National Child Measurement Programme: Kids' views 

Watch this video to see children’s views about their experience of having their height and weight measured as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP).

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Transcript of National Child Measurement Programme: Kids' views

You had to stand up very straight on the metre stick.

And you put your feet apart... Well, together.

You have to take your shoes off, and that's no big deal,

'cause your feet aren't going to get dirty or anything.

And then they drop this thing down on your head,

but not like hard, just drop it on your head.

And all she does is just put the measure on your head

and she just wrote down how tall you were.

Then you had to go on the scales.

You just step on it with no shoes on.

And you put your feet quite wide apart.

Not very wide apart, though.

You can't hold onto anything, you can't wear shoes,

and you have to put your hands by your side and not in your pockets.

And it was fine.

It's nothing to be worried about, that's the whole point.

And that was it, really.


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