Road accidents: taking risks 

Nick learned about road safety the hard way. He tells how taking risks as a 'boy racer' changed his life forever.

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Transcript of Road accidents: taking risks

I was your typical boy racer...

taking unnecessary risks

..driving dangerously

I came up behind two slow vehicles

..and I thought I am going to overtake

I woke up in hospital

some three and a half weeks later

I crashed my beloved Corsa

..straight, head on...

..with a three tonne lorry

My injuries

were a twisted brain stem...

limited mobility...

and because I never wore my seat belt...

two collapsed lungs.

My life now is just a struggle...

through each and every day.

Can no longer play football.

My mates don't keep in touch...

I don't look on my car crash...

as an "accident"

because if I was driving more careful...

none of this would happened.

Seat belts are not as confining...

as a wheelchair.

You can feel sorry for yourself...

yeah, but not me.

I just get on with it...

..and make the best out of my life... it is now.

I am lucky to be here.


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