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4.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 139 ratings for this hospital


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Maria gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

One day stay at ward L28

I was recently admitted to ward L28 for a minor spine op. I was anxious when I arrived but the staff were reassuring, friendly and professional. I was first on the list and everything went according to plan. When I came back to the ward the after care was excellent. I was monitored accordingly and saw the surgeon again just after lunch and discharged. I left at 3pm and can honestly say that there wasn't anything negative about my stay on the ward, the procedure or the advice given for my after care at home. I would like to thank the surgeon and all the excellent staff on ward L28 for making my stay less of an ordeal than expected.

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 22 October 2016

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Ann Clark reviewed Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary

Virtual Fracture Department

I can to the virtual fractured clinic today 23/08 I have a fractured in my elbow in the Consultant and saw one of the drs. Having had this problem since the 25th of May having several xray I was hoping for a solution I had xrays at St James hospital. when ICame on this day. they said they would like some one else to see my extras so I sat outside. When they came back they took another person in and another Dr. they didn't say what was happening they were quite sometime the lady next to me said are they having a party. I went back in after the doctor said I could see a physio which I told them I had already sen toneo they said Ill make you one anyway if you don't want to go you don't have too.

Visited in June 2016. Posted on 23 June 2016

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Hopallong poppy gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

Ward 50

I have had a week long stay on ward 50 following bone decompression and bone grafts on both hips. I will write about the surgery experience in a separate review .
The staff have been very kind , but are sometimes too busy to stop and listen to what you are trying to say, E.G after my op I was non weight bearing and in a wheelchair , this was it seemed unusual and not all knew I couldn't stand on transfer . It is absolutely critical as the femurs are fragile,
One thing I do object to is the nurses speaking in their language in front of the patient. All of them did this to HCAs as well.

The organisation of huge ward worked well, I've been in lots of hospitals and this was the best. From cleaning to serving meals and patient care the stdff know their roles and it runs efficiently ,

One criticism I got into difficulty in the toilet and there are no orange call strings , also no rails around the only loo big enough for a wheelchair .

I'm 49 and the menu on the ward was for older adults . Very soft food or finger foods. Good for small appetites . I especially enjoyed the salad sticks snd salad meals

Care had been taken so that commodes, trolleys, bin lids , doors etc are all quiet so it is quiet at night. This is in sharp contrast to my other hospital stays .

All in all my stay was excellent . At a time when the NHS receives so much criticism this is healthcare at its best. Well done to the team.

Visited in December 2015. Posted on 03 December 2015

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Hopallong poppy gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

Bilateral core decompression of both femoral heads grafts

I was referred to a prof at the end of October 2015, I had bilateral AVN of both femoral heads.
Within a week I had my first outpatient appt the prof ordered an urgent MRI and then called me back to say what they could do, I had my operation a week later. It was exactly a month from referral to surgery . It was urgent and the NHS has served me well. Everything was carefully explained so I could make an informed choice.
The admissions process was stressful and there was a long wait in the day case waiting room. Then lots of people asking questions that I thought were covered In pre op assessment. It seems a waste of staff time.
I have complex array of medical conditions snd was able to talk to the anaesthetist several times prior to the 3 hr operation .
I was told that 8am was the time of my surgery and it was prompt . I was frightened and they put me at ease.

In recovery the staff were brilliant,
I went to high dependency after the op, the surgeon and anaesthetist both visited. , felt reassured that all went well and my pain was well controlled .
Then on ward 50 I went to recover . This is on a separate review.
I went for an X-ray 24 hrs after and I was very woozy , it was late afternoon and I was off the ward for 2.5 hours. No delay in X-ray itself but the porter took me to a & e waiting snd I think I got forgotten it was 7pm when I got back I had missed a meal .
On the ward I have been treated with care and dignity throughout .
The Professor has been amazing . The took on my case when other specialist orthopaedic hospitals could offer nothing until the joints collapsed. I'm 49 and had very poor mobility .
I will follow post op plans carefully and it will be a year before we know if bone graft has taken, but already after a week I have less pain.

I live. 80 miles away and this has been taken into consideration when giving appt times and doing pre op assessment on same day as seeing the professor .
Thank you for everything .

