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Sugar Swaps

Let's make some Sugar Swaps!

We know we need to watch how much sugar we eat each day, but the new guidelines mean we need to reduce this even further.

Find out about the new guidelines and what they mean for you1 / 4

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For FREE texts, emails and 'how to' videos (approved by the NHS!) for you and your partner, sign up to the Start4Life Information Service for Parents. You'll get expert help and advice, every step of the way.

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Watch the salt

Watch the salt

Even food that doesn't taste salty can have lots of salt inside.

Find out how to watch the salt3 / 4

Five a day


Getting your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day is easier than you think.

Easy ways to 5 A DAY4 / 4

Healthy eating tips

We were all brought up to finish the food on our plates, but sometimes it’s more than we really need. Try our simple tips to get you and your family into great healthy eating habits.

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Try the Sugar Swaps app

The Change4Life Sugar Swaps app quickly and easily shows how much sugar is in your food and drink - just by scanning the barcode.

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What's on the label?

Checking food labels can help you make healthier choices when you shop.

Love your labels

Be calorie smart

Calories are a handy way of helping you choose balanced meals.

More about calories

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