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NHS Choices partners - Bazian

Care pathways

Bazian produces evidence-based care pathways to help its clients manage change and introduce new services and technologies effectively and efficiently.

Customised evidence-based care pathways help with:

  • placing new technologies and services within a pathway of care that is supported by scientific findings,
  • understanding in detail, and in advance, the impact of new technologies and services on practice,
  • having managers and clinicians reach agreement more quickly about practice and service delivery,
  • establishing a benchmark against which to measure future performance, and
  • identifying areas where more effort will be needed to implement successfully a new technology or service.

Bazian care pathways are used for:

  • standardising practice, including benchmarking and performance evaluation, 
  • complying with local and national governance, 
  • putting official guidance into practice, 
  • charting the impact of new technologies and services, and
  • knowledge support.


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