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3.5 out of 5 stars

Based on 141 ratings for this hospital

3.5 Stars

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 141 ratings for this hospital


4 out of 5 stars

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Staff co-operation

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Dignity and respect

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Involvement in decisions

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Same-sex accommodation

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Jo Nic gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Reccomend for Upper GI Surgery

I chose to have my gall bladder removed at Derriford because of the fantastic treatment I had when admitted as an emergency in January with a subarachnoid haemorrhage .I am most impressed with the speed with which I was seen to the date of the operation. I saw the consultant on 27th June had preop check 17th July and operation 5th August. .I found all the staff very amenable and sympathetic to my problem. It's true I pushed to get an early date but you don't have to be nasty or impatient it pays in the end. So thank you to the doctor and his team for listening!!!

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 11 August 2014

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Derriford Hospital replied on 19 August 2014

Good morning

I was extremely pleased to read the comments you have posted regarding your experience within Upper GI.

I will be delighted to ensure the Upper GI team are made aware of your message.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to contact Patient Opinion.

Kind regards


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Anonymous gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 1 stars

Shocking... a disgrace to the NHS

From start to finish, the nurses are exemplary. Shame the same can't be said for the surgeons, consultants and registrars! A 5 hour wait for a bed after planned surgery; a 24 hour wait for Senna; an essential drain not fitted; emergency transfer back to Derriford less than 48 hours from discharge; a 16 hour wait for emergency surgery due to sepsis ( no staff or theatres, apparently); blatant power struggles between consultants... need I go on?? I would NOT recommend this hospital to my worst enemy, as it is right now! This used to be an amazing hospital, and it is so sad to see the terrible way it is now being "run".

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 14 June 2014

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Cath. H gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Derriford Hospital

I have been really impressed by my frequent visits to Derriford Hospital and the clinics that are also run at Liskeard Hospital.

The staff are very respectful, friendly and helpful. They have In fact renewed my faith in medical staff, which is just as well as I have to have further surgery soon.....

I am really grateful to this hospital I have been very unwell and as we live in a rural village in Cornwall I have had to rely on Derriford a lot and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Where we lived previously (South Wales) there literally was no health care facilities and over the past five years they watched me deteriorate to such a degree that I honestly thought my days were numbered. I was really scared because I am relatively young, so coming to Cornwall was a blessing.

So thank you Derriford staff for helping me regain some kind of life.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 14 April 2014

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Anonymous gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 4 stars

Coordination problems.

This was my first visit to a Hospital in the UK. I went in for assessment since I had some blood in my stool and blood tests showed slight anemia. The first glitch was in the appointment letter. This letter provides a telephone number of the colorectal unit in bold font, saying to call with any questions or issues. The problem is that the number was incorrect. It turns out they had skipped a number in the middle and there was no simple way to find that out online. In any case, it took a little while to figure it out and it required contacting the hospital. Although it was a minor inconvenience for me, I can imagine some elderly person with a serious condition getting rather upset by this. Once at the hospital, signs were well positioned and I had no problem finding the place. There was a bit of a longish wait before seeing the doctor, but nothing unbearable. The person I saw was a young and pleasant guy. He took my history and then proceeded to perform an examination. The examination was pretty painless. At the end of it, they said there were some internal hemorrhoids they could treat right on the spot by banding them, if that was OK with me. Now, that was a procedure I had not looked up in advance. I hate making treatment decisions on the spot and I felt that this procedure should have been explained to me in advance, including the potential risks and how long I could be out after it. In any case, I agreed to do it, as I was reassured there were no side effects (Google it, there are some rare side effects). The banding was mostly painless, but it becomes more painful later on. After the procedure was done, I was simply told to come back in a couple of months for a check up. Nobody else explained anything, and I just left the hospital with my partner. The problem is that, while on a taxi on the way home, I almost fainted, I could barely see and we decided to go back to the hospital to ask if this was normal. The nurse there was very helpful and said that somebody should have talked to me after the procedure and given me a leaflet explaining what was done and what to expect. That included sitting down in the waiting room for 10 minutes. So, there was some kind of lack of coordination there. The leaflet was rather informative, but it still did not mention thing like temporary difficulties passing urine (which I had for a couple of hours afterwards).
Overall, I think the preparation and post-procedure phases were suboptimal. In an optimal scenario, I should have been told in advance that internal hemorrhoids were a likely cause of my symptoms and that procedures x,y, z are used to treat them. It's hard to think in the middle of the procedure and make a decision. Similarly, the person who did the procedure could have handed me a leaflet and told me to wait for 10 mins in the waiting room.

