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5 A DAY portion sizes - how much is a portion of fruit or veg?

For adults

For adults, the rough guide below can help you work out whether you're eating your 5 A DAY:

A portion of fruit (80g) is roughly equivalent to:

  • a slice or half a large fruit e.g. a slice of melon or half a grapefruit.
  • 1 medium size fruit e.g. an apple.
  • 2 small size fruits e.g. 2 plums or satsumas.

A portion of dried fruit (30g) is roughly equivalent to:

  • one heaped tablespoon of dried fruit, which is roughly equivalent to 80g of fresh fruit.

A portion of vegetables (80g) is roughly equivalent to:

  • 3 heaped tablespoons of peas, beans or pulses.
  • 2 broccoli spears.
  • a dessert bowl of salad.

Smoothies, fruit and veg juices count too

A 150ml glass of unsweetened, 100% fruit or vegetable juice or smoothie counts as a maximum of one portion. That means, no matter how much you drink, it’s still just one portion, and because juices and smoothies can contain a lot of fruit sugar, it’s best to limit the amount you drink and try to drink with meals to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

For kids

The amount that kids should eat depends on their size and age – there are no set rules. But a good guide to a portion for them is the amount they can fit into the palm of their hand.

Read more about 5 A DAY on NHS Choices

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