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Anonymous gave Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust a rating of 2 stars

Dementia support suffered in cutbacks

Admiral Nurses, despite promises, are now only available if your family member is receiving Consultant led care.

The only other support available is through the crisis team and then you'll only receive support for 6 weeks.

Families are left to muddle through in the Medway Towns.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 21 January 2015

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Stell reviewed Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

If you have bipolar, or suspect it dont go here! Terrible.

I have Bipolar II, which was diagnosed in London Harley Medical District by a consultant psychiatrist, an honoury senior lecture at imperial college London. I cannot afford private treatment but I managed to scrape together to afford the assessment.

I came to Sittingbourne Memorial for treatment on NHS (the 6 months it took to see the consultant anyway) I was told I had another condition. Despite for the 5+ years here being told first I didn't have a condition other than standard depression/anxiety. Also the fact I'd spent 6 months coming to terms with the lifelong condition of bipolar II.

The consultant demontrated lack of knowledge in the bipolar spectrum. Particularly between I and II and also then attempted to diagnose me with and I quote "You dont have/havn't had major or clinical depression." Then attempted to diagnose me with emotionally unstable personality impulsive type (rare in men) Cyclothymia is a lesser version of bipolar spectrum, that either develops into full bipolar in many, or improves with age. This diagnosis was reached due to not taking proper evidence and not looking at the facts.

My medical record is full of this. I was also told "If you had bipolar you would have been in hospital", clearly showing a lake of awareness in the difference between bipolar I and II. People with bipolar II rarely needed sectioning.

I was also told to triple my mood stabiliser, despite me lating reading that cyclothymia isn't well treated by mood stablisers, and lamotrigine, what I was prescribed in London was the best for BPII. Of course I wont be listening to that advice.

I also predicted this kind of outcome prior to attending to my GP. I also predicted to my mother who has Bipolar II, that they would rediagnose or say she didn't have it. The consultant said she didn't have it and to "get it out of her head". Wow I wish us bipolar suffers could get it out of out head.

My advice if you are dealing with this or similiar things in mental health, dont go here. Some of the team are quite helpful, but the consultant psychiatrist seems clueless, and seemed more interested in discrediting the previous private diagnosis. I was also asked why I went private, so was my mother when she went and my mother was told that the psychiatrist in London was no good and diagnoses people with Bipolar for money and had said 4 others have it that dont. This seems very unprofessional. The consultant in London is very qualified and I could tell from the difference in treatment. You will probably also leave angry, confused and in a worse state than when you entered, not a good thing for anyone suffering with mental health.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 11 July 2014

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Andy Hart gave Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust a rating of 1 stars

Appalling Experiance

This is the first time I have visited the new Pembury Hospital in connection with a mental health problem.

I have long term depression which is very bad at present, the condition not helped by the the presures of looking after my elderly mother and my caring role made even harder due to Social Services budget cuts.

The 111 service not helping at least in the days of NHS direct you could usually speak to a trained mental health nurse or one would call you back thus adverting a crisis !

So I had to make decision to come into Pembury by ambulance on the basis that I would eventually get so see the Mental Health crisis team even though it could be a long wait, but thought this better than getting much worse at home.

The Ambulance people were wonderful arrived at Pembury and put in a small side room where I was left for 2 hours no communication of what was going on at all.

Eventually a young doctor did come and see me but was told because I came from Sussex , Pembury Hospital being just 2 miles from Kent / Sussex boarder the crisis would not come out.

It was now 4 a.m. In the morning, so just wished I had never stepped into the Ambulance.

I had know way of getting home, a Taxi costing around £40 at that hour !

So had to wait for the first bus at 6.15 a.m. to get into Tunbridge Wells , then wait for the first bus back to home in Sussex.

A truly horrendous Experience which I will never forget, having long term mental health problems is hard enough even more so with the cuts in services but this was beyond belief.

Shame on you Kent Mental Health Services and Pembury Hospital .

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 28 March 2014

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Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust replied on 01 April 2014

I am really sorry to hear you have had cause to raise a concern about our CRHT service. It would not be appropriate to enter into correspondence about an individual care matter on a public website but if you wished to contact our West Kent CRHT manager she would be pleased to respond to the specifics of your response. This would be Steph Taylor who can be contacted on You could alternatively contact the PALS service on 0800 587 6757.

