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‘What’s for breakfast?’ - game for the kids!

Eating a healthy breakfast kick-starts our metabolism, helps us concentrate better at school or at work because we’re not distracted by hunger, and generally gets our day off to a good start. Explore the plates below to get tasty ideas and tips for a healthy breakfast.

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Fresh fruit and breakfast bars

  1. It’s great to have breakfast together as a family as it encourages kids to eat breakfast and get a great start to the day.
  2. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time in the morning to sit down together. That’s why it’s great to have a back-up plan.
  3. Keep a stock of foods that are easy to grab on the way out in the morning, such as apples, pears, satsumas, bananas, mini bags of dried fruit and unsalted nuts, cartons of fruit juice and slices of fruit bread.
  4. Crackers and breakfast bars can also be convenient, but bear in mind that these can be high in fat, salt and sugar, so remember to check the label before buying.

For more healthy breakfast ideas, have a look at the recipe finder

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