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0161 882 1000 Chorlton House, 70 Manchester Road, Chorlton Cum Hardy , Manchester, Greater Manchester, M21 9UN

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Anonymous gave Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust a rating of 5 stars

Safire, fantastic care

I've been admitted to safire 5 times in the last year, and I find the staff there fantastic. Despite me being a very difficult patient at times and making their jobs hard they never once judged me and only cared for me. My most recent stay especially, a staff nurse spoke to me for over an hour when I was distressed and calmed me down, in a professional and brilliant manner. I literally have nothing bad to say about safire, the staff are amazing and fantastic at their jobs and deserve every acknowledgement of their, for lack of a better word, awesomeness!!

Visited in November 2013. Posted on 24 November 2013

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Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust replied on 25 November 2013

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. It is great to hear that you found the staff on SAFIRE awesome and that they have helped you through difficult times. I will ensure that the staff see your feedback and will thank them on your behalf and on behalf of the organisation for providing such a good service.

Again, thank you for taking the time and for the really positive feedback.

Carol Harris, Interim Chief Nurse and Director of Quality Assurance

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Anonymous reviewed Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Safire ward

I have been a patient on Safire ward at Park House several times over the last year. Curiosity surrounding other people's experiences brought me to this page and after reading other comments I feel as though I must leave my own.
I too was told by a member of staff that my partner would leave me if I didn't 'get on with it' and witnessed incredibly disrespectful treatment of patients.
I would like to go into more detail or lodge an official complaint but I truly feel as though I will not be taken seriously as I now have a 'history' of mental illness. I know that if questioned, staff will blame every claim I make on my condition.
I am extremely sympathetic of the fact that the staff on these wards work long, hard shifts and often find themselves short-staffed but I would urge those responsible for overseeing this ward to take a closer look.
It's not all doom and gloom- there are some fantastic staff members on this ward (when I was last there at least) but there are a couple who need to change jobs! A nurse doing the 24 watch shouldn't diagnose a patient (a nurse tried to do this with me on several occasions) - the psychiatrist was put in the position of telling me that the nurses were not qualified to diagnose and should not be listened to. (When you are mentally and emotionally vulnerable you look for help and advice everywhere so the nurses should stop their 'personal assessments')

Visited in July 2012. Posted on 14 January 2013

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Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust replied on 30 July 2013

We are sorry to hear that your stay on SAFIRE caused you distress. We deal with service complaints with the utmost seriousness and urge you, if you feel able, to formalise this complaint so that the issues you have raised can be investigated. (More information on how to make a complaint is here:,-compliments-and-suggestions.aspx)

The service provided on SAFIRE and with Urgent care services is undergoing review currently and the new manager of SAFIRE is extremely keen to ensure that the user experience of the unit is the best it can be. Changes have already taken place on the unit and further service development is planned. As a service we are keen to ensure that service users are involved and in the forefront of this development process. SAFIRE is a unit that prides itself on service feedback and Nigel the ward manager welcomes visits/ contact from anyone that would like to provide feedback regarding their stay on the unit or about suggestions re patient care.

With the assistance of PALS the unit manager has developed a weekly patient forum that empowers clients to raise concerns and provide feedback. The manager also completes daily wellbeing checks which also enable clients to raise issues should they wish. These developments hopefully will encourage other service users to raise issues in a timely fashion so that they can be resolved to mutual satisfaction.

You are right that nurses do not diagnose clients. The nurses on the unit work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to assist clients in overcoming the crisis they have been admitted with. The unit is multi-disciplinary in nature and the medic team participate in daily service reviews. These can also include clients care co-ordinators and the crisis resolution and home treatment service.

Thank you for raising your concerns and such feedback is vital to the team ensuring that the care provided is of the highest quality possible.

Patrick Cahoon
Head of Patient Experience

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