In general we would expect our service to come and see someone presenting at a Kent A&E department with a mental health problem regardless of where they are from, and have good links with other local trusts in ensuring support for such individuals. I regret that this was not your experience and hope that you can contact Steph so that we can understand why.

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Anonymous did not recommend Community mental health services at Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

Very Let Down By The Service

Any other comments

We have Delt with The NHS mental health trust for the last 8years. i would Not recommend this service at all... They have NOT helped our family in anyway, my Brother has mental health problems and nearly harmed himself big time. No Support was provided for the family members who found him and His parents have never received any help on how to deal with him or help him in anyway. as he is now 22 they dont even get to be told anything so if he chooses not to tell them they do NOT know what is going on. This is NOT fair on any of us that are around him 24/7. We want to help but CANT.
Not once has anyone been there for his Mum/StepDad/ Dad/Siblings/ Auntie/ Cousins who are around him all the time. let along given him a correct diagnosis and the correct Tablets. i do feel that this service has let him and his family down BIG TIME. I hope that this service gets sorted out because its letting the people and their familys down!!!!
a concerned Sister

Visited in June 2012. Posted on 25 June 2012

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James Smith gave Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust a rating of 1 stars

A disappointing mental health trust which has much to learn.

I would very much like to make many positive statements about this Trust. I have in the past been treated very well by an individual therapist of this Trust who I found to be extremely helpful and went out of their way to be that way.

Since then I have experienced increasing disappointment in several major areas:
1. A certain lack of skill from a group therapist who alienated several members of the group by acting in a non human way by which I mean aloof to the extent of being completely unreal both in their behaviour and judgements and who sometimes fell asleep in sessions.
2. A consultant psychologist making clinical decisions about myself without any explanation whatsoever and not appreciating that I was the person who knew most about myself. That their clinical decision to refer me to a psychiatrist led me through 14 months of hell where warning signs were apparent that my depression was becoming extremely severe and eventually led to my eventual attempted suicide. Even after that no additional support was offered and the psychiatrist stating to me "Dont try and kill yourself again"

Visited in June 2012. Posted on 08 March 2013

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Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust replied on 12 March 2013

We are sorry to hear that your experience of our services was not of the standard you or we would expect. If you are willing to tell us more about the problems you experienced and the treatment you received we would be very happy to look into them formally.

You can do this by contacting our Patient Advice and Liaison Service on Email: Phone: 0800 587 6757 Direct line: 01622 723207 or by registering a formal complaint. You can find out how to do this by visiting

Thank you for providing feedback and raising this important issue. We can only learn and make improvements if people are willing to do this.

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Anonymous did not recommend Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

I was horrified by the situation in which a close relative of mine was placed.

Any other comments

The nursing and medical staff that I saw were coping as well as they could, with a very difficult situation, when I visited an in-patients ward in the Arundel Unit at Ashford, several times during March and April 2012.
I think that there were simply too few nursing/auxilliary staff on duty (at times only three) who were trying to cope with up to twenty confused elderly patients, some of whom were very disturbed and, a small number, potentially dangerously violent.
This is not the fault of the staff working on the ward, but of the system/situation in which they are placed by management.
The Trust seems to me to be more concerned about planning (possibly) grandiose future developments, with fewer in-patient beds being available than there are at present, rather than paying for adequate staffing levels now. I am unconvinced that closing existing in-patient beds is a sensible solution, although I am all in favour of the planned greater investment in better psychiatric care in the community.

Visited in April 2012. Posted on 16 April 2012

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Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust replied on 16 April 2012

Thank you for taking the time to post feedback. We are pleased you recognise the good work of staff on the unit. The Trust has a clear strategy for older people's mental health services and is focused on delivering safe high quality in-patient care for those who need it. Future developments will indeed focus on more community based care, but will also see improvements to in-patient services too. This is all subject to a public consultation at present. We would welcome your views as part of this process. You can find details online at:

If you have any specific concerns about your relative's care, or that of others, please do not hesitate to contact our PALS or complaints service, see:

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