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Find out where you can go for confidential access to the contraception that's right for you.

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There are many different types of contraception available

and you can get them free from all sorts of places.

And there are people there that you can talk to about what is right for you.

Let's have a look at a few places.

Most people have a family doctor.

They're not just there for colds and stuff.

You can also talk to them about all your contraception needs.

- Hello. I'm Dr Stephanie Lamb. - Hiya.

- Do come in. - Thank you.

What can I do for you today?

I just wanted to know what contraceptive information I could get from my GP.

At most GPs' there will be a full range of contraceptive services available,

from either the GPs or the practice nurses.

What kind of contraceptives would be available to me?

This varies depending on your doctor,

but most GPs will certainly provide things like the pill,

they should have condoms and can discuss how to use these effectively.

A lot of GP practices will also provide other things like implants and coils,

and there's also the injection that you can get.

If you're my family doctor, how can I be sure my family don't find out?

Confidentiality is always assured

and even if I've known your family for years and years,

you have every right to confidentiality and that will always be the case.

That seems simple enough.

But if you're at school, college or work full time,

it might be a bit hard to find an appointment to suit you.

Let's go and see somewhere else.

This is a community contraceptive clinic,

sometimes known as a family planning clinic.

Looks like a modern twist on it to me. Let's go see.

- How can I help? - I'm here to see Kez.

- Take a seat and I'll go and find him. - Thank you.

Welcome to the centre. I'm Kez, one of the nurses here.

Shall we go through for a chat?

- Please come in and have a seat. - Thank you.

- Welcome to the centre. - Can you tell me what happens here?

People come here for a variety of reasons.

The majority of things people come here for are for contraception.

We offer a full range of contraception here.

People also come here for sexual health testing.

That can be chlamydia or gonorrhoea testing

or blood testing for infections such as HIV and syphilis.

How much does it cost and is it confidential here?

The service is completely free.

We provide a completely confidential service

and we have to adhere to very strict rules around confidentiality.

How hard is it to get an appointment?

You don't have to make an appointment.

We operate a walk-in service, where people can walk in at any point

to register for the services that we have here.

That seems great.

But if you want something for young people, there is another option.

In the unlikely event that your contraception fails,

or if you forget to use any,

there are two types of emergency contraception

which can prevent pregnancy.

The morning-after pill and the coil,

which you can get at places like the community contraceptive clinic

and pharmacies.

Hiya. I'm here to meet with Susie.

Hiya. Welcome. Do you want to come with me?


- Just go this way. - OK.

So what happens here at the Brook clinic?

Brook services are specialist providers

of sexual health services to young people.

All of the Brook staff,

including the receptionists, the centre managers,

the nurses, doctors, counsellors, outreach staff,

are specially trained to work with young people.

What kind of contraception can I get here?

The full range of contraception,

so that's all the hormonal contraception, emergency contraception,

long-acting reversible contraception, condoms,

and we will also do a full STI testing service and treatment as well.

That's just three places you could go.

But there are loads of other places you can go to access contraception

and get information on what could work for you.

So the choice is yours.


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