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Anonymous gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 1 stars

Emergency visit to antenatal day unit

I visited the antenatal day unit on the 9th September as I was experiencing symptoms that required emergency attention. On arrival the midwife asked me about 4 questions and told me to sit down and that there was likely to be a long wait as they were extremely busy. I found the whole experience extremely stressful as I was there under emergency circumstances but did not feel I was being treated as such and it took over 4 hours to get seen. At one point I really broke down sobbing and a kind midwife came over. I explained I was terrified that my baby was in serious danger and again she just said sorry we are very busy. They kept telling people to go away and have lunch which I found ridiculous as nobody cares about eating when they are in an emergency. There weren't even enough seats so my husband had to stand for over six hours in total. I would not revisit this centre under any circumstances.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 15 September 2014

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Anonymous gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 2 stars

Not as good as expected

After an amazing antenatal care I had to face a terrible experience on the actual birth.
I had to be induced ( iugr and low amniotic fluid) and my consultant booked me in for an induction right after the visit as it had to be done ASAP. On the day they put me in the antenatal ward saying they are getting my bed ready in the hospital birth center. 5 days went past and I was sill waiting for this bed. Spoke with many midwifes and doctors and everyone was saying a different thing. The doctor very rudely one day said < it's not because ur consultant said ASAP that we have to induce you ASAP > I found it out of order! Finally I get transferred to the hospital birth center and the induction start at 10 am. A 4 pm the midwife comes to visit me and said I was 1 cm even tho I was already in pain. At 6 I was visited again and said I was 3 cm and it was goin to be very long as it was my first baby. I made it very clear I wanted and early epidural as I was extremely scared. I was begging for it without any response. By 7:15 I was saying I had to push and the pain was extremely bad but my midwife ignored me and said I was goin to be visited at 10:30 pm as it was too early; than the midwife managed to get someone for my epidural. I was screaming I had to push but no one listened so they put the epidural. At 8 the midwife changed and the new one (who I will never thank enough) looked at me and decided to visit me. I was 10 cm. at 8:20 pm my baby was born. Conclusions:
1- I had a tube put into my back when I was already 10 cm because the midwife decided not to visit me and assumed I was goin to take long as it was my first baby. Out of order considering the risks of an epidural.
2- I had waited 5 days for the induction eva use there was no beds and some rude doctor decided I wasn't urgent anymore ( after I sped all my pregnancy dying growth scan every 2 weeks) and considering the birth weight and the last scan weight my baby didn't grow last week. Out of order!
I would not have another baby in there meet again!!

Visited in July 2014. Posted on 11 August 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 20 August 2014

I was concerned to learn of the issues you have raised about your care and treatment in St Thomas’ Maternity department, and the attitude of staff that you experienced. The Matrons and Service Manager responsible for these areas have been informed of your experiences and will aim to understand more about what occurred on this occasion and how they could prevent such a distressing experience in the future. If you would like to make contact with the Maternity services to receive a personal response to your concerns, please make contact with PALS on 020 7188 8801 or 020 7188 8803 or

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Laura F gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

Extremely impressed

I had my baby at St. Thomas's on Saturday 14th June. I was treated with great respect from beginning to end. The quality of staffing was, in my opinion, exceptional. In particular my midwife.

I had my baby in the Birth Centre and was struggling with the pain (after 24 hours of latent labour) by the time I arrived. I requested an epidural immediately and was given one within 30 minutes. The midwives were conscientious and attentive throughout and I had a very good delivery. I would highly recommend this hospital and am so grateful to everyone there for making my experience so good.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 16 June 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 20 June 2014

Thank you for telling us about your positive experience of giving birth at St Thomas’ Birth Centre. I am glad to hear that the staff treated you with the attentiveness and sensitivity we would expect and that your pain relief was managed well. You comments have been shared with the Matron responsible for the Birth Centre, who will be pleased to share your comments with the whole team

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Gul gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 3 stars

Very bad service, horrible staff!

Antenatal Day Unit is very inefficient. In all of the three cases I had to attend this unit with excessive pain, I had to wait between 4-5 hours to be seen by a nurse. Result : Nothing
Because they are so busy, they don't even do specific tests or scans you should normally get when you are pregnant.
Very very disappointing!
I am on my last stage of pregnancy and really hoping that I can change my hospital before the labour as I do not trust this hospital at all at the moment!

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 21 June 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 04 July 2014

I was concerned to learn of your experiences in the Antenatal Day Unit. The Service Manager and the midwives who work in the Unit would be grateful for the opportunity to learn more about what has gone wrong so that they can put things right as soon as possible. If you do not have the contact details for a member of staff at the Unit then I hope you will contact PALS on 020 7188 8801, 020 7188 8803 or by email at

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Michaela gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

wonderful care from start to finish

I wanted to express my utter praise and absolute gratitude for the amazing service received from the St Thomas Maternity team right from the beginning of my pregnancy through to giving birth 4 weeks ago. Until falling pregnant I had not experienced the greatest of service from the NHS (I must admit, i was not the greatest fan) however the care received from St Thomas' & supporting community midwifery team was simply outstanding in every way.

