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01900 705350 Cockermouth Community Hospital and Health Centre, Isel Road, Cockermouth , Cumbria, CA13 9HT

2.5 out of 5 stars

Based on 23 ratings for this GP surgery

2.5 Stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 23 ratings for this GP surgery

Telephone access

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Dignity and respect

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

New patient experience

I have just registered with this practice and I am already disappointed, if you work typical hours you will struggle to get an appointment after 5 for a Doctor. They used to do drop in sessions after surgery hours at 6 pm but that has stopped. Just another example of how patients cannot access primary care when they need it. Not impressed.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 24 September 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 25 September 2014

Our last GP routine appointment is 17:10 however people who need to be seen on the day can attend after this time.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 2 stars

waiting times

It is astonishing to see that this gleaming new surgery is accepting new patients when it appears the standard waiting time for an appointment is over 2 weeks- could the funds not have been spent on making enough GPs available when their customers want them?

I was also disappointed to see that the waiting area was very messy with leaflets strewn about when I arrived for my 9am appointment last week- no time for patients to mess them up that morning which means that the surgery manager doesn't appear to mind how the surgery looks. Incidentally as as first appointment of the day at 9am why was I kept waiting for 15 minutes whilst I saw staff arriving late?

Staff need training assisting customers with ordering prescriptions online- the receptionist seemed completely floored by a request by another customer for information on this- and why do we need to ask anyway, couldn't the system be made more user friendly?

Its a very nice looking new surgery with excellent parking, hopefully the waiting times issue can be overcome soon.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 30 September 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 01 October 2014

I am surprised that you were unable to get an GP appointment within 2 weeks when our current wait time for a routine appointment is less than 1 week - this is extremely good given GP waiting times are a national problem and within some surgeries it can be 3 weeks! Often if you are requesting a specific GP then your wait may be greater. Hopefully we will be better able to meet your demands next time.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Lack of communication on important issues

The surgery has changed its opening hours without telling anyone. I phoned this morning to an emergency GP appointment only to find they had been all taken because you now have to phone in at 8am not 8.30. The times had changed as has the procedure for getting emergency appointments - but no attempt has been made to tell the patients this, the only way of finding out is phoning and not getting an appointment.
A major change like this needs to be properly communicated to patients - I now know but there will be a lot of people who still don't know.

Visited in August 2014. Posted on 11 August 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 11 August 2014

The phone lines open at 08:00 and this has been the case since 2010, the surgery itself does not official open until 08:30 when some appointments start. We use various methods to communicate to patients, unfortunately it would be unaffordable for us to write to all patients every time we made a change.

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Mrs T gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 2 stars

Getting worse

This surgery is on the decline. It used to be efficient and friendly and now it is slack and unwelcoming.

After waiting two weeks for an appointment I had the displeasure of a consultation with a GP who aggressively disagreed with the previous diagnosis by one of their own partners like it was my fault. I had followed their instructions and as I was returning to a GP, I was made to feel that I had been irresponsible. Their tune soon changed when I pointed out that I was following advice to the letter given to me by their own surgery.

I feel that there needs to be less back covering and more patient care like there used to be. If the other surgery in town wasn't on the same premises and suffering the same problems I would move.

Let's get back to caring. Please!

Visited in July 2014. Posted on 27 July 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 05 August 2014

Thank you for providing us with your comments which we aim to use as a learning experience. We would like to think we provide a caring service to all our patients, however, in this instance you clearly feel that we have not achieved this. Unfortunately without knowing further details we are unable to investigate the matter further, although we will discuss your comments at one of our practice meetings.

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Eric gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Unhelpful and unfriendly

I had 30 years with my previous GP and never had any issues at all. Due to moving home I went with this GP and they are unhelpful, unfriendly, unapproachable, unavailable and god help you if you ever need a simple repaeat prescription! Prescripotion line is only open 10am - 1 pm (WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which means it is always engaged and so you spend 3 hours trying to get thru, which you can't - so you have to start again the next day.
When I complained, I was told I could order online, which I had to register first and then go up to the surgery with ID so that I could then go home and order the repeat precription. IT IS A JOKE!

