is that possible?

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Onetwotree said on 26 October 2013

As a patient myself, I'm shocked and amazed at some of these 'complaints'....
People complaining because Doctors won't accept Facebook friend requests? Why would they? It would cross the doctor/patient boundary and would be inappropriate. They are there to provide a professional service, not to offer friendship and why would anyone think otherwise? It would never cross my mind to add my GP to Facebook, seriously.
As for popularity and appearance, I think people need to take a reality check and move on to a new GP as they clearly have issues with their paranoia levels.
My GP will always provide an appointment either on the day if it is an emergency (a real emergency) or within 48 hours, which is within guidelines, which is fair enough when the service is provided to us free, on the NHS.
Just because a surgery is empty of patients, doesn't mean a GP isn't busy, they have home visits, reams of paperwork, clinics etc.
I think people expect way too much and complain way too soon. If you are so sick, you take time off work to go to a doctor don't you? Really sick people don't go to work and demand to be seen afterwards, despite their agony. I know, I've had chronic autonomic neuropathy for years and my GP is fantastic.

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Cinnamon2 said on 25 October 2013

Entire GP practice now more focused on fiscal matters. Patients merely getting in the way of their making money. Complete disregard for patient care. Disgusted

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Nicanac said on 25 October 2013

Dear Readers,
I went to wodeland avenue surgery on 24/10/2013 to see my Doctor. Lady in the receptionist said they are very busy and suggest me to make an telephone appointment. So I made an telephone appointment and she said I will receive call by 11 AM. But I did not receive any call next day. So I went back to the surgery with my dreadful back pain. Only 2 patients was sat inside. Receptionist told me that doctor called me and doctor heard automated answer ;Number not in use' which is not true. My number is in working order. Then she took my number again and told me the Doctor will phone me. Then I told her why can't I see doctor now for 5 minutes. Only 2 patients in here-I can wait. Supervisor came and said she can't send people to see Doctor such an instant.
First of all, if Doctor is free and within working hour why patient can't see doctor?
I know how I earn money. Every penny out of my sweat. And when I am sick and expecting comforting attitude, affirmative answer, I never get it.
Foisal Talukdar

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anonymousdude said on 13 August 2013


The GP that I see is nice & friendly & empathetic. It's when I leave that surgery and go anywhere else, banned on all mental health sites if I say the same things on there (about me having appearance problems & people mocking/bullying me) and a certain charity group ignoring me all the time

It's so bad anywhere else that I have to keep a separate page handy just to be able to speak freely because, believe it or not, I can't even say a negative word about Raoul Moat or even some serial killers if they happen to have quite a lot of likes on facebook

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G0DJA said on 01 July 2013

How do you get a doctors appointment when you work?

I've moved Doctors because the big surgery would only offer appointments in working hours and I never got the same Dr twice. I got one young Dr who I could have read the card he was reading from about "What is it that you want from this appointment".

The next lot call themselves "family friendly". Obviously a family where no one works for a living as all the appointments for two weeks were in working hours. Apparently, I'd just missed the last evening surgery.

If I work 9 to 5 and the Doctors only want to work 9 to 5 then why is the NHS surprised that so many people go to A&E instead?

This is just stupid and I'm still in pain another two weeks on.

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Coheed89 said on 27 May 2013

After almost a year of being undiagnosed from unsympathetic doctors i have put my complaint in and asked to see copies of my GP records. Still awaiting to see what is going to get done about the complaint but after reading through my records I was surprised to see certain things missing (funnily enough the things that my complaints were based around). The head of practice said I would have to contact my physio to get their records yet in my records there was one part that the physio filled in so why not all the parts? Also some false inputs from my GP claiming i was "walking around the surgery fine" even though they only seen me take 3 steps into their office and back out again. Also a part missed out on why a referral of mine got concelled, isnt't that convienient?

All my doctors have done is give me pain killers and told to continue with physio which has not helped after months. Words can't describe what it's like being in pain everyday and being nowhere closer to a diagnosis. They honestly make it feel like it's all in your head. I fear the complaint will go on deaf ears and all things which i have complained about will be backed up with false records or lies.

