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Bernadette Francis gave Podiatry at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 5 stars

Podiatry department

I have now had both my feet operated on to correte bunions and straighten toes, both done very successfully. All staff gave me excellent care, explained everything as they went along and made me feel calm and confident Well Done and Thank You

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 23 April 2014

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John Williams gave Cardiology at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 5 stars

Just visiting but noticed extra mile

I am most impressed with this hospital and would be pleased to have treatment here myself. The cleanliness and nursing are second to none. Please be aware I shall speak of you in glowing terms.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 22 April 2014

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Anonymous reviewed Physiotherapy at University Hospital Lewisham

Very helpful and professional

I have had a very good experience at Lewisham hospital and in the physiotherapy department. The treatment was very good and I would recommend it.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 22 April 2014

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Anonymous reviewed Accident and emergency services at University Hospital Lewisham


I would like to suggest that the security guards in A&E receive proper training in how to investigate incidents and then deal with them in a professional manner. My daughter was referred to A&E by her GP and we were very worried about her condition she did not need a very upsetting accusation that she had been smoking in the toilets by the security and when we got through to them she doesn't smoke she certainly did not need to be told she had set fire to the bin in the toilets. The evidence being she was the last person seen on CTV coming out of the toilet, the fact as other patients will confirm is the smell of burning was in the department long before she visited the toilets. When questioned security seemed very unsure where the smell of burning had come from, suddenly they seemed unsure it had even come from the toilets and scuttled off with no apology, leaving my daughter in tears and myself bemused by the challenging and accusational way they had confronted her, with no actual evidence as there are no cameras in the toilet. I would go so far as to say their behaviour was intimidating and scary. It was at that point we were called for her blood results and so were unable to pursue the matter with the 2 guards concerned. I realise they need to investigate any incident that occurs, but investigation is very different to accusation. It's a shame they hadn't looked for the drunk that was rolling up a cigarette earlier in the department maybe that would have solved their mystery. Thurs evening 17th April

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 18 April 2014

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Anonymous gave Maternity service at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 3 stars

Pregnancy Scare

I have recently used Lewisham hospital due to a problem that I was having with my partner's pregnancy. She was having stomach cramps and we wanted to be sure that the pains were nothing serious. We rang up and were told to come to the maternity ward and be checked over. When we arrived we were shown into a bay area, we were left for around 2 hours without any screening process going on my partner.
During the 2 hour wait I heard the senior midwife on the ward having numerous conversation with other midwives, management about how she was understaffed and needed bank staff from another floors. I wasn't ears dropping the conversations were fairly vocal and everyone would've been able to hear what was going on. After a while we were seen by a midwife who I must say was very nice! My partner was hooked up to a monitor to check for the babies heart beat. After another 2 hours we were seen by a consultant, again I appreciate that the hospital is very busy. The consultant could not diagnosis what was wrong and requested a cervix scan at around 3pm. He also gave my partner a steroid injection and requested that she stayed in overnight so that they could examine her further and give her the follow up injection.
My partner had numerous turns on the heart beat monitor which I appreciate as it assured her that the babies were alright.
The next day we were told that when a spot became available for the cervix scan my partner would be given one. Fair enough very busy!
My partner waited all day without any scan being done! I asked the midwifes if the scan was going to be possible for that day and was told that it was a very slim possibility! My partner was told during the day that a urine infection had been picked up and she was given antibiotics at around 3pm. Due to the fact that she was not going to get the scan done and the fact that she just could not sleep I asked at around 6pm if we could discharge her so that I could take her home. I asked if we could have the antibiotics to take home but were told that they had not been ordered yet from the pharmacy, even thought they had been written up at 3pm?? I also asked to speak with a consultant. A consultant came round and said that it would be against her advice to go home and that we should wait for the cervix scan that had been requested. So I left my emotionally drained and sleepless partner overnight to wait for the scan.
The next day another consultant a 4th different consultant at around 8.30am said that the scan was not needed and that my partner could go home once her notes had been written up which would be about 12pm!
All in all it took 4 consultants and 70 hours to diagnose a urine infection. Which takes around 5 secs with a test strip. There seems to be no clear action plans in place, the consultants did not write up notes. How can a prescription take 20 hours to reach the patient/nurse from the pharmacy. The staff were very nice but their end results were shocking!! Very disappointed in the servic

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 11 April 2014

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Sheila gave Gynaecology at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 4 stars

Long wait to see a consultant

I had to waited for 13 weeks to see a consultant about an ongoing problem. when i finally met the consultant, I was told that I need to go to Guys instead. Rubbish. How long now? Another 13 weeks or so? PAL are useless.

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 10 April 2014

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Anonymous reviewed University Hospital Lewisham

"Losing a patient"

I recently went to Lewisham Hospital to visit a friend who I was told was in Cedar Ward. I asked two nurses of her whereabouts - one had not heard of her and the other said "she was here on Wednesday but I've been off since then". and "perhaps she's been discharged or moved". A phone call was made, during which I was asked the patient's date of birth (which I didn't know) and, later, her address which I knew apart from the door number. Eventually I was told she had been moved to Juniper Ward.

