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Download our new free app today to your smartphone and use it to:

  • Track your drinks each day
  • View your drinking levels over a week or a fortnight to spot when you’re increasing your risk
  • Learn more about the risks
  • Get daily tips and feedback
  • Add daily notes
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Drinks tracker

The drinks tracker is available as a native app for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
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available on the App Store

It's also available as a native app for your Android device.
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android app on google play

No smartphone? No problem!

You can keep some ideas to hand with our leaflet, full of info and advice. It’s also got a drinks diary section to help you keep track.

Download "Don't let drink sneak up on you" leaflet (PDF, 867KB)

Easy drink swaps

You don't have to cut it out, just cut back on alcohol instead
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