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NHS Choices performance and statistics

NHS Choices analytics

The NHS Choices reporting team is a dedicated team of in-house analysts, working within a web analytics environment, who provide insight into the factors that influence visits to NHS Choices.

The team also frequently publishes reports on the NHS Choices blog, which can be accessed via the links below. Come back regularly to find out what has been affecting visits to the site.

Web analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of data for understanding and optimising web usage. On-site web analytics measure a visitor's behaviour once they arrive on the site, while off-site web analytics relate to the web measurement and analysis of competitors and the internet as a whole, looking at market share and potential opportunities.

Standard web analytics measurements include hits, visits, visitors and page views, although these can sometimes vary depending on the analytics application being used.

NHS Choices uses Webtrends (a web analytics tool), Hitwise (an online competitive intelligence service) and other analytic providers to compile the data for its monthly performance reports.

Monthly service performance reports

The NHS Choices performance report lets you find out how many people visit the site each month and which areas are the most popular.

Download the latest 2015 reports:

Download the 2014 reports:

If you wish to know more about NHS Choices performance in previous years, contact our service desk by email on


NHS Choices analytics blogs

Regular update

Out of the ordinary spikes in visits are explained in regular update posts. Often linked to stories in the press or conditions featured on television, posts in the regular updates section examine the reason for the uplift, which is usually short term. Find out more by reading the most recent Regular update.

Weekly report

The weekly report looks at changes in traffic for the previous week, along with high-level tracking of visits week-on-week against the previous year. Staples of the weekly report include the top 10 site areas visited, most prevalent search engine referral phrases, and the most-watched videos, along with the most popular pages visited during the week. Read the latest weekly report.


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