How do I calm my crying baby? 

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How do I calm my crying baby?


Julie: I think when she was really little we just fed her, that was my husband’s answer to everything ‘she must be hungry’, but you know you’d say ‘well honey they cry for other reasons’ but we would do the whole like, we’d feed her and try to burp her and then we’d make sure her diaper was clean and the whole thing…we’d go through the whole checklist, ‘is she winded?’ ‘does she have a clean nappy?’ ‘is she full?’ and then we would just pat her, just a good pat on the bum, pat on the back, it tends to settle her down, she likes to chew on stuff now so that kind of helps.


Sheldon: When she was a newborn she could be quite difficult, but we realised that she quite liked sucking a lot and she couldn’t find her hands or her fingers so we ended up introducing dummy, which helped wonders, which she now, well she suddenly decided after about a month that she didn’t want it any more, as soon as she found her fingers, so she just self-soothed after that which was wonderful.


Tommy: We found it quite effective to pat on the back and rock a little bit but it didn’t always work, biding our time then helped and eventually she would burp.


Sheldon: I used to find when Leyla was a little one, whenever she woke up in the middle of the night the only way to console her was for me to actually pick her up and cradle her to me… and the combination of body heat and my heartbeat which can be quite strong against her body used to always just get her into a rhythm and I would just sit there and cradle her to me and pat her on the back and in about five to ten minutes she’d calm down.


Yasemin: If I’m trying to soothe Hadley I tend get up with him, rock him, soothe him, him hearing my voice whatever I can think of saying to him at the time tends to calm him down a bit but if all else fails and he’s uncontrollable I just put him down and let him cry it out, sometimes there’s nothing I can do whatsoever that will calm him down and then eventually if I pick him up again he’ll then calm down but sometimes he just needs to cry it out I find.



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