So from first visting a doctor back in Aug 2012 i have still not had a proper physical examination from a consultant or even a GP for that matter. It's a shame private healthcare isn't slightly cheaper or I would have done that a long time ago. So for now i'll continue to suffer and hopefully get a diagnosis soon (but judging from my experience I'll be lucky to get one before 2015)

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DN17AND said on 26 May 2013

My GP Surgery is as much use as a chocolate fire guard, Rude and indifferent Staff, GP s who deny treatment then who give wrong information and then lie about it, Nurses incompetent at taking blood samples, numerous incorrect prescriptions and impossibility of getting appointments, because I dared to make fully justified complaints I was removed from their list leaving me without a GP, waste of time complaining to the new CCG as the Senior Partner at this slipshod service is the Chair of The Board as she was of the old PCT. Why did we pay all our lives to now have to put up with this incompetence. It is time something was done about these self opinionated useless people.

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eponine said on 15 October 2012

I have been well established on an oral contraceptive for years and it is the only one that suits me - Yasmin. However my GP practice has decided that they want to switch me to another cheaper COC and that if I want to stay on Yasmin then I have to pay a private prescription fee for it. This makes it incredibly expensive.
Can they do this? Is patient choice irrelevant here?

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dontbepoor said on 16 September 2012

I live in a poor area. We have two practices. One is now filled with locums, because the reality of life is that doctors want to live in rich areas.

The other one is totally incompetent. His wife is the practice manager, so it's pointless complaining. He used to send his patients to outpatients, but now he's stopped doing that because he's losing money.

What can you do? Nothing? There was a consultation recently about the two surgeries, and I know that I raised the issue of his incompetence - no change.

There needs to be a genuinely independent body that actually checks and monitors GPS. Laziness and incompetence should be enough
to be forced to retake exams.

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myexperience said on 01 August 2012

"All GP surgeries should have a written complaints procedure, and you will find this at reception or on the practice website"

Not true. My surgery couldn't produce any such thing, and even to ask for it was considered absurd .

"As a first step, speak to the practice manager. You can also complain to the practice in writing, or by email"

Yes of course I did this. He just said words to the effect that his hands were tied in the procedure. After all - he's just Admin and kow-tows to the GP.

"If this doesn't resolve the problem, or you'd rather not raise the issue directly with the practice, you can complain to the local primary care trust (PCT)"

No you can't, and yes obviously I did this. The PCT (Solihull) told me they didn't get involved with GP complaint investigations, and it wasn't in their remit to get answers. GP complaints are not monitored in the contracting process. i.e. Go Elsewhere.

That's the state of GP complaints investigations - there aren't any, and there never will be unless it's made part of their conditions of contract and subject to detailed independent scrutiny (and which is kept well away from the so-called Ombudsman).

Yes - GPs lie. Get used to it - there is no redress.

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Lacey27 said on 25 July 2012

how can someone at the footfall of your health with the rights to prescribe you medicines that can mean the difference between life and death just neglect patients treat them how they want and have knowone to be accountable to?

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yp123 said on 10 July 2012

I am so mad the way the GP and HNS service is running currently, prior to my wife giving birth to our baby she had lot of problems getting the scans and check-ups on time and be done competently.

Initial scans start via GP, they kept sending the scan requests to the wrong number due to this our scan appointment never arrived in time so we went the private route.

During the pregnancy urine tests were done when she visited midwife or GP and results kept showing different bacterium but no one explained why it was different every time.

Another issue was when urine tests were done it took about two weeks to get the results back then further around two weeks to see the GP so a month goes by before GP prescribes applicable antibiotics for the type of organism, they take another urine sample and the whole cycle repeats.
I simply cannot understand how this can be a scientific way of treating someone, more like a witch doctor trying trial and error!

During one of our private scans it was discovered that she had a 5cm cyst on one side so we took this to the GP and they arranged for NHS scan, person doing the scan failed to do proper measurements and it was decided that it would not cause any issues with the pregnancy.

My wife had to keep chasing the GP after the birth to get a scan organised to have the cyst checked, finally had the scan, was told results will be with GP in a week. It has been a month still chasing the GP to see if they have the results but kept being told that they got only half of the report and waiting to get another half, this is unbelievable in the age of computers.