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 03 December 2015

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anne gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 1 stars

much better care needed for elderly

In November I spent a week in ward 37, an orthopaedic geriatric ward (by whatever name geriatric is now known.) I was mentally and physically fit apart from a broken leg, so was in the rare position of experiencing a geriatric ward from the inside, and unfortunatly I saw some very poor care and lack of kindness.
(However, I would first like to thank the medical, physio, OT, cleaning and catering staff and aftercare teams who were excellent. I have no complaints about my own nursing care and certainly witnessed some compassionate and skilful nursing practiced by some individuals. These were special people much appreciated in ward 37.)

Patients ignored: Some staff spent almost every moment in the ward, reading notes and failing to engage with, or even acknowledge patients. – refusal to make any unnecessary eye contact, was very common to almost all staff – which meant they did not even see when one lady was quite obviously in severe pain, or when another became uncharacteristically lethargic. Several times I had to call staff and ask them to help someone – not easy to do as I knew it would annoy them.
Understaffing: It was generally down to fitter patients to stop confused ladies with broken hips from climbing out of bed. It was also up to us to try to reassure severely anxious or confused ladies. Staff often told them off and seemed ignorant of how to speak to a person with (possible) dementia or confusion.
Maintenance: I was in the bed 10 and it was freezing. There was no heating, and the draught from a very badly fitting window, visibly raised the thin curtain and blew straight on me all night. I asked for more blankets but even so, barely slept with the cold. I was later moved to a centre bed but was horrified see the next new patient admitted to that bed. On requesting to speak to the ward manager I was told they were in a meeting and when it finished would be off going duty. Why did someone, of the fully dressed and active staff not see the cold as important for their undressed, and immobilised patients?
My suggestions:
1. Mix the wards: keeping geriatric patients in a separate ward means are no witnesses to poor care; it means distress and pain become ‘normal’ and some staff cease to notice- or care? In a mixed ward fitter patients might help with older vulnerable people; and finally, as an patient in W37 you are exposed non-stop day and night to disturbance - why us?
2. Re/train all staff in dementia awareness.
3. Have a named nurse or health worker personally responsible for each elderly patient – and introduce them.
4.Have large visible name badges for staff. Get patient feedback.
5. Strong and visible nursing leadership is urgently needed in the ward, role modelling and teaching best practice.
6. Clearly privatisation, underfunding and understaffing are a massive part of the problem.
7. Finally, thank you again, the amazing individuals who in spite of everything showed tireless professional care.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 29 November 2015

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Shannon Dunford, Patient, Carer and Public Involvement Officer, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust replied on 03 December 2015

Dear Anne
Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
I am very sorry to read that you feel you had such a poor experience as an inpatient on ward L37 and that the care given did not meet your standards.
Unfortunately there is not enough information in your post to allow us to look into the concerns thoroughly therefore it would be very helpful if you would contact our Trust’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). This would also allow us to investigate your concerns more robustly and see what lessons we can learn from your experience.
Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) can be contacted on 0113 206 6261 or alternatively by e-mail at
Kind regards
Senior Nurse
Patient Experience Team

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SarahLou gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

Arthroscopic Synovectomy of wrist

Injured my wrist a year ago at work and have suffered with pain since. Had a rather disappointing time at SJH having being called back 3 times. The first time I went I was discharged stating that I had to keep moving it. The second time I had an X-ray and was told nothing was wrong, I was then called to say they missed a fracture on my X-ray and placed in a splint and referred to fracture clinic, Clarendon Wing LGI. The consultants and nurses in there were efficient and helpful, however; I was discharged without knowing despite being referred for surgery and left in a split cast for 4month. After persueing via phone calls I was finally referred to Ward L46, Clarendon Wing.
The service I received was absolutely outstanding! No faults at all! I was made to feel very welcome from the start. Reception staff were very helpful and my consultant was brilliant, spoke through all my options with me and was sent for numerous tests, scans and steroid injections. In the end none of the attempts worked and I was referred for day surgery in which I received on the 10th September 2015, same ward, L46. I was so scared, having never undergone any kind of surgery and with a fear of needles, it is safe to say I was incredibly scared! The nurses were brilliant during my initial consultation and assessment prior to being lead through for surgery. My dignity of dressing and undressing into a gown was achieved to the highest standards! The anaesthetist room was next, my biggest fear and I was greeted and looked after by this wonderful nurse who looked after me throughout! Made me feel incredibly comfortable, at ease and safe. This nurse spoke to me and kept me occupied when I had an effect from the anaesthetic and immediately met me after surgery and continued the care.
During surgery all the staff were brilliant!! Made me feel so comfortable and were constantly asking me if I was ok, whilst also explaining exactly what was happening whilst also allowing me to watch the camera which I must say, was very interesting to see! I was cleaned of iodine and strapped up and supported out of theatre, place in a sling and brought a cup of tea and some toast whilst being effectively monitored and being provided appropriate information and guidance following my leave.
Due to my anaesthetic block, I couldn't move my arm at all and required dressing haha. The nurse once again took me into a room and kept my dignity and made me feel extremely comfortable and assured.

