Female ejaculation 

Female ejaculation is an uncommon condition where a woman expels clear fluid from her vagina during sex. In this video, an expert explains more and members of the public give their thoughts. Part of the embarrassing conditions series.

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Transcript of Female ejaculation

What do you think female ejaculation is?


Do you mean it would travel?

I know someone who does know.


It would have to do with chi and the life force.

I'm still confused. Can women ejaculate?

So I'm off to speak to a doctor, Dr David Delvin to find out the truth.

Can you answer the question for us? Does female ejaculation actually exist?

It does exist but it's nowhere near as common as people think.

It's a minority but for that minority it's normal.

Very often once they get rid of any hang-ups about it, they enjoy it.

I've met a lot of people who do claim to ejaculate and who do produce a fluid,

some of whom have actually put this in bottles and sent it in the post to me.

Why is there such a myth around it? Why don't we hear people talk about it?

It's been a very embarrassing subject for a long time.

Things like changing the sheets...

You got to bed with a bloke for the first time and say,

"I've got to tell you something awful. I pee when I come."

The thing to realise is that until a few decades ago,

doctors always said this must be urine, and perhaps in some cases it is.

But in other cases it does appear that it's a sort of glandular secretion,

which is produced near the woman's vagina at the point of where she comes.

There's a sensitive area just above the front wall of the female vagina.

The way in which you can find it is, if this black line is the vagina,

if the partner puts their finger in like this

and just crooks it up,

that area on the front wall of the vagina seems in many women

to be very sensitive, and this is the area that we call the "G-spot".

Now, it is quite likely that when this ejaculation occurs, it comes from there.

So the jury is still out on what exactly the female ejaculate is

and where it comes from.

I asked some of you about your own experiences.

What is female ejaculation?

I suppose the equivalent of the male ejaculation, a height of climax,

excitement, enjoyment, fluids comes out.

I don't know how it happened, it was my boyfriend that made it happen.

He's not been able to do it since but it happened once.

It's at the height of pleasure, when you get to that point beyond no other

and I think it's triggered by your G-spot.

So I take it you've heard of female ejaculation?

(laughs) Well, my girlfriend's quite good at it.

- Brilliant! - Flooding the bed.

- Squirting. - Squirting.

Well, there just seems to be large amounts of liquid. (laughs)

How much fluid are we actually talking about?

The most you can expect to get is half a coffee cup, like that.

Mind you, that goes a long way. It will soak quite a bit of the sheets.

So women who do ejaculate very often need to actually make love on a towel.

So for women who do ejaculate, do you have to ejaculate in order to orgasm?

Does it make the orgasm stronger?

Let's bear in mind, the vast majority of women don't ejaculate when they come.

Women who ejaculate, some of them say it makes the orgasm better.

Do you think women who ejaculate, it increases their sexual pleasure?

Are they having a better time?

I'm not sure it increases it but it tends to happen with very full-on sex

so it's quite enthusiastic and jolly.

I think it's perfectly normal, it's like a guy orgasm, isn't it?

How did you feel? Were you embarrassed when it happened to you or confident?

I was quite confident about it. Luckily, I knew what it was

and my partner knew what it was,

so, no, there was no embarrassment, it wasn't as if I'd wet myself.

So, if a woman ejaculated when she was with you,

- would you be embarrassed or would she? - No, it would be a compliment.

- It would be a good thing, then? - Yeah.

In the last ten years I would say that it's become much more talked about

and much more acceptable, and, of course, once women realise

that a lot of guys do like it and think, "This is awfully good",

"My goodness me, I made her squirt", as they say,

well, it's become a much more openly-discussed subject.

Go ahead, ladies, carry on squirting.


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The 5 comments posted are personal views. Any information they give has not been checked and may not be accurate.

Candycanandco said on 25 March 2014

It comes from the Skenes glands near the urethra and from what I've read about it, is not urine. I don't know why anyone would be ashamed of being a squirter. I'd love to be able to do it. I think it's really sexy although I can see it would be inconvenient if it happened every time.
What I want to know is, can a woman learn how to ejaculate?

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john999 said on 14 November 2013

Really nice that this can be discussed so sympathetically, because if a couple doesn't realise that the condition is natural, even though uncommon, it could seriously inhibit their relationship. Once they know it's ok, a plastic sheet under a thick towel then becomes simply a necessary and amusing prerequisite. (And if clitoral stimulation is the way to the orgasm, keep the duvet off so it doesn't get shot up in the process.)
But since the fluid isn't urine, what actually is it? and by what part of the body is it produced? and does it build up and get stored somewhere as the sexual tension builds up?
Answers would be most welcome.

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emzyyybean said on 06 February 2013

Its definitely not urine! ! I have been ejaculating for years and mastered it completely now... the sheer volume of liquid couldn't possibly be urine. It is clear and sweet
As to a coffee cup... maybe in one squirt but when u can do it over and over again theres loads of the stuff !! ;)

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deniscampbell said on 24 September 2012

An excellent film and lighthearted as it should be. The only issue I have is the bit about the fluid. In my limited experience it most definitely is urine! No problem though.

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Naomi Mc said on 24 August 2011

This is such a great film. I loved all the laughing in it. Sex ed films should definitely include laughing because sex is very very funny.

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