Enjoying sex safely: condom negotiation 

In the heat of the moment, how do you persuade your partner that safer sex can still be fun?

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Transcript of Enjoying sex safely: condom negotiation

(# cheesy music)

(moans of pleasure)

# That feels real good

So did you bring any condoms with you?

Condoms? No.

Oh, OK. I might have some in my bag anyway. I'll check.

What? Why do you carry condoms?

Why don't you?

Do you wait until you're drunk or in the heat of the moment

before you think you should get some?

No. I don't always think it's going to end up that way.

Yes. But you've got to plan for every possibility.

Every possibility? Do you plan on sleeping with every bloke you meet?

Just because I carry condoms doesn't make me a slapper.

You obviously can't care about yourself or me if you won't carry them.

No, that's not what I mean. It's not nice using a condom.

For a guy like myself it's like... it's uncomfortable, it's slippery.

I don't like using them. It's just a lot of effort, you know.

Yeah, well, it's nicer than not doing it at all.

I don't want to catch a disease

and if you won't use a condom you might as well go home.

Yeah, but I'll have to stop and start when I put it on.

It's just weird.

It breaks the moment, do you know what I mean?

Well, I could put it on for you.

I could give that a go.

- Yeah, let's do that. - You won't even notice.

Think of what we could have been doing instead of talking about using a condom.

# Just like that

# Slower

# Slow

(moans of pleasure)


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