Can I drink alcohol while pregnant? 

Midwife Tracey Owen says why it is best to avoid drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

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Transcript of Can I drink alcohol while pregnant?

Can I drink alcohol while pregnant?

Tracey: Drinking alcohol in your pregnancy isn’t a very good idea. It can harm your pregnancy and it can also harm your baby in major ways.

During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy are the most important time not to drink. It can cause miscarriage or it can cause abnormalities in your baby.

It makes me sound like a really boring stick in the mud but giving up alcohol before you get pregnant is the best way forward.

One glass of wine equals two units of alcohol. That’s ok once a week.

Two units is a pint of low strength larger.

The unit measures also go the same for cider.

One of the things you need to think about when you’re pregnant is whatever goes into your mouth goes into your bloodstream. Whatever’s in your blood stream goes through the placenta and into your baby so smoking and alcohol are never good things to give to your baby. You wouldn’t sit there and give your baby a pint of larger or a fag would you?

Excessive drinking is never good in pregnancy so drinking more than your one to two units a week, binge drinking and getting drunk is something that you shouldn’t be doing so don’t do it.

Socialising and going out drinking is the norm in this country so during your pregnancy you need to think about other coping strategies. It might be finding a soft drink or somewhere to go that doesn’t involve alcohol.


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