The best things about being a dad 

This video features different dads sharing their stories of what it was like to become a father, the best things about being a dad and how having a baby changed their relationship with their partner.

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Transcript of The best things about being a dad

(both) Beep-beep! Beep-beep!

What does it feel like to become a dad?

I felt like I'd seen her before.

It's strange, but you don't know what your baby will look like.

But I felt like I'd seen her before.

I think it's an experience where I almost feel like I melted inside.

It was amazing! It was amazing.

It was a dream come true, really.

Because my wife was being operated on,

my daughter was handed straight to me

after the doctors had, sort of, removed her.

And there was a sudden explosion of

what I can only describe as a laugh.

Everything that you've done in your life comes together for that one moment.

I can't wait. I hope I don't faint.

I shouldn't do, but you never know until you're there.

We're planning a home birth, so I'm very keen to kind of be there

and support my wife and do skin-to-skin and everything.

How has your daily life changed?

It's really, really, really rewarding,

in a way that you can't imagine before you're a dad.

I'm very much into, "Well, I'm here, I'm going to change, feed."

If I could breastfeed, I would.

It's nice to feel really kind of wanted and needed.

When I pick her up from my wife's mum's house she's there,

she's opened the door, got her coat on, comes running out, "Daddy, Daddy!"

With her arms open as she jumps and she gives you a big squeeze.

It doesn't matter how bad your day is at work

or whatever you've done, lost at football or whatever.

It's like a smile and a kiss and a big cuddle from your daughter or son,

whatever you've got, then it is a really nice feeling.

You know that, "I've had a bad day, but this is worth it, really."

It's just all-encompassing... "Daddy!"

He's just a happy, adorable little guy.

How has parenting affected your relationship?

It definitely had a positive impact.

Children is what we wanted, to complete our life, really.

It did make our relationship a bit stronger, as well.

We communicated a lot better. We compromised a lot more.

When you've had two hours' sleep in a night you know what buttons not to push.

But you also share these fantastic experiences.

You share all those positive things and you've got this living embodiment

of your relationship there waving at you.

It's something that nothing else gives you.

We've, in some ways, got on better

because we're both excited and giddy most of the time.

For me, it's about making sure that

the baby is in a warm and loving environment.

That's about you being in a place mentally and emotionally

where you're ready to give.

At the moment I'm enjoying it, which I've been told to do,

and I am, thoroughly.


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