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3.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 102 ratings for this hospital


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Brendan Harrington gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 4 stars

Friends and family test

As a patient of D.D.H for 10 yrs. I have nothing but good things to say about the care I was given as a [ in patient] and [out patient] I have always been treated with respect and kindness and staff I find second to none in the Cardio Department and especially in the C.C.U. I thank them every day for making my life better and keeping me as fit and well as can be expected due to my Heart problems.

Visited in August 2015. Posted on 19 August 2015

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 19 August 2015

Thank you very much indeed for these kind comments. We are pleased that you have been so happy with the care provided.

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Ruth Tolson gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 4 stars

Super staff

The time I had to spend on the coronary care ward was made as good as possible by the lovely nurses, doctors, cleaners etc. All did their best even though the threat of this service going to Pinderfields looms over their heads. I was made to feel like a person not a number and although they were rushed off their feet found time to have a talk and laugh with us. There were breachers occurring during my stay but these were down to various management lapses and not to the ward staff who were left to cope as best they could. My one gripe was to have better organised facilities for morning ablutions, luckily I could get up and about. The food was tasty and appetising and I would recommend the soups. Thank you all for making a scary time bearable and at times quite funny. Finally I must thank the ambulance paramedics and staff in A & E who treated me with the same care and consideration.

Visited in June 2015. Posted on 09 July 2015

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 10 July 2015

Thank you for your feedback and kind comments. We are pleased your experience was largely positive.

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Dee W gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 4 stars

Cardiac Rehab Service

I was offered Cardiac Rehab after having a stent fitted at Pinderfields in November 2014. I had no idea what to expect from Dewsbury Hospital after hearing wildly differing stories (I have only been in the area for a short time). The assessment visit to the hospital was informative and friendly, having previously had off hand treatment (not in this NHS Trust) I was grateful for this.

After completing the tests, I was offered the tai chi classes. I found these classes to be a great help, they were fun and friendly, but I am well aware that they have a serious purpose, which they fulfilled. Although there is an informal atmosphere, you are watched over closely and help is immediately available for anyone who gets into difficulty.

Having completed the course I feel I have benefitted (not least having a new found ability to tell left from right) and will be taking up the referral to the PALS scheme.

I would like to take this opportunity to praise the entire Cardiac Rehab team and thank them for their help over the last few months.

I am aware that this team's future at Dewsbury Hospital is in doubt and can only say that I think it would be a huge mistake to centralise this service to Pinderfields. I certainly would not have attended this course if it had meant travelling to Wakefield. In my opinion, services such as this should be local to give the greatest benefit to the largest number.

Visited in February 2015. Posted on 22 May 2015

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 26 May 2015

Thank you for this feedback; we appreciate your kind comments.

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MB gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 1 stars

Happy Anniversary

Yes - it's two years since I was referred to Cardiology!
I was initially referred to the Cardiology Department in May 2103.
I had two tests in August 2013 – both of which were ‘inconclusive’.
No results were forthcoming. After several complaints to the Trust and the Ombudsman (the Trust did not answer the complaints) I was given an appointment for May 2014. It was quite spooky that I was given an appointment within days of a complaint to the Ombudsman! Nine months for test results?
I was prescribed beta blockers as my heartbeat was so irregular they could not conduct an echo-cardiogram. I was advised I would need another echo-cardiogram (when the beta-blockers had taken effect) and I was to return in four months. I told the Cardiologist this would not happens as there seemed to be an eight to ten moth wait for an appointment. They said that appointment scheduling was out of their hands.
That four months ran to January 2015! It was four months later than scheduled.
The visit in January resulted in a second 7 day event monitor being fitted.
It is now August 2015 and I am still no wiser and am still prone to the same symptoms that caused the initial referral.
I understand that Cardiology is now moving to Pinderfields? Or is that just the CCU? Either way I presume that when the decision was made they did not take into account the lack of public transport to that area? The problems for the disabled and the elderly?

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 17 August 2015

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 17 August 2015

We will be pleased to arrange for the appointment issue to be looked into if the patient would like to contact us directly with details.

With regard to service changes, Dewsbury and District Hospital will continue to have a multi disciplinery cardiology team on site, including medical staff, chest pain nurses and inpatient medical ward. Cardiology out patient clinics will continue to be provided at Dewsbury and patients will be booked into clinics at their nearest hospital. The Trust also provides a free shuttle bus service which runs between the Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Pontefract hospital sites.

