Get online: support for older people 

Knowing how to use the internet can have many benefits for older people. Find out what support there is to help them get online, and how you can help if you already know how to use the internet.

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Transcript of Get online: support for older people

NHS Choices is here today helping older people in the community get online

to access all the fantastic information that the internet has to offer.

According to the latest figures, in the UK, there are 8.7 million adults

who have never used the internet.

The majority of people are older people, 55 plus, 65 plus.

People with disabilities, people on low incomes.

In other words, exactly the people who most need the benefits of the internet.

There is a two-tier society, those who use the internet and those who don't.

I know nothing at all about it.

Nothing whatsoever, so I would love to learn.

It's still a mystery to me really but I do intend to go into it

because there is a lot of information out there

which I'd like to make use of.

Once people are engaged with using a computer for the first time,

they can usually see the benefits and see how easy it is to use a mouse

and to actually use a computer and the internet.

Once you can break down that fear, you're there.

I think setting up a volunteering service like this

is a great opportunity to show people

who don't have experience of the internet how to use it.

And to show them it's not that complicated

and it's quite simple to set up an e-mail

and it's a great way to stay in touch with people.

It's a bit difficult on your own

but I think if you have someone to show you.

My grandsons, they're the ones showing me a bit

and sometimes you play around until you get to know.

I can read the news on there now which I couldn't do a month ago.

That's an improvement.

My wife and I have got learning difficulties.

We both went to a special school.

Perhaps the computer will help us to express our feelings more in writing.

It might be, get someone to do it for us,

we could do it on the internet and put our own feelings to it.

If you keep doing it regularly, you get to know more,

each time you pick up a bit more.

I'd like to look up some of the ships that I have sailed on in the past,

in the Merchant Navy.

And possibly get in touch with old shipmates.

As you get older, you think, "Are they getting as decrepit as I am?"

There is a need for professionals to teach people

how to use the internet in formal surroundings

but there is also great opportunities for people within their own homes

to pass it on, show people how to use the internet.

If I have a go and I know someone is interested,

I'd be willing to share.

It's coming, it's here.

You've got to get on board or else you'll be left behind.

If you're interested in finding out more about this campaign, has got all kinds of information

and also links to other websites that have got further information as well.

It's also very easy to pick up the phone.

Free number.

There'll be somebody friendly

who'll be able to listen to what you're interested in yourself

and find a local course or event near you.

Could be at your local library, could be somewhere else.

Equally, if you're interested yourself in finding out about more,

you probably know somebody who has used computers,

why not ask them? I'm sure they'd be really happy to help.


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