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Cut back on fat when you shop

Read the label

Another way to keep an eye on the amount of fat in the food you eat is to read the nutrition labels when you’re shopping (or if you’re eating out). Look out especially for mention of “saturates” or “sat fat” – this will tell you how much saturated fat is in the food.

Ready meals: compare the nutrition labels on different ready meals. There can be a big difference in saturated fat content. Pick the one lower in saturated fat using per 100g or per serving information. Remember, serving size may vary, so read the label carefully.

Yoghurt: choose a lower-fat yoghurt. There can be a big difference between different products.

As a general guide:

  • High fat foods: have more than 17.5g fat per 100g
  • Low fat foods: have 3g or less per 100g

Swap high fat versions for lower fat options.
Read more about food labelling

Cut back fat

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