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Get active with LazyTown

We've teamed up with popular children’s TV show LazyTown, and its superhero Sportacus, to encourage kids aged two to five to be more active and eat healthier food. Sportacus is the healthiest children’s cartoon character on UK television and likes to eat 'sports-candy' (fruit and veg) with every meal.

Eating well and being active can help prevent kids developing serious illnesses later in life. And new physical activity guidelines show that once they can walk they should be physically active for at least three hours a day.

Encouraging your kids to develop healthier habits early on means that they will then become a normal part of their everyday life as they grow up.

Download a pack for fun at home!

You can download special activity packs featuring the LazyTown stars.

Wake Up LazyTown

Our new game, developed with our partners at LazyTown, is perfect for kids aged two to five. Sportacus and his LazyTown friends really enjoy being active – it makes them feel great!

In this game, Robbie Rotten has concocted an evil plan and cast a spell on LazyTown, making everyone fall into a deep sleep. Kids need to go to LazyTown and do some special activities to break the spell and wake everyone up without Robbie Rotten knowing they're there. Then they’ll step aboard Sportacus’s AirShip and return home as Games4Life heroes.

Blast Off with LazyTown

Blast Off is designed to encourage pre-school children to move more and make sure they get their 180 active minutes a day.

Kids should complete all the challenges on the board and then join Sportacus in his airship for a tour of LazyTown. From simple activities to Sportacus' "signature moves", kids of all abilities will be able to join in the fun.

Take the LazyTown Challenge

The LazyTown Challenge is perfect for young children! It aims to get kids eating healthier and up and about. It also features Sportacus and Stephanie to motivate them to do as many activities as possible.

The challenge includes fun ideas for activities at home and healthy recipes, and the sticker reward wallchart helps kids track their progress as they become as active and healthy as Sportacus.

Get going, every day!

Get your own personal activity plan, and if you've got kids, get a free activity plan for them too.

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