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Get going every day

Get going every day

Being active every day helps us to all to stay healthy. Every 10 minutes counts!

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Find local activities

Find local activities

We've got details of thousands of places to have fun and get active. There's something for all the family.

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The fun generator

The fun generator

We've got over a hundred games and ideas for kids to have fun - indoors or out, rain or shine!

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Active travel

Active travel

Choosing more active ways of getting around is a fun and easy way to include activity in your daily routine.

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The 10 Minute Shake Up!

Check out our great Shake Ups! Any burst of 10-minute activity counts as a Shake Up and goes towards the hour of physical activity kids need a day.

10 Minute Shake Up

Get going everyday

Building a bit activity into your day keeps your heart healthy, reduces your risk of serious illness and strengthens muscles and bones.

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Find the fun!

Find more than 100 fun activities to keep your kids up and about – try our fun generator app today!

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Funky and fabulous - dancing's great fun for all the family.

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Move more

Want to make some changes?

How are your eating, drinking and activity habits? We can help you make some healthy changes

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Healthy eating tips

Healthier recipes, tips and ideas for you and your family

Eat well

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