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Anonymous gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Cardiac Rehab Dewsbury

Following my Myocardial Infarction/Cardiac Arrest, I was booked into Cardio Rehab for 6 weeks, starting 6 weeks after my initial event.

This was to take place at Dewsbury District Hospital, a location which I had plenty of criticisms of previously.

First appearances were poor, with an (admittedly web-search) expected trip on a treadmill while connected to an ECG not happening, instead a 6-minute "walk test" was conducted which involved walking up and down a physio ward to work out the meters travelled, coupled with a "borg scale" reading of the effort undertaken within the 6 minutes.

However the Nurses and Physiotherapists were very on-the-ball during the actual physio sessions, while at the same time making it a fun place to be and a fun experience overall.

I did expect to be "tested" at some stage (eg, tested to the point where I knew my new limits of exertion), which appears to not be an option. I say "tested", the actual exercises are very tame for anyone who has built up to 30 minutes of continuous exercise per day, and as a result not what I expected.

On the other hand, although I wasn't "tested", I was pushed for an hour (at least) in a lot of different exercises, along with warm-up and cool-down periods and BP/pulse when required. All that and in an environment that I would consider to be fun (along with fun nurses and physiotherapists). This is probably the best bet for follow-up CCU care that someone passing through a CCU ward could expect without getting specialist and/or individual rehab care.

I found it ironic that the physio gym is on the first floor (up a flight of stairs) but they have a lift for members who aren't as capable as I am of running up them. This is characteristic of most hospitals though, as most of the heavy equipment (x-ray/MRI etc) tends to take up space on the ground floor.

My only concern is that the Before/After profile that people going through Cardiac Rehab have to do won't show an improvement as I was already walking at full pace on the "before" test. a 6-minute walk test at the start and end of the 6-week treatment would be fine for most but I will have to run the walk test to beat my previous performance, which in my opinion means the expected scope of improvement won't cover my actual improvement. It might be beneficial to users, staff and results to record progress in a different way.

Overall though, Cardio Rehab at DDH was as expected, but at the same time, fun and I would recommend anyone offered Cardio Rehab at DDH to drop their inhibitions and take the six-week course of exercise.

Visited in October 2014. Posted on 03 December 2014

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 08 December 2014

thank you for this feedback and helpful comments.

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Anonymous gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 3 stars

Yes, I haven't called as requested. Yes, you've had the opportunity to contact..

Yes, I haven't called as requested. Yes, you've had the opportunity to contact me regarding my review and you haven't.

However, I would like to put straight a few things. It appears I was denied meds on the Friday as a result of a systemic failure to provide enough cover to manage medications. This wasn't a specific fault of the cardiac care unit that I was in, rather it was a fault of the hospital, apparently failing to provide enough doctors for the time that I was booked in. I was seen at approx. 1am on Saturday morning, and as a result was not offered my medication (which would have been offered on Friday 6pm), ironically the same medication that doctors and nurses were worried about when I refused to take them two days later as a result of blood pooling in my eyes.

Although the doctor care was lacking, the nurse care on the ward was good. I was woken up many times during the night because my sensors dropped off, which seems to be a standard problem with ECGs and their many bodily connections, this seems to be a good sign that CCU are constantly monitoring their patients. During the day, One nurse always offered help, advice, information and satirical response that was both very useful and very stress-relieving.

On the other hand, doctors came around approx. once a day and had a short bedside time. The plus side was that doctors came once a day, meaning there were at least enough doctors to cope with demand, the minus side was that they couldn't spend much time with the patient, this was obvious from their demeanour and it tended to restrict the time with patient as a result. This might have been amplified because most of my care in DDH happened on a weekend, but this was at a time where the popular news was reporting that a weekend inpatient stay was a higher risk than a weekday inpatient, so the popular news appears to support my opinion.

Food was standard hospital food, when I wasn't subjected fasting sugar tests (a single 9-hour period but shortly after a 18-hour fasting test in Leeds - I suffered no ill effects), I was surprised about the food because the advice was to avoid fatty/sweet foods etc when at the same time they were serving shepherds pie/ice cream etc. Also, Watch caffeine yet allow coffee as a "tea trolley" drink. Basically, what they advise can tend to be counter to what they serve, but then it's likely that everyone in the hospital would get the same thing daily and there is a choice, as I've found outside of the hospital environment there is always a choice, it's up to the patient to choose the correct choice most of the time.

