Eat well, Move more, Live longer

‘What’s for breakfast?’ - game for the kids!

Eating a healthy breakfast kick-starts our metabolism, helps us concentrate better at school or at work because we’re not distracted by hunger, and generally gets our day off to a good start. Explore the plates below to get tasty ideas and tips for a healthy breakfast.

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Fruit smoothie

  1. Why not try a fruit smoothie? If there’s time, make it the night before and store it in the fridge, or prepare all the ingredients ready to buzz in a blender in the morning. Use fresh fruit such as banana and strawberries and some plain low-fat yoghurt or lower-fat milk, or puree a few canned apricot halves with some orange juice. You could also try adding some wholegrain cereal to your smoothie for extra fibre.

For more healthy breakfast ideas, have a look at the recipe finder

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