Oasis Dental Care Downend

Telephone: * 08445769874
Address: The Downend Dental Practice, 37 Badminton Road, Downend, Bristol, Avon, BS16 6BP
Website: http://downenddentist.co.uk

3.5 out of 5 stars

Based on 17 ratings for this dentist


Opening times

Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Last verified on 05/03/2013

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NHS patients accepted

  • Fee-paying adults 
  • Charge-exempt adults 
  • Children aged 0-18 years 
  • Provides urgent dental access slots 
  • Only by referral from a dental practitioner (not answered)
  • Only by referral by the PCT (not answered)

Last verified on 05/03/2013

Latest reviews of this dentist

Restores my faith in dentists

Visited this dentist for the first time about a month ago and today had a tooth removed. Went to this dentist because I had lost trust i...

9 February 2015

calm and friendly, excellent dentist

very good, pleasant smiling staff. Dentist, is brilliant.

28 November 2014


Superb reception staff - have seen some patients being very rude to staff but never the other way around. I do not understand the reviews...

25 November 2014

Dental extraction

I had a tooth extraction. I was called in and explanation was given and we discussed the options. Local anaesthetic was given and I wa...

5 July 2014

Dental surgery lacking in calm and privacy .

I was very surprised that during a private examination of my elderly mother , 2 uniformed people came in to the room and we had no idea o...

4 July 2014

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