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NHS Choices performance and statistics

Monthly performance reports

Read the latest NHS Choices performance report and find out how many people visit the site each month and what areas are most popular.

NHS Choices uses Webtrends (a web analytics tool), Hitwise (an online competitive intelligence service) and other analytic providers to compile the data for its monthly performance reports.

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Engagement with the site

Hospital and GP comments 

This shows the number of hospital and GP comments made by members of the public each month since the feature has been available on the site. The blue scale on the right shows the cumulative total of comments. 

GP practices managing data 

This graph shows how many GP practices have a personal profile page on NHS Choices. It also shows how many new GP practices sign up for a personal profile page each month. 

Active and new site user accounts

This graph shows how many user accounts have been created by members of the public and are still active. It also shows how many new accounts were created each month.

Service Usage

Information provided in the section derives from Webtrends and Hitwise.


This graph shows the number of visits receives in any given month. A visit is a series of actions that begins when a visitor views the first page from the server, and ends when the visitor leaves the site or remains idle beyond the idle-time limit. The default idle-time limit is thirty minutes. 

Site usage 

This is an overview of the current and previous month’s key visits and visitor-related statistics, detailing the following: 

Total visits
Total visits is the visits graph represented as a single figure for the current specified month. 

Total visitors
A visitor refers to an individual that visits a website. A visitor can have multiple visits, and each time they visit the site they contribute to the total visitors figure for the current specified month.

Average pages per visit
Average pages per visit is a figure provided by Webtrends that represents the average number of pages a visitor looks at in any given visit.

Average visit duration
Average visit duration is also provided by Webtrends and represents the average length of time a visitor spends on the NHS Choices site during any given visit. 

Queries from partners

Queries from partners represents the number of queries made during the month. Implemented Partners refers to a partner who has raised at least 1 query in any given month, and not the total number of partners who have a link to our content on their site. 21 new partners signed up to use the services. 

Top referrers

The top referrers chart shows how visitors to NHS Choices reach the site. It shows what proportion of traffic arrives directly (people accessing the site by typing URLs into their browser), what proportion arrives through the NHS Direct website and what proportion arrives through the Google search engine. 

Top ten search terms 

This is a list of the top 10 terms that are typed by users into search engines and result in visits to NHS Choices. This information is provided by Hitwise, an online service that provides statistics on how UK internet users interact with websites.   

Hitwise market share – government

This graph shows the number of visits NHS Choices receives each month as a percentage of the total number of visits to all government websites. It charts similar figures for other leading central government sites. 

Hitwise market share – health sector 

This graph shows the number of visits NHS Choices receives each month as a percentage of the total number of visits to all health information websites. It charts similar figures for other leading health information websites.


This graph represents the total number of implemented partners and the number of queries received since syndication began in July 2008. Implemented partners are external websites that currently use NHS Choices content on their site. Queries from partners refers to the number of times this information is requested by visitors to the partner sites. 

Live operations

Site availability

This shows the amount of time in a specified month that the site was available with no technical issues (eg server problems) as a percentage.  

P1 and P2 queries raised

P1 and P2 queries are technical problems reported to the helpdesk (both internally and externally). P1 queries are higher priority (priority level 1) than P2 queries (priority level 2). This graph represents the number of queries raised as P1 and P2 each month.

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