One for the Boys: why do men not talk about cancer  

Early cancer diagnosis is key, but that doesn't mean men always get checked out when they should. In this video, actors and sports personalities try to answer the question: Why are men so dumb when it comes to talking about cancer?

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Transcript of One for the Boys: why do men not talk about cancer

ONE FOR THE BOYS WHY ARE MEN SO DUMB WHEN IT COMES TOTALKING ABOUT CANCER? That's an interesting question.That macho mentality. - RICHARD ROUNDTREE, ACTOR- "It's nothing, it'll go away." To see a doctor? Come on.That's not a male thing. ANTHONY ANDERSON, ACTOR We, in general, as men,aren't aware of a lot of disease because we refuse to go to the doctor. Me don't talk to each otherabout their bodies... JAMIE BAMBER, ACTOR the way that women do. Women are more comfortablechatting about it. We talk about sport,not personal things. Very seldom do we as men go tothe hospital or to our doctors for preventative maintenance. The only time we're in thereis if an appendage is hanging off. We're supposed to bethe head of the pride. SIR STEVE REDGRAVEOLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST Not to show weakness. I think that isa pretty silly situation to be in. VISIT onefortheboys.comVISIT YOUR DOCTOR


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