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Cutting down on alcohol

Drink can sneak up on us

After a long day, many of us like to unwind with a nice glass of something. But it’s funny how drink can sneak up on us. The odd glass in the evening can quickly become two or three regular glasses, most evenings.

The trouble is that drink sneaks up on bodies too – it can give our organs a hard time. Regularly drinking over the guidelines can lead to serious health problems, from liver damage to a greater risk of getting cancer or having a heart attack. And don't forget that alcohol also contains calories, so it can help to give you a bit of a spare tyre.

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Easy ways to cut down

The good news is that we’ve got loads of ideas for ways you can cut back, without cutting it out. You could try making some simple swaps when you’re out, or, if you drink every day, having at least a couple of booze-free nights each week. There are lots of things to choose from.

Try our alcohol swap ideas

Brilliant benefits

Cutting down on alcohol can bring some great rewards. Not only will it mean a reduced risk to your health, but you could look better, feel better and have more time and cash to spend on doing other things.

More benefits

Try something new

If you drink every day, having at least two days a week when you don’t drink alcohol means you’ve got time to do something different
Alternatives to drinking

Choose less booze

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