Is the pregnancy test accurate? 

Midwife Caron Cooch explains how soon after a missed period you can take a pregnancy test and how to do it properly.

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Is the pregnancy test accurate?


Caron: You can take a pregnancy test three weeks after unprotected sex and you will get a clear result. If you know your periods really well then you could even do a pregnancy test just the first day after you think you have missed your period.


You can get pregnancy kits from any chemist, or if you don’t want to buy one or you can’t buy one your GP or the family planning clinic will do a pregnancy test for you.


You really have to check the instructions within each pack, because each pack will be different.  Usually it’s best to do it in the morning, because your first morning urine will have the biggest concentration of hormones but it’s not always essential.  Do check the instructions – but if you have a wee directly onto the strip or you can collect it into a little pot and then dip the strip into the pot.  If it says you’re pregnant, then the positive test is most likely correct.  If it says you’re not pregnant but you feel you are pregnant or you continue to miss your period for another week then you can repeat the test after a week or you can go and see your GP or go to a Family Planning clinic and ask for their advice.


If you have a positive pregnancy test and home and go to your GP the GP will not need to repeat the test because the positive pregnancy test will be all that is necessary. The next step then will be to arrange for your antenatal care.


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