Walking for Health: volunteers 

Walking for Health relies on volunteers, who help out by leading a group of walkers, or assist the group along the way. Find out what motivates these volunteers.

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Transcript of Walking for Health: volunteers

My name is Karen.

I've been a walk leader for ten years.

I'm one of the originals. I decided to become a walk leader

partly because I wanted to put something back in,

and partly because I knew that it would make me come out on the walks.

I'm so much fitter than I was.

I'm so much happier than I was. I have a wonderful group of friends.

I can chat to ten, 20 people every time I go out on a walk

and it really is such a wonderful thing to do.

(man) I would encourage people to volunteer.

Because once they start leading walks, meeting with the people,

it opens their life, really.

It possibly gets them into volunteering for other things as well as walking.

It's easy to fit in to your lifestyle,

which I've found with other volunteering has been quite hard.

And, obviously, if you're walking and volunteering, you're getting healthy.

I'd say do it because it's a great thing.

It helps you to encourage other people to do it

and to better themselves and to get fit. There's nothing better than being fit,

especially if you've had something wrong with you.

I'd say do it.

I've been encouraging women to be part of this walk

because since I started joining the walks, I've made many friends.

If I'm sad at home, when I come here, there's joy and I feel happy.

9,000 volunteers lead over 3,000 walks a week with Walking for Health.

Visit walkingforhealth.org.uk

to find out how you can help people in your community

get active and healthy through walking.

Supporting you to get active and stay active.

Walking for Health

walkingforhealth.org.uk 020 7339 8541


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