Royal Eye Infirmary

Telephone: * 0845 155 8094
Address: Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH

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Royal Eye Infirmary

Tel: * 0845 155 8094   Fax: * 0845 155 8254

Address: Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH


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Latest reviews of this hospital

Signage to REI from Derriford Main Entrance Bus Stops

The direction signage to the REI from the bus stops outside the Main Entrance to Derriford Hospital are inadequate. One heads back the...

4 January 2014

Squint operation - part3

Outpatients at Stratton hospital, running over half an hour late. It's the Friday following my operation and my right eye is now useable ...

9 August 2013

Squint operation - part 2

Arrived 7:40 at REI Check-in and was told and introduced to a nurse who would be looking after me; this is important to someone with my c...

8 August 2013

Squint operation - part 1

I was referred for squint investigation years ago. Years of having eyes measured but nothing done, at one period because of the bureaucra...

8 August 2013

Cornea transplant follow up appointment

Mmmmmm...... Should have seen consultant I believe months ago, had to ring up again to find out where my appointment was, saw me in 3 d...

28 June 2013

Quality of service at Royal Eye Infirmary

Number of MRSA cases in last 3 months

0 case(s) in the last three months

Patient survey score for cleanliness

As expected with a score of 8.89

C. difficile infections in last 3 months

Average (0.00 cases per bed in the last three months)

NHS Choices users rating

Responding to patient safety alerts

Good - All alerts signed off where deadline has passed

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