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Anonymous gave Gynaecology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 2 stars

Loxley ward

I had an awful experience on loxley ward, firstly when having an operation you should have you blood pressure etc checked regularly... This only happened once. Pain killers should be given asap but I had to wait and ask several times, the nurse was extremely lazy and hardly helped at all, they never offered me food or drink and my relatives had to go to the kitchen to ask for me.
they were ment to be discharging me but instead of explaining that the night team would be starting shortly they just vanished for an hour and never explained what was happening.. However once the night nurse came on, they were fantastic and they sorted me asap.
Unfortunately some staff I found where very lazy, and never felt like they cared. But others were absolutely lovely.

Visited in July 2015. Posted on 02 July 2015

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Robert Smith gave Genito-Urinary Medicine at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 5 stars

Operation & Hospital Stay

I was in hospital for two days for operation in Urology dept. All staff were extremely friendly and helpful, also very efficient. My problem was dealt with speedily following full explanation of the procedure. The overnight stay on Harvey 2 was good, although inevitably one could not expect a normal nights sleep due to the requirements of other patients.

Altogether a very good experience and a credit to the NHS..

Visited in June 2015. Posted on 03 July 2015

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Anonymous gave Maternity services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 4 stars

Incredible Team

I recently gave birth for a second time at the City hospital. I had a rather difficult time last time around and was very anxious about giving birth a second time in case there were similar complications. Whilst I did have some complications the general experience I had was marked by the extraordinary treatment I received from the staff. At all levels both on the labour suite and on the wards I stayed on the dedication expertise and hard work from the staff ensured that I was not just well cared for physically but also emotionally and mentally. The rare occasion when the staff were not quite so competent highlighted the significant difference that having such a skilled group of midwives and doctors can make.

I would like to specifically highlight the work of many of the midwives who looked after me during my stay. The quality of care was exemplary and helped me through some very difficult situations. The many experienced staff I encountered were so helpful in terms of making sure that any medical need was met promptly and also in explaining any procedures or tests I needed or my baby needed.They were also very kind and provided me with a great deal of emotional support during my stay.

I would also like to make note of the extraordinary group of doctors who work across the maternity department. During my stay I saw a number of doctors at a number of levels and I was very impressed with the hard work and dedication shown by many of them. One or two in particular were very kind and all were incredibly efficient. I would also like to highlight how great the pediatric team were and how reassuring it was to have such competent and kind people working with my baby.

However whilst I have nothing but the up most praise for the staff I encountered I have to highlight the extent to which the maternity unit felt chronically short staffed the entire time I was there. Whilst no member of staff complained about the staffing levels it became quite obvious that there were too few midwives especially at nighttime. Furthermore the practice of pulling midwives from the wards when the labour unit was short staffed often created an impossible workload for the remaining staff. I feel very strongly that the reason there were no serious complications or problems that resulted from this shortage of staff was purely because of the incredible dedication and hard work of those there and this should not be the case. I have no medical training so I cannot entirely assess the impact of a midwife looking after in one instance eight ladies ion labour suite at the same time. Similarly I cannot be sure if it is possible that some complications could be lessened if identified earlier on the wards because the midwives had time to look after all the patients effectively. But I do feel that that there should be a better system of planning staff levels and that the practice of pulling midwives off the wards should stop to ensure that patient care is not compromised.

Visited in June 2015. Posted on 17 June 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 19 June 2015

Thank you so much for your glowing feedback. It’s good to hear about the extraordinary care and emotional support you received from the dedicated staff team involved in your care, particularly during such an emotional time. This is a shining example of our values and doing the best for our patients, and we thank you for sharing this with us. Your feedback will be shared with the staff team involved in your care, including our medical colleagues.

We acknowledge and understand your concerns about staffing levels. Sometimes unexpected absence can affect staffing levels. We appreciate this can cause concern for patients on the wards. However, we have various contingency plans in place to overcome this where it does occur to ensure the safety of our patients.

