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NHS Choices performance and statistics

NHS Choices datasets

NHS Choices is taking an active role in making data available to the public and those interested in improving the NHS. We are committed to ensuring relevant datasets are made available for further use and analysis once they have been published on the site.

Patient feedback

One of the key features on NHS Choices is the patient feedback facility, which allows the public to post feedback about their experiences with individual service providers. Organisations then have the opportunity to post a response to the comments.

Provider quality indicators

NHS Choices allows users to compare information for hospitals. Information includes indicators of the quality and safety of a hospital, as well as information about facilities provided, such as the cost and availability of car parking.

Procedure-specific information is available for a number of the more common procedures carried out in England, such as hip and knee replacement or procedures for varicose veins.

Hospital and GP indicators files include data published by NHS Choices. If you wish to use this data, be aware that the files provide access to a snapshot of the data, correct on the day of publication. You can download the indicators from the data feed on the Freedom of information page. Indicators may be updated on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

If you wish to publish an accurate, current picture of the performance for an individual organisation or group of organisations, export the results directly using the Services near you facility. Simply select hospitals or GPs and perform a postcode search. Once you reach the results page the export button is on the top right-hand side of the page.

NHS Choices has worked closely with indicator suppliers and with users of the website to ensure that items are presented responsibly and do not mislead. Any future users of this data are encouraged to ensure that their approach reflects this. For example, we try to display data using banding so people know if performance is good or bad, rather than displaying just the numerical value.


An alternative method of downloading NHS Choices data is through our syndication services. You can find details of how organisations and individuals gain access to these feeds by selecting the NHS Choices syndicated content link .


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