My question is: how can a ward "lose" a patient? Surely either a written or an electronic record is kept of patients arriving, moving or being discharged?

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 06 April 2014

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University Hospital Lewisham replied on 15 April 2014

Our Matron Ann-Marie Coiley has investigated your concerns and was disappointed to learn that you had difficulty locating your friend who had been on Cedar Ward at University Hospital Lewisham.

There is a robust system on the ward for the nurses to follow if a patient is admitted, transferred or discharged which will enable them to locate a patient. The patient details are entered into a diary which is kept with the ward clerk and is accessible 24 hours per day. The details from this diary are also entered onto the electronic patient administration system however, not all nurses have access to this. The nurses are also able to call the bed bureau who can help to locate a patient.

Matron Coiley is sorry that the nurses did not follow this process to locate your friend, and that you were, understandably, left feeling that the ward had ‘lost’ your friend. She has spoken to the ward involved and have asked them to disseminate the information about how to locate a patient who has moved again, to serve as reminder and also asked them to think about how their actions might be perceived by a visiting member of the public.

Matron Coiley hopes that this has reassured you that there is a process in place and if you would like to discuss this further with her, please contact her using the contact details below:

Ann-Marie Coiley
020 8333 3000 Bleep 2910

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charleygeorge reviewed University Hospital Lewisham

Staff communication

I write on two matters on which I have, hopoefully, some helpful comments.

1) My cousin aged over 80 visited his sister and sat with her for half an hour. When I arrived he said she had not spoken or moved. It was obvious to me that she had passed away and I found a nurse, who said she would come and see to her. How could someone be allowed in the room and to sit for that length of time without being told of the death?

2) When visiting my partner in the hospital and again when accompanying him to an outpatients appointment, he gave completely wrong answers to questions asked, e.g. when asked to confirm his address, he instead gave his date of birth. This was due to his impaired hearing. I am concerned that this sort of mistake could lead to dangerous
situations if hard of hearing patients give a wrong answer to a question regarding say, medication or bowel movement, have you eaten? etc.etc. Surely all staff could be trained to deal with all people and to be aware that mistakes can happen due to deafness or other impairments, especially where older people are concerned.

Visited in October 2013. Posted on 21 March 2014

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University Hospital Lewisham replied on 31 March 2014

Thank you very much for feeding back your recent experiences at Lewisham Hospital. Please find below responses to both points individually;

1) I would like to confirm that itt is not at all acceptable that your relative was not informed that his sister had died and I apologise most sincerely for this lack of communication and any additional distress caused. I would, very much, like to meet with you and your cousin to both apologise and discuss this further. Please contact me via the Lewisham Hospital switchboard on 0208 333 3000 and ask them to bleep 2905 : Annie O'Lone, Matron Acute\Elderly Medicine

2) I am very sorry that your partner's hearing impairment was not identified when he attended a recent outpatient appointment at Lewisham Hospital. I would like to assure you that Equality & Diversity training is mandatory within our organisation to ensure that staff are aware of the need to make reasonable adaptations when speaking to or caring for patients. If staff are made aware of a patient's need for additional support this should be documented in the patient's medical notes so that everyone caring for the patient is informed. I am very sorry that staff were not responsive to your partner's needs on this occasion and I will ensure that your comments are fedback to staff and ask them to ensure that their Equality & Diversity training is up to date. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Jo Peck, Head of Nursing\Deputy Service General Manager Specialist Medicine

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Diane gave Gastrointestinal and Liver services at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 5 stars

Endoscopy Unit

I was a patient at the hospital on 27.02.14 under the Endoscopy Unit.
I had a lower GI Endoscopy performed by the doctor and his team. I would like to say that from start to finish I was treated kindly and professionally and with the utmost consideration.
I was extremely nervous about the procedure, but my worries were all for nothing, as the team were brilliant. Thank you so much and all the best for the future.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 19 March 2014

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University Hospital Lewisham replied on 03 April 2014

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding your experience with us in Endoscopy on the 27/02/2014.
We in Endoscopy aim to be professional and provide a high standard of care at all times and it is good to know that it has been reflected in your experience with us. I will certainly feed back your positive comments to the team.

To hear from our patients always encourages us to continue the provision of a high standard of care and improve the service where necessary with the input of our patients.
Priscilla Murray - Endoscopy Unit

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Anonymous gave Accident and emergency services at University Hospital Lewisham a rating of 5 stars

Childrens A & E

My 15 yr old son attended A & E today with a problem of a sensitive nature. We waited under 10 minutes to see the nurse who was very understanding and professional. The department was very busy thus it was almost 2 hrs till we saw the doctor but this was not a problem for us. The doctor was skilled and respectful. Following the visit the GPs surgery requested clarification of the recommendations and the staff in A & E responded to my request with the doctor who had seen my son calling me back without delay.

This was an example of an excellent NHS team. Thank you!

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 19 March 2014

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University Hospital Lewisham replied on 25 March 2014

"Thank you for taking the time to feedback your recent experiences. Please be assured I will pass on your kind comments to our staff”

Robert Cole
Matron Childrens Services

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