In light of your experience, you might be interested to know that our annual staff awards are now open for nominations. You may wish to nominate a member of staff or a whole staff team (your nomination would fall under the Family Health category). If you wish to do so, you can nominate via our website:

Kind regards,
Louise Dolby,
Ward Manager,
Labour Suite, City Campus.

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Anonymous gave Gynaecology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 5 stars

Great Care

Having recently had an op. at the Urology dept. and a 2 night stay on Loxley ward I would like to express my gratitude to all concerned for their care and kindness during my stay from surgeon, theatre staff, nurses and all the rest of the staff. I am due for another op. soon but know that my care will be of the highest standard, once again thank you.

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 20 June 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 23 June 2015

Thanks for leaving this feedback about your experience on Loxley Ward. It’s great to hear that you felt well cared for during your recent stay with us. We have shared your kind words with colleagues on the ward.

Kind regards,
Debbie Raffle,
Loxley ward manager.

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Anonymous gave Respiratory Medicine at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 1 stars

Poor communication and timing

I was referred to QMC with suspected pneumonia. On arrival, details were taken and my wife and I were told to take a seat. After a short period we were informed that I would be sent to the pulmonary unit at the City Hospital. Some 7 hours later after several requests for information I was informed that a bed would be available but I had to wait until it was ready. About 20mins later an ambulance arrived and took me to City Hospital. They knew nothing about my being sent there and said they had no beds. Eventually I was found a bed in a side clinic where I spent the night.
The following day I was moved to a side ward and seen by consultant. They said the plan would be: antibiotics, blood tests, a chest X-ray and a CT scan with a view to discharge 2 days later. I was treated with intravenous antibiotics but neither the X-ray nor CT scan were carried out. My wife and daughter asked when they would happen and told 'he is on the system'. The day after, during visiting time, I was taken to X-ray for a chest X-ray - no CT Scan. A junior doctor later told me that the pneumonia had spread to both lungs. This was the day after the planned discharge date - no one knew what was happening - it was the weekend and Bank Holiday and was told there were no consultants on duty except one 'on call' for emergencies. I was not seen again until the following Tuesday. The consultant told me that they suspected inflammatory lung problem and a CT scan would be needed - no apology for this not happening 4 days before.
I was then discharged saying that I would be asked to attend for a CT scan and then visit the consultant a month later - no diagnosis having been made.
Whilst the nurses were very good, the organisation was appalling - no one had any knowledge of what was happening. I was promised things which did not happen and I spent a week in hospital and discharged feeling just as bad as when I was admitted.
this really is not good enough.
My GP is of the opinion that the CT scan is pivotal. This must take place ASAP. I need to know what is happening and start appropriate treatment.
this has really knocked my faith in the NHS into touch. I feel that nobody cares - that I'm a number on a chart rather than a patient who needs treatment. How can one trust an organisation which makes empty promises and doesn't even apologise. It appears to be a case of 'Oh dear what chapter of accidents - tough luck!'
Dr Alan Brewerton

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 07 May 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 11 May 2015

Dear Dr Brewerton. We are deeply concerned to read the account of your recent experience in our care. We are sorry for our poor communication that appear to have occurred on so many levels. We would like to speak to you so that we can get some further information to better understand what happened on this occasion so that we can provide answers to you and where necessary, make improvements. If you would like to contact us you can do so by calling 0115 9249924 ext. 67184 or emailing

Kind regards,
Alun Harcombe.
Cardiology Consultant

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Adam gave Cardiology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 1 stars

Wasn't listened too and treated badly

I was refereed by my GP to see a cardiologist because I had been experiencing palpitations, chest pain, abnormal heart rhythms and some kind of twitching in my attires mainly in my neck.

I am only 21 years old and have been having these problems for about a year now and have had numerous tests which have all come back normal such as ECG's, Holter Monitors etc however my symptoms have continued to worsen and I now fear death or at least a very horrible life.