Every team encountered was patient, kind and provided the best possible medical support I could wish for:

- The nurse/midwife team at the EPU (in particular one member of staff who was so understanding time after time) provided me with such support, time and kindness when i had several frightening bouts of bleeding in early pregnancy

- The fantastic medical support from the obstetricians (the doctor and her team) and supporting midwives throughout the pregnancy/delivery

- The amazing anaesthetist and his team who managed, at the eleventh hour, to turn around the original C section plan of having to give me a general anaesthetic by succeeding in giving me a Spinal Block instead (which initially seemed unlikely to work due to complicated spinal issues)...resulting in both my partner & I being conscious & present for our son's birth - such a wonderful and unexpected surprise

- The midwives in both the Birth Centre and the Post Natal Ward who were supportive and wonderful day and night throughout my stay

Thank you all so so much, I will be recommending St Thomas' to everyone I know.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 24 June 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 04 July 2014

I am delighted to learn that you have had such a positive experience of pregnancy and childbirth at St Thomas’ hospital and from the community midwifery team. Your kind comments have now been shared with the staff in all teams, who are very encouraged to receive them.

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Anonymous gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

5 star Maternity care

Having recently delivered my first child at St Thomas' I can't thank the antenatal, delivery and post natal staff enough. I can not fault the nursing staff (the post natal receptionist is another matter; the women working on the afternoon of 8/3/14 was extremely rude to patients, visitors and verging on disrespectful to our midwife) they were amazing, the continuity of care was fantastic. People in general are too quick to criticise our maternity services and you never hear enough people championing a great experience, which is exactly what I had.

The facilities, rooms and clinics were spotlessly clean, modern and welcoming. A real breath of fresh air! I came away feeling elated and well cared for.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 20 March 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 25 March 2014

We were absolutely delighted to receive your positive feedback and will ensure it is shared with department staff. We were however, very sorry to hear about the postnatal receptionist on duty at the time and will ensure this is looked into. We would be grateful if you could contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) via or by calling 0207188 8801 so we can investigate this matter further.

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crmnfc25 gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 1 stars

Horrible maternity experience at St Thomas Hospital

This was my first pregnancy and i picked St Thomas due to the good reputation of the hospital. I really wish i didnt now. Firstly my labour was 4 days!! As a result of being sent home 3 times. I was constantly told first labour can be quite long, which i never disputed. But if the nurses would have done their job properly they would have investigated my prolonged labour and found that my babies head was not in the right position to give birth vaginally. There are so many bad points about my labour care at this hospital that i could spend hours writing about, its ridiculous. My baby was then finally monitored at the day unit and they found that his heartbeat was dipping with every contraction, and that is the only reason they admitted me. God only knows what would have happened to him and me if this wasnt the case. I was then given drugs to speed up my contractions, in which my babies heartbeat had stopped for a brief second or two whilst on the monitor. The midwife had to press the emergency button, when a handful of other midwives ran into the room. They then needed to scrape my babies head inside the womb to check the blood from his head and see what level his oxygen was. This is around 10 hours after my waters had broken and my waters were filled with the babies poo, which was obvious signs of distress! I felt like so many things could have been avoided and anyway as a result of the bad lack of judgement i had to have an emergency c-section whilst being completely exhausted. Im suprised i made it through the surgery, seen as my blood plalet count was considerably low also. So after 4 days labour my son was born. Thank God he was healthy. But he was very swollen around his face area, which has gone down now. I knew that it was from all the stress of the labour on him. But it doesnt end there, the after care was utterly disgusting! The room i was put in was pipping hot! Other mothers complained too, the midwive just said its fine. Most of the midwives had no care in the world and took ages to get back to you for things you asked for, including baby milk. I no help getting out bed after my c-section, not even help to pull my baby accross the hall to see the doctor. My sheets werent even changed!. I even developed an infection which i was given antibiotics for but never told what the infection was. Then on my discharge day, i had to wait 8 hours in another room to be discharged, cause they were busy and needed my bed space.

Put it this way i would never ever return to have another baby at St thomas. Im highly disappointed and feel lucky to be alive and my baby too.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 08 July 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 22 July 2014

I apologise for the hospital’s delay in responding to your comments on the maternity unit and postnatal ward at St Thomas’ Hospital. The issues you have raised have now been investigated by Ms Manjit Roseghini and Ms Sally Trotter, Matrons for the services where these issues occurred. The Matrons have provided this response:

The postnatal ward and maternity unit staff fully understand how vulnerable women may feel during and after childbirth and pride themselves on the support offered to women, their families and their new baby. They recognise the difference that good care can make to the woman’s experience and how this impacts on her relationship with her baby. I am so sorry you did not receive this level of support and that you were made to feel you were a nuisance. The issues you have raised in your review have been discussed with all the staff on in both locations to improve the standard of care provided.