Go anywhere else but Derwent House is my recommendation.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 01 September 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 04 September 2014

Thank you for your comment which I will ensure the staff at Derwent Surgery are aware of and we will discuss. The process for registering for online prescriptions is very similar amongst most practices and we have little control over this, once it has being set up most patients find it works well.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Disorganised, unfriendly, dirty

The reception is chaotic and this seems down to poor communication between the staff and general disorganisation. The nurses and drs do a good job though, and I think this would be a good surgery if it weren't for reception.

The waiting area is scruffy, not clean and it's always too hot in there. Signage is very poor and it's confusing where to go.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 08 May 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 09 May 2014

Your comments regarding reception staff will be discussed with the team, although constructive feedback would be helpful so we can highlight any particular areas. We recognise there are short comings in the signage since moving into our new premises and we have worked with staff and patient representatives to make improvements, which we hope to implement during the next few weeks. We are sorry you feel our new premises are scruffy, we are very proud of this facility and as everything is new we are surprised to receive this negative feedback. Our cleaning team are monitored and any poor standards are highlighted.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Can't get help

I tried to ring this morning at the time that the website said the surgery was open (0830) and was told that all the emergency appointments had gone so I could only get a phonecall from a doctor.
The doctor phoned at the same time as someone else tried to ring that phone so left an answerphone message for me to ring back.
When I phoned he was busy and couldn't take my call due to an appointment... So I was told he'd try again. After not hearing anything for 4 hours I tried to phone again only for the receptionist to be impatient and defensive with with me. I asked when the surgery would close so that I knew when to go to cue doc (as I feel the need to see someone today).

I have 2 main things to say about this...
First, is that I am only looking for help, medical assistance with something I struggling with.
And second, how have I been prioritised after these "emergencies" when I have not had the chance to say what is wrong?

When people are at their weakest and most vunerable they need kindness and help.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 13 May 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 30 May 2014

We are sorry on this occasion our service did not provide you with the assitance you required, we always welcome the opportunity to investigate matters like this in further detail so we can learn and make improvements.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 4 stars

A caring surgery

Not having been to the new surgery and having been a patient for some 30 years i have seen some changes. But i have always received great care. This week i needed medication and some help for my husband i received both. Being able to book an appointment online. By phone. Or If it is urgent call at 8 to get a cancellation and the option of a phone appointment also is an improvement. The phone appointment i had was a godsend and the doctor tried everyway to get through. I know how stressful it is to wait for help but everyone from the receptionists, the doctors and the pharmacy treated me with kindness. Thank you all. I feel confident that you will continue to look after my families medical needs. You sorted me and my husband out and for that i am grateful. Good health is the most important thing to enjoying life. You can't do much without it. The new facility needs a coffee machine and cake.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 15 May 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 16 May 2014

Thank you for your feedback, our aim is to delivery good quality clinical care and we are really pleased when this is recognised.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

Making appointments

Tried to make an appointment, told I must wait two weeks, asked if there was any standby appointment like they had when it was at Derwent house, told no. Ask what i should do as I can't wait two week told to ring tomorrow and try again !?
Asked why was there such a long wait, I was told there is not enough appointment to meet demands. No wonder people use A&E
It was never this bad at Derwent house

Visited in April 2014. Posted on 22 April 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 28 April 2014

Thank you for your feedback, at times the demand for appointments can be extremely high and we are looking into ways to help improve this, we take all feedback seriously and we will review your comments. Our apologies if you felt the service did not meet your expectations.

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Anonymous gave Derwent Surgery a rating of 1 stars

A surgery in need of serious improvement!

Making appointments is a nightmare at this surgery - phone calls go unanswered or you have to wait an age for your call to be picked up. When you finally get through you are lucky to get an appointment within 10 days. A number of times I have turned up for my appointment on time and had to wait up to 45 minutes for a 5 minute appointment with a Doctor. I have also recently booked an appointment and turned up to find the surgery had been moved into the new building and I had not even been told when booking the appointment!
All in all I think there is serious room for improvement at this surgery and I will therefore be moving to another doctors.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 17 February 2014

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Derwent Surgery replied on 24 February 2014

Thank you for your comment, we value all feedback received. We have recently moved premises and clearly you should have been advised of this when making your appointment, we are also shortly to make improvements to our telephone management system.

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