How do you feel now? 

One in 10 young people will experience mental and emotional health problems. Hear some of their experiences and find out more about the help that’s available.

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Transcript of How do you feel now?

How do you feel now?

(boy) Have you ever suffered with mental health issues?

(boy 2) I felt quite lonely at times because I couldn't relate to people.

I felt quite distant.

(girl) I was really depressed and sad and unhappy.

(boy 2) I completely lost my confidence.

Made me feel quite scared because my reality was completely altered.

Didn't really trust my own brain.

(boy 3) You think to yourself, "Why is this happening to me?"

(girl 2) It affected me quite in a different way.

I didn't have good relationships with people.

(boy 3) I thought that, you know, I had nothing to live for,

nothing to offer to society, or my family.

And to me, that was very hard.

(boy 1) What type of emotions was you feeling?

(boy 4) I was feeling unhappy, stressed.

Sometimes I did feel happy.

(boy 1) Yeah.

(boy 1) How do you feel now, in today's date?

(boy 4) I feel a bit better, but I feel like I need a bit more help.

(boy 3) I kind of needed to talk to a third party, somebody who was unbiased

and not involved in the situation.

(boy 2) I mean I think if I hadn't have been in hospital

and given the right medication, I would've just carried on.

It was really necessary for me to have that treatment.

(boy 4) I had a lot of stress, I had a lot of problems, but I got through it.

(girl 2) It was difficult, but I got through it.

(girl 1) Well, I've got through it now, over a long period of time.

I learnt that you can get through things, if you try.

One in ten young people experience mental health problems.

Don't be afraid to talk about it.

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