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Daily tips to cut down on sugar

Try these easy swap ideas to reduce the amount of sugar you and your kids eat throughout the day!

Can I give my kids fruit? I know it contains sugar, so is it bad for them?

Although it can contain a lot of sugar, fruit is a healthier choice because it also contains fibre, vitamins and minerals. Giving them fruit is also a great way to encourage them to eat their 5 A DAY.

Try to avoid giving the kids foods and drinks with added sugars, which are the ones put in to make them taste sweeter. In the ingredients list, sugar added to food may be called things like glucose, sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup or invert sugar. Fruit juice and honey can also count as ‘added sugars’ as they are sometimes added to food to make them sweeter.

Sugar swaps

Try a juice swap!

If your family likes fruit juice, try to limit your fruit juice to 150mls a day and have it with a meal because it is high in sugar and can cause tooth decay.

Here’s a simple idea – try mixing unsweetened fruit juice, like orange or apple, with fizzy water. Serve it in a long glass with a couple of straws and your kids will think it’s as good as pop!

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