I am totally fed-up with way my wife is being treated, she has been paid her taxes and want to make sure she gets treated in time so she can be healthy to work and pay her taxes again!

I can’t even think where to start complaining about our issues as everything is so broken that everyone will blame each other, what a waste of time and money this NHS has become.

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cloud12 said on 22 March 2012

ive had this ongoing problem now for over a year or more problem being in back passage area what feels like a ball shaped lump i went to doctors had varioud creams they just said it was anal fissure and it will go and it didnt i also had a sigmadoscopy which showed nothing all clear and despite going back and for the gps they said its not cancer which im glad off but under the circumstances ive still got this problem and it feels like its getting bigger last time i went to see me gp he said if i continue going back and fore i will be struck off which i think in all due respect is not the right way they are dealing with this problem. im really hopeing there going to sort this problem out soon though as its dishearting and concerning me very much. the thing being it feels like a secondary infection on top of this fissure which they have said it is but im reluctent to go back in case i do get struck off here.

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Casualty said on 28 January 2012

The problem with complaining about GPs

Most GPs are not NHS staff. They are independen­t contractor­s to the NHS and provide their own premises and employ their own staff.

So they take private advice from their union or lawyers in the 1st. instance.

They just refer the matter back to the Health Authority to whom they are contracted by. It is very hard to get these GPs to look into anything.

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rongraves said on 06 January 2012

There is a major problem with complaining about your GP - he/she has the ultimate sanction of removing you from their list.

Until that problem is removed, and patients are protected from vindictive GPs, nothing will ever change, and GPs will go their own sweet way. A patient should be able to make a legitimate complaint without running the risk of winding up without a GP which, for me, at least, would be a very dangerous situation to be in.

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mismily said on 01 November 2011

Glad i read all the comments, i was starting to feel really down, i am not the only one suffering at the hands of the GPs, the above information is untrue, i have complained to the PCT twice and they have told me each time there is nothing they can do and refer me back to the surgery, who deny everything, before my health deterioration i was a very active person, i loved sport and activities, the gym, however it was put to a stop with chronic pain,and other problems, why are the allowed to treat people inhumane ? i have worked in this country from age 15, i have made contributions, i would continue if i could hold down a job, with the poor health, all i ask is that they fix me, i'm loosing my independence, not by choice, not self inflicted, i look after myself, i just need help to get back on my feet, instead, having to battle with GP, consultants, who, do what they want, say what they want, and get away with it, so unjust, they say Briton is developed but this country is also very backwards. they way they treat people, give with one hand take back with the other, backwards.

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Pulp901 said on 28 October 2011

Well it's apparent from all the sections I've read on this site, that no one is reading or taking on board patient complaints..nevertheless I'd like to say I'm dissapointed with the NHS claiming to give us choices. I'm in a situation where my health is deteriorating and I'm about to lose my job due to the pain I'm in even though it's a desk job. All because my blood tests come back negative and I can't seem to convince my g.p's how bad it is to refer me to a specialist as by law they can refuse me. But what about actually acknowledging that they can't diagnose me an need to do something about it! Instead telling me that I'm depressed how patronising! I know what it feels like to be depressed and I know what it feels like to be in pain! After raising my concerns several times I've given up on my practice So much for a choice to see a specialist I now have to find a practice that "wiill accept" new patients "within the catchment area" to me. . This practice apparently got an award in 2010 for the best service ! ?

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Another Passive Recipient said on 23 October 2011

Will GP's handling NHS budgets, mean they can profiteer?
Sending work to their private practice?
Back handers?
Drug companies medicine pushed?
Won't take on or use the budget / make the patient go private?
Certain illness are priority others can sing!
Lets face it MP's were fiddling their expenses (So called pillars of society) Greed!
Lets hope top Govt. has thought this one through!

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mrdawkins said on 07 October 2011

I have heard it all now:

Two days ago I was seeking some help for a chronic tension headache and the GP suggested a drug which is usually used for the treatment of depression but in a small dose was shown to be effective for headaches. I ask about side effects and tell him that I'm not sure if I want to try the drug. He writes the name of a drug down on a void prescription and says 'go and google it and if you want to try it come back and see me". I was so disgusted that I just walked out. I have been quite poorly this year but prior to this it was a very long time since I had to go to the doctors - thank god.