In summary, this was overall a better stay than previously experienced in a different ward with different conditions. My previous review still stands - if the meds were important enough to urge me to take them after I refused, they should have been important enough for a doctor to admit me so I could take them, but the experience was better than my last review shows.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 03 December 2014

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Anonymous gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 1 stars

Heart attack, denied meds as no doctor available for 9 hours

Had mixed dealings with dewsbury district hospital before, was transferred from Leeds General at about 1pm, originally put in woman's ward as there were no beds in the male ward (however they gave me a room).

The real kicker is when I was supposed to start my anti cholesterol drugs, at 10pm, the nurse said she couldn't give me anything because the doctor hadn't seen me. 9 hours in a critical care environment with no doc available to see this or the weird red thing that's developed in my eye since being here. Make your own judgement as to if you would like to have this kind of delay in your treatment, and it might be more worthwhile getting on a train to Leeds instead.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 05 September 2014

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 08 September 2014

We would be pleased to arrange for any concerns to be investigated if he patient would like to contact us directly.

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Loobles gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 3 stars

Cardiorespiratory - needs to be more patient friendly

I'd like to give some feedback on my recent visit to cardiorespiratory for a 24 hour BP monitor.

First of all, the staff were really miserable and unapproachable. I'll expand on this in a moment. Essentially, I was anxious (not that they'd have noticed), but their unapproachable demeanour did nothing to reassure me. When I returned the unit, this is the one-sided conversation that occurred:

Me: Hiya, I'd like to hand in this 24 hour BP monitor please
Receptionist: *points to a box*
Me: Could you please sign my yellow form, as proof of receipt?
Receptionist: *takes paper and signs it*
Me: Thanks a lot
Receptionist: *forces a really fake half smile*

Now, when was it ever acceptable to not speak one word to a patient in this situation? It was really rude and not acceptable.

Second, the letter asked me to return the unit at the same time the next day. This sounded like I had to wait to see a technician or something. So, having got to the hospital early, to get a parking space, I had to kill time to go in and return the unit at exactly the same time as I'd picked it up the day earlier. if I'd known I only had to dump it in a tray next to the miserable receptionist, I could have saved myself a lot of time. Maybe that could be made more explicit in the letter.

Third, I still find it incredible that results aren't sent to the patient. In 2014, this should be standard practice. Are we not supposed to be involved in our own care? This is happening in other countries and it's time we caught up. We, as patients, are more interested than you realise and are capable of understanding far more than you realise.

Finally, I don't think you should be recommending people drive in these units. Mine triggered on the way home and I suddenly couldn't bend my arm enough to turn the steering wheel on my car. Consequently, I clipped the kerb and damaged my tyre. Luckily, it was only a kerb.

The whole experience was very frustrating and I felt totally like a number; there was no attempt at all to make me feel like a person, let alone an individual. It's time these people stepped back and actually thought about what it's like to be a patient in their departments. What seems logical and acceptable to them, might not be so for the patient. Unless we speak out, you will never know, though I'm not convinced anyone actually acts upon these comments.

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 19 August 2014

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 20 August 2014

We would be pleased to arrange for these concerns to be investigated if the patient would like to contact us directly. With regard to results, these are sent in ther first instance to the referring clinician for interpretation and decision on further action/treatment. This process is standard throughout the NHS.

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Anonymous reviewed Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital

Follow-up visit after the six weeks excerise classes

Back in February I suffered a heart attack. Eventually I went on to attend the 6 weeks exercise classes at Whitcliffe Mount, Cleckheaton. The Nurses and Physio's were just brilliant!! So encouraging and professional, I have nothing but praise for them all - they do a great job and it's amazing just what is available to aid recovery following heart attacks. I was very impressed and want to say a big thankyou to them all.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 07 July 2014

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Dewsbury and District Hospital replied on 08 July 2014

Thank you for these kind comments. We are pleased that your experience was a positive one and appreciate you taking the time to post on the site.

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Sue Naylor gave Cardiology at Dewsbury and District Hospital a rating of 1 stars

Run down hospital

The hospital looked very run down and grubby with wallpaper peeling off the walls. There were broken chairs and old furniture piled up outside the entrance to the Staincliffe Wing. Inadequate signage so it took a long time to walk my 83 year old to the Staincliffe Wing.
A depressing experience.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 14 March 2014

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Dewsbury and District Hospital has not yet replied.

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