Hearing loss: Paul's story 

Paul was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss at the age of 33. Despite this, he continues to be successful in his job and was awarded Council Worker of the Year in 2007.

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Transcript of Hearing loss: Paul's story

Hello. Is Paul there?

I work for the Adult Services Department of Hampshire County Council.

Basically, what my job is about

is looking at specific ways that we collect data

and looking at how we can improve the collection of that data

and make it more efficient.

My hearing loss was first diagnosed when I was about 33 years of age.

It's a progressive bilateral high-frequency loss

and has got steadily worse over the years.

I can hear absolutely everything that everybody says

but it's very difficult for me to understand what those words are.

In 2007 I was awarded the title Council Worker of the Year for Innovations.

My name's Paul Burrows and I'm working within the Performance Management Unit.

What I really like about my job as it stands

is when I first show people a new tool that I've developed

that they're going to have to use,

it's the look on their faces when they look at what I've done

and realise that it's going to save them time

and that they're going to be able to use it really easily.

That, for me, is very rewarding.

My hearing loss has meant that I've had to change a lot of the ways I do things.

I've always got to look at different ways to understand what's going on.

That's really helped me within my work

because it's given me the understanding that I need

to look at problems from different angles,

and that's been very useful.

Early on when I discovered I had a hearing loss

I went through quite a bout of feeling really low and depressed with it.

I suddenly saw that it could have an effect on my future, my career

and how things could be.

What I see now is, because I took a different outlook,

that it's probably been an enhancement to me.


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