My experience at the hospital was all good until I went in to see the cardiologist. They wouldn't let me finish sentences and simply didn't listen to what I had to say or take me seriously. I was trying to explain my symptoms and the doctor wouldn't allow me to do so, simply stating that all I should be talking about is palpitations and chest pain.

I feel its unreasonable that I wasn't allowed to explain my symptoms such as the suspected twitches in my arteries that I get which I have no idea what they are and variety of other things such as tingling throughout my body, irregular heart beats etc.

The doctor suggested I should get a Holter Monitor but I have already had one of these and it detected nothing so I feel it would be a waste of time.

Overall the doctor did not seem like a very nice person and didn't to appear to really care about their patients at all, I assume the doctor treated me like dirt because of my age. Just lacked any form of professionalism, I wanted to suggest that I have a cardiac stress test and a potential ultrasound of my Carotid Arteries.

I understand it's very rare for someone of my age to have this type of problem but it isn't impossible and the doctor was acting like it was.

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 15 May 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 19 May 2015

I am grateful that you have taken the time to get in touch. I am deeply disappointed to hear that your consultation has left you feeling so unhappy and concerned to read your comments about the poor behaviours you experienced. It would be helpful to speak to you so that we can speak to the individual concerned about your experience. Please do contact me on 0115 9691169 extension 56247 to discuss further.

Dr Alun Harcombe,
Clinical Director, Cardio-Respiratory and Stroke Directorate

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Anonymous gave Maternity services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 1 stars

Wouldn't recommend the maternity services to any new mum.

My experience tended to be one of the wards being short staffed so i was told on several occasions on one ward, the labour suite was full due to over demand, labour suite closed following this, some rude staff (one which openly complained about other wards her father had been on in front of a bay of patients), I was not involved in many decisions and I was ignored when I requested some things such as delayed cord cutting, I had lots of delays in treatment despite being scared after being told i needed to be induced as soon as possible due to possible risks, originally given no support in being shown breast feeding, never shown baby bathing etc which antenatal/postnatal book suggested i should have been, i was discharged ill and had to be readmitted later that day which i was thankful for so i could be shown how to do some things with my newborn, which giving credit where credit is due they did this well on readmission. My daughter is thankfully okay but my experience of this hospital is not a good one and if it wasnt for the safety of my unborn child, i would have discharged myself on several occasions. I must mention there were some good staff who went above and beyond their duty, but these were few and far between.

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 02 May 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 05 May 2015

We are both sorry and disappointed to hear that your experience in our care wasn’t a good one. The behaviours you have described and lack of support you were offered are not what we expect of our staff. We are pleased to hear your daughter is now doing well. However, we would like to look into your concerns further so that we can investigate what went wrong on this occasion. If you do wish to discuss it further, please do contact me directly on 0115 9249924 ext. 62859 or 0115 9691169 ext. 58030. Alternatively, you can email me at and I will contact you if you leave your phone number.

Kind regards,

Julia Gudgeon
Maternity Matron
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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Anonymous gave Urology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 4 stars

requested to be seen by female got male .

I have just had a cystoscopy at City, I was very very scared and due to having had difficult life experiences, I phoned and asked that the procedure was carried out by a female. The nurses I spoke to were lovely, very very kind and reassuring. I felt that they totally understood and acknowledged the reasons for my request. I was told that there was going to be a male on duty the day of my appointment but that a female would carry out the procedure for me.I felt much less anxious about going to the appointment knowing that I would not have to be examined by a male. When I got there this was not the case at all. A nurse did speak to me they were very kind and told me they were tracking down a female doctor and I was very relieved as I was shaking with fear and crying by this time. They went away and I never saw them again. then I was called into the clinic room by the male nurse. I was very distressed by now and told him and the two other staff present about the reasons for my wanting a female to carry out the procedure giving them my history. I did not feel they understood how upset I was , they said I could come back on another day when there would be a woman on duty but I could not face going away and then getting all wound up again so I went ahead with the test. The test itself was fine but I found it highly upsetting to have my genitalia touched by a man, they literally spread your labia with their fingers to clean you and then spread them again prior to inserting the device. As a survivor of sexual trauma I found this horrible and upsetting. I had explained all this on the phone and as I said they were very kind and supportive. Two hours after my appointment I went shopping and I had flashbacks of the assault I suffered, I could not breathe, I was back in that horrible moment which I had not thought about for years. I fully appreciate that many women are fine being examined by a male but I am not for what I feel are very valid reasons. .

