Eat well, Move more, Live longer

Kids' weekly activity planner

Taking control of your busy week ahead is a great way to reduce stress, get more things done, and introduce more activities which help your family to be healthier.

Try making activity part of your every day routine. If you have to go to shops for instance, try walking instead of going by car. It’s good for your health and better for the environment too.

Why not create a weekly planner like the example below and fill in things you’d like to do with your family in the week ahead. Visits to the park, the supermarket or friends house are all good examples.

Try getting into the habit of planning your week every week. If you’re stuck for ideas just have another look at all the suggestions on this site, or if you get them, the packs that come through the post.

This is how your week might pan out:

Monday: Walk to nursery
Tuesday: Walk home from the playground
Wednesday: Bus to supermarket (get on two stops down the road). Play i-spy as we go
Thursday: Jack’s friends over for tea - do treasure hunt in the garden
Friday: Play catch in the garden with kids
Saturday: Jack & Dad to wash car. Have picnic in park
Sunday: Put on dance DVD after breakfast. Get the kids to lay the table before dinner

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