A huge thank you to all the staff working on ward L46, D floor Clarendon wing LGI on the 10/09/15 for making me feel incredibly welcome and for really looking after me! Special credit to the nurse whom which I wish I could remember the name of, my consultant and my surgeon as well as the rest of the staff in the theatre room and anaesthetic room!

Visited in September 2015. Posted on 16 September 2015

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Leeds General Infirmary replied on 23 September 2015

Dear SarahLou

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback regarding your care at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. I am sorry to read that you were not initially referred to the fracture clinic as you should have been, but very pleased that your experience after that was so good, and that staff made you feel so comfortable, safe and welcome. I am happy to pass your kind words on to the staff who work in these areas so that they can share in your positive feedback.

Warm regards

Senior Nurse
Patient Experience Team
Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

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Ngaire b gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

Spinal surgery - child

My son has just left hospital after magec rod implants. He was immediately placed in hdu ward 48. The staff there were fantastic. Especially a particular nurse. They tended to my son with utmost care and professionalism. If it wasn't for them, my sons recovery might not have been as speedy, so thank you.
After a couple of days we were moved to the regular ward 41. The staff there are equally attentive and professional but I felt they may have been under staffed for such a busy ward. It did not ditract from the nurses abilities though.

Visited in September 2015. Posted on 17 September 2015

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Leeds General Infirmary replied on 23 September 2015

Dear Ngaire b

Thank you for taking the time to send us your positive feedback, it is very much appreciated. It is so good to read that you were happy with the care your son received and I wish him a speedy recovery. Your comments about understaffing on ward 41 have also been noted. I will pass your comments on to the matrons and heads of nursing for wards 48 and 41 for them to share with staff, who I am sure will be pleased to read that you were happy with the care they provided.

Kindest regards

Senior Nurse
Patient Experience Team

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jackbob gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 5 stars

waiting time

Hi think all your staff in fracture clinic are very helpful, my consultant very kind and thought full. Just one little anxiety I have got I've been in a boot for 12 weeks was supposed to have operation Fri but was cancelled as ct scan was needed had scan done but I'm lost to.what happens now .Do I get another appointment my. ..i/s my operation still going ahead? .I've rung to find out but getting nowhere

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 18 May 2015

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Leeds General Infirmary replied on 26 June 2015

Dear Jackbob,

I was very happy to read that your contact with our staff members has been pleasant and that you have found them helpful, however was very sorry to read that you have been left feeling anxious, we would certainly be able to look into this for you if this has not already been resolved.

If you contact the trusts Patient, Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0113 206 6261 or alternatively you can email them at they will be able to assist you with this matter.

With kind regards
Senior Nurse
Patient Experience

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Rosie reviewed Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary

Fractured humerus

I fractured my humerus on Dec 29 in Shropshire but the only way I could get into the Leeds system was to go to A&E, despite being asked not to use them if absolutely necessary. Have doctors/consultants heard of email? Since then I have seen 5 different consultants/registrars but have received virtually no information about how to manage my fracture. At my 8 week visit I was asked if I could move my arm above my head and out to the side at 90 degrees - this after being told to keep the arm in a sling! I was referred for physio at this point (although I had asked for this much earlier) & finally got an appointment at the 13 week mark. All the information I've found on other UK hospital websites suggests this is much to late to start physio. It's now nearly 16 weeks since the break & the use of my arm is still limited and painful & I can't drive which is the most frustrating aspect. I don't see either consultant or physio for another two weeks.
I have found the consultants, with one exception, to have no customer care skills & an assumption that the patient knows what to do. I asked one consultant why there were no FAQs regarding this fracture & was told every one is different. I appreciate this but there are some generic things that surely could be included, e.g. Can I take the sling off by a certain date; how long do I have to sleep sitting up; normally how long before I can drive?
I am a great believer in the NHS & my GP is brilliant however my experience at the Fracture Clinic has been very poor. All I wanted was some useful information that would enable my arm to heal in the best possible manner. I'm now wondering if I'll ever have a straight arm & be able to drive again.
I've also not been referred for a bone scan which is a worry as I'm 60 plus.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 08 April 2015