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Zebrafish said on 19 September 2011

Does anyone read these posts?

This website is way out of date.

I made a complaint to the PCT about serious failings and an endemic slipshod approach at my GP surgery. The Primary Care Trust who told me they do not have the power to investigate complaints about GPs and that i should take it up with the surgery. So PCTs spend public funds on GPs but don't monitor their performance. No wonder GPs have such an awful attitude - nobody is accountable for their failings and incompetence.

Sure i can move GPs, but looking on NHS choices, virtually every surgery in Lambeth gets negative reviews from users.

As a tax payer, I'm absolutely fed up.

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RKH said on 18 September 2011

I was telling my doctor about this problem I have had since I got back from my travels and was showing him the palm of my hand and my foot. He was on his computer, he glanced over and said he couldn't see anything and continued typing. I said the spots are tiny and they are under my skin and if he could actually take a closer look. He got irritated and said there was nothing there and continued typing. I asked if he would get away from his computer and take a closer look. He got mad. I said your service is very poor. He told me ;’I don’t want to look at your face, get out!’. I was in shock! I said I would complain, he said I am no longer your GP I am taking you off my list. I refused to leave and he said he would call the police. He then rang his colleague and told him to remove me. I refused to leave, and asked his colleague to at least listen to my side of the story. I tried to explain it whilst Dr and now another patient who they let into the room were shouting at me. There solution was we are going to call the police. After waiting for several minutes I left and asked for a complaint form and number to ring. I rang the number and was advised to put it in writing. I have a recording of the last part of the incident as I did not want them to manhandle me.

I am happy to show this as evidence if they deny anything. I was calm through the whole incident and did not use offensive language. I did not deserve to be shouted at by the Dr and refused treatment. I found the whole incident rather traumatic and hope something will be done.

I sent the above to the PCT a month ago, as i was struck off the list immediately. They sent it to the DR and I never heard back. Trying to follow it up. The PCT assigned me to a new doc without even listening to my side of the story. Dr's seem to be able to get away with anything.

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patient0 said on 18 August 2011

Thank you card to my gp at pepys surgery.
i would like to thank to my gp for trying to help me.
have been reporting for nearly 3 years to pepys surgery with my problems. i have not been listen to. i have been completely ignored and send back home each time. one timwhen i had pain attack i come to pepys surgery and my gp scream at me saying what is different about this pain that you had to come here. i was refused treatment and help for 3 years. senior female gp refused sending me to ginecologist despite my long history of pain and new symptom of bleeding. i reported fever few days later and come back asking for help. senior in charge once again screamed at me that nhs will not allow me have smear test because i just had it 2 years ago. i was once again send back home. i am now on wait for an operation with my insurance.
i think my case was handled discusting and both gp have marks on their reporting. doctors bullying patients is what it is.
legal rights to name and shame doctors should be allowed.

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genira said on 09 July 2011

Absolutely disgusting how my GP has treated me. I have been taking levothyroxine for nearly thirty years daily and I was told clearly by my endocrinologist that I must take my medicine on time everyday for the rest of my life. However, I met a very stupid GP who wasn't even convinced that there is anything wrong withme and he abruptly stopped my medicine, against the guidelines of an endocrinologist. I knw and any experienced GP knows that you do not withdraw treatment after a long time of continuous medication daily. It places the patient at risk, but because my GP is a proud fool and very incompetent, he took my medicine away and waited until I suffer symptoms of hypothyroidism until he realized his mistake and began prescribing again. I am suffering at his hands. He has no idea what he is doing and has ruined a part of my life and I hope one day he goes through the suffering he has put me through.He has manipulated my medical records, made decisions and written a patient summary without even asking me, he gives me advice that I know and any endocrinologist knows would be severely detrimental to my health. He is rude, offensive, tight lipped, mannered, has never physically checked me, has never explained anything, is proud and insulting, completely ignores obvious in your face symptoms and blatantly lies. When I moved practice, he lied and made sure that I miss out on medicine by incorrectly stating that he has prescribed a given amount to last me for a month, whereas I know and the pharmacist knows that I was only given enough to last 7 days. He has no grasp of endocrinology whatsoever. It is dangerous to withdraw levothyroxine abruptly especially if you are on high doses and use it as a complete synthetic replacement and have been on it for over 25 years continuosly. IT IS DANGEROUS AND CAN CAUSE SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS IF YOU WITHDRAW A PATIENTS MEDICINE ABRUPLTY BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN IGNORANCE OF METABOLIC DISORDERS. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC. RIDICULOUS. DETRIMENTAL.