On a separate point I was also told that a local anesthetic is always used and gel was put on my urethra which I assumed was an anesthetic.It was in fact lubricant. The device was inserted immediately and I asked ii f they were not going to wait for the anesthetic to take effect. I was told that they never use anesthetic and it hurt me because I currently have a sore urethra due to a having thrush. I was not asked about any medication I was on despite the appointment letter requesting that I write it all down. As I am on quite a lot of medication I did this thinking it was necessary but it is not.

All the staff were polite and professional and acted very quickly when a male patient strayed into the female only waiting area,

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 24 April 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 29 April 2015

I am deeply concerned to read about your experience and would like to apologise for the way you felt while in our care. Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to find female members of staff immediately when patients require treatment. We were unaware of this sensitive issue until your arrival. The male nurse who carried out the procedure discussed the different treatment options with you, including rescheduling your procedure, waiting longer for a female clinician to arrive or having the procedure done in theatre under general anaesthetic. We understand the deep distress this caused you. Please contact 0115 9249924 ext. 67184 or email if you wish to discuss further.

Kind regards,

Andrea Smith, Sister for Urology Outpatients.

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cadgaboo gave Stroke services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus a rating of 1 stars

does anyone answer a ringing phone?

I appreciate that this is a very busy hospital but does anyone answer the phone in this hospital?

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 29 April 2015

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 30 April 2015

Hello cadgaboo. Thank you for the feedback. We understand how frustrating it is when nobody answers the phone or indeed it takes too long to get an answer. In order to pass this feedback on to the right team it would be helpful to know who or where you were trying to contact (ie: our switchboard or a specific ward/department, such as stroke as the title of your comment reads). If you would like to let us know you can get in touch at 0115 9249924 ext. 67184 or email

In the meantime, you may find this list of ward extension numbers for both sites helpful:

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Buzz reviewed Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus

Do health care professionals judge the patient in front of them simply by their

Do health care professionals judge the patient in front of them simply by their date of birth and not look at the patient? This seems so in my experience, at the City Hospital Rehab Clinic. As a patient attending the osteoporosis clinic, which is located within the health care of the elderly rehab centre, I felt that my date of birth, not my abilities, activity and intellect was the one thing that determined my treatment by the staff. It appears to me that they look at date of birth and go into automatic pilot with the expectations that once the magic age of 65 is passed then the patient is expected to be at immediate risk of stroke and falls. Questions concerning accommodation eyes raised if one lives still in a house! The questions seem to be targeted at a geriatric patient and are insulting.

Visited in April 2015. Posted on 24 May 2015 using Patient Opinion

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Campus replied on 03 June 2015

Thank you for getting in touch and sharing your concerns with us. Sometimes it is necessary for clinical colleagues to ask patients questions which it may seem should not apply to them, in order to establish medical history and also to help identify any difficulties these patients may have that may not be apparent from age or physical appearance; however, we are sorry that on this occasion at the NUH Rehab Unit you were unhappy with the questions asked and with the way you felt staff were responding to your answers. We apologise if at any time during your appointment you were made to feel that you were not respected as an individual. We have shared your feedback with the managers of the NUH Rehab Unit, and if you would like to discuss your concerns further, you are welcome to telephone me on 0115 924 9924 ext 67184.

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