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  • Drinking and alcohol - Live Well

    On average, it takes about one hour for your body to break down one unit of alcohol. ... Practical tips on how you can reduce your alcohol intake, and the associated health benefits.

  • Alcohol misuse

    A small glass (125ml) of wine contains about 1.5 units of alcohol. ... Risks of alcohol misuse. Short-term. The short-term risks of alcohol misuse include:.

  • Alcohol misuse - Treatment

    experiencing health problems directly related to alcohol. unable to function without alcohol (alcohol dependency). ... GABA is thought to be partly responsible for inducing a craving for alcohol.

  • Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking painkillers? - Health questions

    Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking painkillers? It depends on the type of painkiller. ... what dose you should be taking. whether it's safe to drink alcohol while you're taking the medication.

  • NHS VIDEOS | Alcohol misuse: David's story

    David talks about the effects that his former alcohol addiction had on his health and relationships. ... Views:44, 917. Comments &Ratings: 0 comments on Alcohol misuse: David's story   |    3 ratings on Alcohol misuse: David's story.

  • New alcohol advice issued - Health News

    You can reduce these risks by:. limiting the total amount of alcohol you drink on any occasion. ... The risks of cancers associated with drinking alcohol were not fully understood in 1995.

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    Find services. You can search all of our service directories from here. Try searching by service name, service type, condition or surgical procedure. Find services. Find. Location. Need urgent care? Use our service finder to locate your nearest

  • Tips and advice for cutting down on alcohol | Change4Life

    Cutting down on alcohol. Drink can sneak up on us. After a long day, many of us like to unwind with a nice glass of something. ... And don't forget that alcohol also contains calories, so it can help to give you a bit of a spare tyre.

  • Follow the alcohol lower-risk guidelines to reduce the risk of health harm | Change4Life

    No-one can say that drinking alcohol is absolutely safe, but by sticking within these guidelines, you can lower your risk of harming your health if you drink most weeks:. ... ABV” means the percentage of alcohol in the drink and you can often find this

  • Stop smoking - Live Well

    Stop smoking. Popular topics. Stop smoking. Special reports. Child health. Men's health. Women's health. Want to stop smoking? Find out practical, quick and simple steps you can take NOW to quit successfully. 10 health benefits of stopping smoking.

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