Following internal reviews of the service, staffing levels have been revised since you had your baby and that there are now more midwives on duty. We are also considering increasing the number of MSWs (midwifery support workers) in order to provide additional support.

We apologise that the midwives did not response to your complaint that the room was too hot: this part of the hospital had problems with the heating system in February, which have now been repaired. The ward is also in the process of purchasing fan so that the room temperature is maintained. We encourage patients to keep curtains open to allow the airflow from the vents to circulate which are located by the windows

I apologise for the frustrating delay you had when waiting to be discharged. It is normal practice to go through the discharge pack with a group of women on the ward to use time efficiently and then for your information to be entered into the computer system. However, there are occasions on the postnatal ward where this can be delayed due to the high activity on the ward and this should have been explained to you at the time. We have acknowledged that the process could be much smoother, and the ward sister Ms Murphy is currently working on a project to improve the efficiency of the discharge process.

I understand that you experienced communication from the obstetric team towards yourself as poor and that you were caused unnecessary stress by not being kept informed. The obstetrician in charge of your case would have reviewed you and confirmed if you had an infection by reviewing your blood results. We apologises for not helping you to feel reassured at the time that all was well, and is sorry that you had such a stressful experience.

Your experiences during and after childbirth sound exhausting and frightening. It may be beneficial for you to talk these over with members of clinical (medical or nursing) staff who can help you to understand more about what happened on this occasion. If you would like to speak with either maternity or antenatal staff, please telephone the PALS team on 020 7188 8801, 020 7188 8803 or email, who will be happy to liaise on your behalf.

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Anonymous gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

fantastic maternity services

2 weeks ago I gave birth to my first baby at st Thomas hospital. The antenatal care I received was second to none especially as this wasn't the easiest of pregnancies! I had 4 home visits from the surrey quays midwives during my labour and when I was ready we went to hospital.
The care I received in the maternity unit was awesome. I had a fairly long labour which involved using the pool room, the home from home centre, the birth centre and the theatre. Eventually our baby was delivered via forceps and all went very well. The care I received after the birth whilst on the post natal ward was also great.
To top all of this off, I have received better aftercare than I could ever imagine. The home visits from the midwives has been great.
Special mentions go to 3 of the surrey quays midwives; and also to the doctor who delivered our gorgeous baby girl.
Thank you all so very much!!!
Nicola, Michael & baby Scarlett xxx

Visited in January 2014. Posted on 21 January 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 17 February 2014

Thank you for the fantastic feedback.  We were very pleased to hear you had such a positive experience both in the hospital and at home.  We will share your feedback in our weekly directorate newsletter and also share with the team.

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Nayair Iqbal gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

The best experience i ever had.

Hi, We decided to have our baby in St Thomas hospital.This was the best decision i ever made. Best treatment Best staff very glad. Thank you guys.


Visited in January 2014. Posted on 20 May 2014

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St Thomas' replied on 22 May 2014

Thank you for taking the time to give positive feedback on Maternity Services at St Thomas.' Your comments have been shared with the Service Manager and Matron, who in turn will inform their teams. I am pleased to hear that your experience has been positive and this will mean a lot to all of the staff involved with your care.

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Anonymous gave Maternity service at St Thomas' a rating of 5 stars

Really surprised

I gave birth to my first child here 48hours ago (I'm still here in fact)
I never leave a review and usually see myself as a harsh critique but I feel obliged to do so this time just because I truly deeply thankful all the staff who took care of the baby, myself and my family members.

I'm very surprised at the level of care, services and the standard of the staff since all I heard about NHS until now has not been something I wanted to experience myself. Contrary to my expectation, however, the entire experience was just so much better than I expected that I actually thought maybe I'm mistaken with somebody else who was important!

Even my mother, who is used to the highest standards of services (not necessarily medical) in Japan, was astonished and very grateful for the care that I probably could not have had anywhere else.

The reason for the 4 stars for the defision making is that there was one health care taker who I found was rather rude and would not listen how I felt and forced my baby to feed while he was quite upset (10min earlier a midwife told he was not ready for a feed at the time) but when I asked another midwife for her opinion as there were lots of conflicting information, she explained thoroughly and I didn't see that particular care taker afterwards.

I do not know how a private maternity clinic is but would happily pay for services like this and staff like those who were there for me are worth a million. I'm sure I will return to the hospital though it is 2 hours drive away from my house to thank all the brilliant midwives and care takers.

Visited in October 2013. Posted on 22 October 2013

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St Thomas' replied on 24 October 2013

Thank you for this lovely feedback about our maternity unit. We were delighted to hear that your birth experience was made even more special by the care provided by our staff. We have a weekly newsletter in the department that we use for sharing 'good news' and will include your comments in a future copy.

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