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User538009 said on 14 March 2011

I have complained to Barnet PCT and to the local (conservative) MP of Golders Green, about the lack of GP Services. Neither have been able to help or resolve the issue. I have a GP surgery directly across the road from my house, and I am not allowed to register there. Instead I have to register at a practice half an hour away. As a first time mum of twins, I don't see how this is a good or effective choice. Whats worse is I have a letter of allocation from the PCT, which the GP Surgery has refused to accept. I have walked to the medical practice where I have been forced to register so I'm not left without a GP, and this half an hour walk has exacerbated the back and hip pain I already suffer from.
Thank goodness the PCTs will be abolished, though not soon enough. The staff are incompetent, and do not have a clue about customer service.
As for GPs running commissioning in the future, they can barely run their own practices let alone take on the job of commissioning.
What an absolute waste of my taxes.

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snakecharmer38 said on 05 March 2011

I would not bother complaining. I have tried before and all you get is a whitewash. G.Ps always back eachother up, no matter what the complaint. Same goes for anyother member of the health service. I had a witness about my complaint, the paramedic at the time. He even apologised for the doctors attitude. However, when I made a complaint, he suddenly backed the doctors version of events and denied ever apologising. So nothing happened. Waste of time and effort. It's not a wonder that a lot of people who I talk to have lost all faith and trust in the medical profession. Only thing I can do is set up cameras in the house, maybe then they will do something if the same happens again.

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kayjoshi said on 03 March 2011

My Gp is impossible to get an appointment with if your working.

He opens at 10 am each day and only works to 5 pm most days

So you would always have to take time off work to see him.
He has a late surgery until 6pm on one day but this is always book way in advance.

Also he only has emergency on Thursdays , and has a supply doctor on a Friday.
And half day on Wednesday's ....

Can anyone tell me if this is fair ?
I work a distance from my home to my work and am a diabetic so need to see doctor. each time I have to take the day off to see him.
When he becomes the fund holder for me , I will be an excellent deal for him because I will never get to see him and he will pocket all the funds he gets for my treatment.

What a shocking state of Affaires !

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Beam10 said on 21 February 2011

I have regular prescriptions of two drugs each month.

In case I have died they have to reissue this every month and i have to specifically ask for the two drugs by name every month by email ( telephone is not allowed ) or going there and filling in a form.

Last month when I went to collect it during the day there was only one drug on the prescription.

As it was their mistake and doctors were on site, I expected that they would have corrected the problem there and then!

Oh no, the sour faced receptionist made no apology and said I would just have to request the missing drug on their request form and come back the following week!

Reading other complaints above it seems this unfriendly and unhelpful attitude is normal with receptionists.

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norman21 said on 11 November 2010

I made a complaint about my GP after he lied to me about something. Instead of being listened to as I expected I was struck off their list as they said by compliaining it meant I didnt trust my GP so they had to right to exclude me as the bonds of trsut had been broken.
The system is unfair !

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User193019 said on 26 July 2010

Why do i have to wait for over two weeks to see my GP? when i complained to the oldham PCT about other issues i mentioned about the appointment waiting times,and low and behold the management contacted me and the next day i got to see my GP! Now why should i have to complain before i can be seen within two working days ,like it says on thier website '''you can be expected to be seen with in two working days'' yeah right !

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billybump said on 22 November 2009

The complaints procedure needs updating and/or people who listen to the aggrieved patient rather than automatically siding with the doctors. If you do not have a third party present at the time of the incident being complained about the complaints service listen to the doctor who in most instances will give false information to cover their own backs therefore leaving the aggrieved patient with no where to go with the complaint. If the patient wishes to leave that practice as trust has been broken and that practice is the only practice in the area they are left without a GP as other surgeries are within their rights to refuse access to their surgery as its out of area. Please NHS give the patient more rights and less power to the GP's.

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