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 25 July 2013

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Tony Goldsmith gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 5 stars

Only one negative comment !!

And that is, why oh why is the ice cream so very soft when it reaches the patients bedside.
In the past ten months I have had to attend numerous out-patient clinics which were all a very positive experience. .I have been through A & E again a positive experience then on to SAU with the same positive feelings I have also been admitted to Stonehouse Ward on three occasions within that time. The whole of the team work exceptionally hard and indeed very professionally. The patience and care given by the nursing staff, the medical staff was very good. The cleanliness of the ward could not be faulted. Well done ..

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 18 August 2013

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Projjer reviewed Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital

Surgery excellent, food awful, discharge was stressful and very debilitating

What I liked

Surgery delayed 24hrs - good communication, no cancellation, first on list following day.
The nurses made me a coffee on a couple of nights around 2 - 3 am, much appreciated !
Follow up appointment, at 6 weeks, with surgeon was thorough, informative, and reassuring.

What could have been improved

Surgery delayed 24hrs - lack of HDU beds.
Food was very bland and uninspiring. I existed mainly on soups and puddings.
Epidural in my back was partially withdrawn, leaking some fluid down my back instead of into it.
Needed attention from pain management specialist to counteract inefficient epidural feed.
Leak not fully recognised until removal 48hrs later.
Discharge was very stressful
1) Op on Thursday, discharged as scheduled on following Monday - I was happy with that.
2) 12 noon on Monday I volunteered to vacate the bed immediately as there was an urgent need for an HDU bed (sounds familiar?)
3) 12:30 Taken to an unoccupied meeting room about 100m away. Told to wait for dressings and tablets.
3) 13:00 Ward nurse brought dressings and discharge papers. Told to wait for medication.
4) 14:00 Assistant from pharmacy brought part of medication (Codeine pills) and asked did I want the Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. I confirmed that these pills were also required as I was 3 miles from nearest chemist also not permitted to drive for 4 weeks.
5) 16:00 Pharmacy assistant finally delivered medication.

From 12:30 to 16:00 I was sat on the equivalent of a dining chair. No refreshment was offered, although some visitors who joined me for a short while brought me a drink.
From 15:00 I was in need of the toilet, but worried that if I left the room I would miss receiving the medication.
By 16:00 I was feeling decidedly weak and was beginning to have doubts about undertaking the journey home.
Fortunately my taxi arrived very quickly and I was back home by 16:45.
My wife was horrified at my condition when I arrived home. In her own words "Your complexion had gone grey, you were unsteady on your feet, and looked worse that when I saw you the day after your operation"
I remained in bed for 48hrs after arriving home and it took a further five days before I felt as well as did prior to discharge.

Any other comments

Really annoying was that the Paracetamol and Ibuprofen pills were absolutely normal ones that I could have purchased from the chemist on the way out!
Bemused by the constant visits from various doctors and other medical staff often with 3 or 4 "trainees" in tow.
Can't remember seeing the same doctor twice - always seemed to be someone different.

Visited in December 2011. Posted on 16 February 2012

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simon dobbs gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at Derriford Hospital a rating of 5 stars


I want to thank the Endoscopy department for their kindness and support (as well as professionalism ) from reception, nursing and doctors, during three separate endoscopy examinations for a minor ailment. There were too many to name but the general atmosphere was one that eased a not particularly pleasant proceudure

Thanks to all.

Visited in August 2011. Posted on 27 January 2013

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