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Leeds General Infirmary replied on 11 May 2015

Dear Rosie,

Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns.

I was very sorry to read that you feel you have had such a poor experience whilst in our care, therefore have passed your comments onto the Matron and the Head of nursing for the Fracture Clinic at Leeds General Infirmary so that they can address the issues you have raised.

If you wish to discuss these matters further please do not hesitate to contact the Trust’s Patient Advise and Liaison Service (PALS).

You can contact PALS on 0113 206 6261 or alternatively you can email

Once again let me thank you taking the time to write to us and post your views.

Kind regards

Senior Nurse
Patient Experience

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John Moreland gave Orthopaedics at Leeds General Infirmary a rating of 1 stars

Go in with low expectations you will not be disappointed

I was unfortunate enough to have been a patient on Ward L50 for 2 nights just prior to christmas 2014. This was an appalling experience for not only myself but others in my bay. This ward should be called the manjana ward as the response is it will either be done later or tomorrow resulting in abject failure.
I witnessed appalling examples of basic failures of hygiene and sheer incompetence in the treatment of patients. I was upset that an elderly man fasting all day being sent for surgery in the afternoon and returning to the ward as a basic e.c.g had not been conducted and no canula had been fitted. Of course he was promised that he would go down later but this never happened and it was not until the next day was he was operated upon. I suppose the hospital saves on their food budget as this is certainly no isolated incident. I witnessed needles being inserted that missed veins resulting in a poor mans wrist ending up like an elephant. He was told to hold it up in the air.
Don't expect any member of the nursing team to insert a new canula if one breaks down as non are competent to insert a needle into your arm. Instead you have to wait 3 hours 10 mins for a doctor to appear resulting in your care being compromised as a dose of anti biotics was missed. More savings made. When you do actually get them the doses they are that late you end up getting them in the early hours but who cares if he patient gets no sleep.
Who cares if a nurse wipes up liquid from the floor after knocking a glass over resulting in a dirty towel being handled. But who cares if he can't be bothered to wash his hand after doing it and continues to take blood pressure from patient and as that patients table is now wet he decides to use my table and move my water glass and water jug by the spout where the water is poured. I can tell you did care and the nurse was requested to go wash his hands and change the jug and water.
Who cares if an elderly man does not get the food that he wanted and whilst telling this he is then informed nothing to do with her s not her normal ward. Off she walks into the sunset and if you think we were then all provided with a hot drink then think again. The catering budget must be making massive savings.
I asked a cleaner for an exchange of bed side table as the wheel was broken. But how silly of me to ask as it was nothing to do with her. It wasn't her job.
A request for headphones for the expensive tv resulted in a 35 minute absence of the nurse and a result of Can't find any. A request to go and try again resulted in some being found a few yards away on the next ward. Hope he does not play hide and seek with his children. I could go on and on but frightened that all the typing may result in an injury and a recall.
Got transferred to Chapel Allerton Hospital and I would liken it to being moved from 1 tar to 5 star. If they can do it why can't this ward?

Visited in December 2014. Posted on 23 December 2014

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Leeds General Infirmary replied on 29 January 2015

Dear John Moreland,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
I was very sorry to read that you feel you have had such a poor experience whilst in our care and I apologies that we did not deliver care that met your expectations.
I have passed your comments on to the Business manager and Matron for Orthopaedics to look into; it would be very helpful and beneficial for our services and the care of future patients If you would discuss these issues further with the Trust’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). This would also allow us to look into the matters you have raised in further detail and see what lessons we could learn from your experience.
Please call our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0113 2067168 or alternatively email .
Senior Nurse
Patient experience

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