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Information for clinical commissioning groups (CCG)

NHS Choices is the online "front door" to the NHS, offering public health advice and links to local NHS services.

Every clinical commissioning group (CCG) commissioning NHS services in England has a unique profile on NHS Choices. CCGs can manage and upload their own content to the profile, including images and videos. It also provides a perfect opportunity to showcase any specialist services commissioned by the CCG, including how to access them.

What information can be displayed?

On your CCG profile you can display:

  • general information such as address, telephone number and web address
  • information about services commissioned, giving your CCG an opportunity to highlight specialist services in the area
  • GP practices – you can add, hide or edit GP practices associated with your CCG
  • links to external websites that may be useful for the public
  • local news and health-related articles

If you don’t have editing rights to manage your profile, please email our Service Desk via, including your full name, job title and organisation's name.

Basic steps for editing the service pages

The editing mechanism adopts a "what you see is what you get" style of editing. The CCG profile information is organised into modules. Modules that can be edited will have a clearly marked "edit" button.

Once you select "edit", you will be able to edit the fields within the module. When you have made your changes, select "save" to finish editing, or "cancel" if you don't want to keep the changes. In the event that you have saved changes by mistake, the editing system has an "undo" function for your most recent change.

Some modules, such as centrally managed NHS Choices data, will be marked as "This cannot be edited". If it is possible to edit the data on a different page, it will be marked "How do I edit this?". Clicking on this button displays text explaining whether the module is centrally managed, or if the information can be edited in a different area of the site (such as reusable contact information).

You will be able to see any changes you make immediately, so you can judge how your pages look with certain fields populated.

How to get help

The NHS Choices Service Desk offers assistance to health professionals who have queries about anything, from how to edit profiles and respond to patient feedback, to general comments or queries about NHS Choices. Email for more advice.

Page last reviewed: 14/05/2015

Next review due: 14/05/2017

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