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NHS Choices training

Online video training

NHS Choices training gives you a comprehensive understanding of NHS Choices and how it can support your work. The training videos on this page will help you to:

  • navigate and explore the vast resources and useful features of the NHS Choices website
  • use NHS Choices to complement your work in providing health and wellbeing information to the public
  • update your organisation’s profile and respond to members of the public

The general site videos and intermediary videos will be useful to health and social care professionals, and non-health professionals (such as library and UK online staff) who use NHS Choices for health information to pass it on to patients and clients.

The service desk videos are aimed at trust administrators, practice managers and web editors who log into NHS Choices to update their health organisation's online information.

Service desk videos

Guidance on how to manage your information on NHS Choices.

General site video tutorials

How to use the key features of NHS Choices.

For more help and advice, email the service desk at

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Help and support

This section offers guidance and support for health and social care professionals who interact with NHS Choices

Manage user feedback

This section provides detailed advice on how to deal with patient comments on NHS Choices

Worried about the latest health scare?

Behind the Headlines can help you sort fact from fiction on the latest health scares and miracle cures in the media

Manage your profile

Find out how to manage service profiles on this site and edit within the Provider Information Management System (PIMS)

NHS Choices training video

Find out how to make the most of the NHS Choices website. This training video explains each section of the site and how it can help your work with patients or clients. Also find out what other health and care professionals think of the site.

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